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Thursday, December 31, 2009


What a terrible year, huh? I can't wait for the new year to begin. Let the good times come rolling in.

Also, Sherlock Holmes is a good movie. However, is a scary website. (Maddie)

Hope you're all enjoying this last day of 2009. Let's welcome 2010!

Losing interest in this blog, thinking of permanently switching to wordpress....



Gingerbread house I made with Katherine... :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

500 Days of Summer

The best movie. Seriously, I love this movie. I thought it was fantastic in theater, and now I have the DVD. I've watched it a minimum of two days everyday since Christmas. I fall asleep to it, spend the day with it. I have a special spot for the DVD next to my headboard. I've seen the director commentary with the actors, deleted/extended scenes, and I even watched it in French with Casey yesterday after watching it in English. Today it literally played back to back since 12:00 pm and it is still playing now. Everything about it is phenomenal. The actors. The story. The soundtrack. I could never get tired of this movie. Something about it seems to speak to me. 500 Days of Summer completes my life. And when something this important comes up in life, I'm not willing to let it go. It might sound crazy, but that's just the way it is.

Monday, December 28, 2009

For The Sake of Consistency

I really have nothing to talk about today. But you know, the title says it all. But I did have a lovely time with Casey at the mall for six hours and then watching 500 Days of Summer in both English and French. Oh, happy days.

Enjoy today, because it's the last Monday for 2009.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Missing Out

Ever since I changed my blog format to one of the automatic templates offered on blogger, I've noticed how much more organized and enjoyable it is for me to view my site. Sure, my customized blog was bursting with awesomeosity, but it's nice to sometimes settle back and let things happen naturally. I should try that with real life. I'm sure I'd discover how much I've been missing out.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


You know what I just realized? I am totally sick of the city I live in. I could move to a new place, and I don't think I'd mind. At all.



Today was pleasantly relaxing. My family visited my aunt, and now I'm jut relaxing bed. I am so grateful for winter break.

Also, I found this really great app for my iPod, called the Gratitude Journal. Everyday for a month, you are supposed to write down five things youre grateful for and then rate how well your day was out of five stars. Even if you don't have an iPod, I definitely recommend that you give this a go. It's a good time to start with 2010 coming up so soon.

Have a lovely last Saturday of 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Today was good. Very good indeed. Once again, the bloggy feeling just isn't coming. What a shame.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas. I should not be sad. But I am. :(


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Lately, blogging hasn't appealed to me like it used to. This is a bad sign. A bad, bad sign.

Monday, December 21, 2009


My blog is being hacked by disgusting advertisements, so never mind them. I'll try and take care of it, it's happened before. Just don't click on them, not that you would be foolish enough to do so. But just saying..

If you ever find yourself with nothing to do this holiday season, I would recommend you read the book The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren. Very enlightening and heart warming.

On a side note, today is our house's two year anniversary. We moved into our humble abode two years ago, when I was terribly sick. We all had the lousiest Christmas one could imagine, but that is part of our past. It's hard to believe how fast time can go by. It is just further proof to how carefully you must spend it. Have a fabulous holiday week.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Simple Simple Simple

I'm changing my blog format to one of the built in layouts of blogger. It's too hectic looking at my homepage screen. Whatever happened to simple?

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Yes. Yearbook deadline was a success. Winter break is a go. Must. Sleep. NOW. And tights. Hehe


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holy freckled cows

I am about this close from digging a hole and crawling inside of it. Forever. I cannot deal with all of this right now.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Too much going on. Winter break isn't coming fast enough. Hope everyone is having a lovely and carefree week. Ha. Doubt it. But still, it's a nice thought.


Monday, December 14, 2009


Terrible day. Horribly stressful. Too much going on. I come back from choir at seven, hoping for a chance to start homework, only to hear that mi padre is in urgent care...again... for apparently feeling numb all over. That's the second time since November. I hate the world.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


It's two on the morning. Back from choir. Absolutely an amazing experience. But I'm drenched, shivering, exhausted, freezing, and even a bit hungry. But I had fun. Oh yes yes yes I did. More on that later when I'm not about to fall asleep on you.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hark how the bells

CHOIR DISNEYLAND TRIP!!!!!! Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flavor Blasted

Random post title time!

I don't have anything to say, except for it is colder than a doctor's stethoscope outside. I miss the warmth. But still looking forward to Saturday :)

Happy Day-Before-Hump-Day!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


That would be the size of the hot chocolate I got from starbucks on the way home from choir this evening. Third cup of the day. The first two weren't from starbucks, though. I don't think I could ever get away with that...

Terribly busy weekend. Terribly stressful weekend. Sleep deprivation brought on a terribly busy and stressulful Monday. Rain has been pelting down and the wind is icy cold! It's like I'm a story book character, where moods are reflected through weather. The entire week will be like this. Shucks.

But, I do have one thing to look forward to at the end of the week! Disneyland trip/competition with choir on Saturday!!! I'm so excited! Too bad it'll be freezing. But I'll have a jacket. Too bad I won't get home until two in the morning. But it'll be a great memory. What a lovely escape from the rest of the world. I'm also returning to my old middle school on Thursday to sing with the choir. And then practicing our song with the strings orchestra the following Monday. And then choir winter concert the Thursday after that. Then I'm seeing The Nutcracker with friends that Friday! And that's doesn't include any of the other activites I have going on. What a jam packed schedule. Hopefully it'll make time pass by, so Christmas will be here before we know it.

Aw, time to sleep the hours away. Like how Santa rides his sleigh all day and dances the night away. Just hear those sleigh bells ringing a ring ting tingling tooooo. Outside there's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you. Catchy holiday music. Silly choir.

Good night to all and to all a goodnight.

<3 e

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Terrible weekend. And now I hurt all over, for whatever reason.



It makes me want to hurt myself. How is it possible I spent three solid hours with no distractions, and yet I literally just got passed the halfway mark, and I still am completely lost. I miss you, my dear algebra teacher. I hate you, my not-so-dear geometry teacher who does not teach me anything. I can't wait until next year.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry I've been gone for a while. My mobile blogger was down, and now that I finally have it back, my laptop has a virus. Joy. I better not lose anything like pictures or files. You know what, Norton antivirus has failed me.


Hope everyone has had a lovely week. :)
Also, check this song out: hey soul sister by train. Mmmm amazing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I like eating. Especially
turkey and stuffing and rice and potatoes and food. I am thankful for all of the bad things that have happened to me because they make me realize when I'm experiencing all the good things.

And what did I do today? I worked on an essay, walked the cat, bathed the cat, and watched Angels and Demons while taking notes because it was just that good. New favorite movie? I think so.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the night! Tomorrow will be shopping(and probably not buying anything) and then friends later for!!! Oh goodie gum drops.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Of Mice

And Men. I should be writing an essay. But procrastination is a disease and an addiction. I promise you, it is.
Perhaps I'll just laze around some more.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Still going strong with the random blog titles.

Finally, Thanksgiving break is here! Too bad I have to write an essay due in less than a week that I have neglected to start. Hmmm. This will be fun.
Hopefully I'll have the motivation to begin my paper tomorrow. George. Lennie. Hehe.

Gratefulosity Countdown:
I'm grateful for technology for advancing us so far into the future. Where would our world be without you?

Monday, November 23, 2009


Turkey week! Yay! A time for thanks and a time for food. Apparently, it's also a time for teachers to give a ridiculous amount of impossible homework. Fair? No. Do they care? No.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


... is an impossibility.


Friday, November 20, 2009


I would like more of this, too, please.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I would like more of it please.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sara 23

Bullying. Not okay


Friday, November 13, 2009


I am so ridiculously tired!! Of course I have a load of weekend homework. I think i'll blame it on Friday the thirteenth. Last football time. To bad I have to focus on getting good pictures instead of hanging out :( oh well, I have to keep my priorities straight :)

I'm going to snuggle with Henry kitty until 6:30 tonight <3

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nature Of Dreams

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Of Mice and Men is truly a beautiful book that everybody should read at one point. The ending made me cry. And not just the exaggerated form of the word meaning that it was sad but I really cried with tears. Oh Lennie. I just. I'm in shock. I don't know how to deal with this. Not only am I deeply saddened by the ending, but I wish there was more for me to read. You know what? I am seriously going to finish this sentence and go read the ending again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot Potato

Hello, there. Pretty good day. I am so ready for this day off tomorrow. Whoosh :)
The time has no come to have an absolutely amazing din din. Yeeehaw!!! Hunger does strange things to a person.


Monday, November 9, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day To Speak Spanish!!!

Title post will not make sense unless you happen to be in my Spanish class. Hehe.

Today was most definitely worth getting out of bed. The day was easy going, I did great on my English essay, and also did well on both spanish and math tests!! YAY SUCCESS.

Choir dress fitting was somewhat fun. We made fun of how we all looked funny in them :) choir geeks UNITE.

Homework has been coming along nicely, aside from biology, but when does bio ever make sense?

Tomorrow will an even better day, I know it. Helloooooo week. I hope everyone is doing as well as I am. Cheers

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wow. I am still going strong with the whole title post thing. That calls for a woot woot.

For a Sunday, I actually felt on top of things. Just in general, I got a lot of sleep this weekend. What a difference it makes, too! I feel refreshed and ready for the day. Despite this, I am not quite sure if school is where I want to be tomorrow. Ugh. Perhaps I will have a nice week, for once. My English class should be finishing Of Mice and Men( otherwise known was the best book on the face of the planet), there is a choir fitting tomorrow, tutoring on Tuesday, no school Wednesday, late night Thursday, and football game Friday. Yep. I belive I am set to go.

Off to study español!!!! Adíos!!! (adíoso, Pecky)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Potato Cube

Sigh. Sort of. More like a semi sigh. The first half of my day was nice, but now it is all blah. Ugh. Bored and home with nothing to do except homework. Geez. And my teeth are killing me. Orthodotist adjusted the chain yesterday, and his hands were SHAKING the entire time. You could literally hear the metal instrument clanking against my teeth from the shaking. What the heck man. Now it just hurts. I am going to go do something productive with my life.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Today was not that bad at all.
In fact, it was pretty good.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cell membrane

Wohoo. I remembered my new title policy. Points for me :)

I am very much at peace right now. Hopefully the evening will remain that way. My iPod is on repeat on a song my choir is singing. Beautifully composed, Vivaldi is wonderful. Et in Terra pax hominibus. Check it out. Unless you don't enjoy classical. But take the time to just appreciate the music and notice each and every part. Ahhhh I love it. Man, I am lame. Et in teeeeeeeeerrra paaax hoomiiniibus. If I could sing it to you through computer blog, that is what it would sound like.

Anyways, off to finish answering questions about CELL MEMBRANES.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Orange Chicken

I am trying a new experiment. The titles of my blog posts will be key words that relate to my day. For example, I had a delicious orange chicken dinner. Knowing myself, I will probably forget by the time I brush my teeth tonight, but it is worth a shot.

Today was an incredibly busy day. I got home about half an hour ago. My homework has yet to be completed. The time says nearly nine. Dang. Time management is not my friend. But it is important to continue daily blogging, for I am learning to apply consistency. All the little things will eventually add up. My concentration is dying, so I should start homework. Dang again. Have a tremendous hump day tomorrow!!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Day of the Dead

You may or may not know this, but today is Day of the Dead. The holiday is celebrated primarily in Mexico. Yesterday was the celebration for children who have passed, and today is the official day for adults. Hopefully I have that information correct. Feel free to point it out if I am mistaken. W
My teacher asked the class if anyone visited a deceased family member or friend at the cemetary in honor of Day of the Dead. The only person who raised their hand was a boy who was never kind to me. But when Senora R asked who he payed his respects to, he timidly replied his dad. It is hard to tell if anyone else felt it, too, but there was an immediate fall in the atmosphere, for clearly we all expected somewhere along the grandparents line. It was at that moment that I realized how some people deal with situations that surpass the frustrations I often complain about. Perhaps I will learn to have more sympathy for others in the world. As insignificant as the event sounds, it was an awakening for me. And what better way to share an awakening but to blog about it?

Wishing everyone a lovely week!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today was relaxing and simple. Tomorrow will be stressful and complicated. Am I complaining? Nope. Just pointing out.


this post has no title.

you would think that a blog is good for venting unfortunate life events.

but not when opening your mouth could cause even more trouble.

so i'll just keep it shut.

which is something that some people should learn how to do.

One more thing. Today is my birds birthday. Happy birthday, spikey.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wow. You know what is sad? My auto correct changed BOOO to BIOOO. I had to go back. I think thats the spirit of my bio homework telling me to type it up. Oh geez.
But the day has only just begun!! Tonight I will be trick-or-treating with a few of my friends! It has been a year since I have had my braces, which means that a) i am basically half way through And b) I CAN EAT CANDY!!!!!
Now that is a Halloween well spent.
I hope everybody else enjoys a very safe And incredible Halloween!!!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear Family And Friends

Tired. Very tired. Wrote a fish's suicide note with Rachel for a bio project on the digestive system. Found waldo. Had an amaaazing day. Watching Transformers 2 tonight at home. :) perfect night. Relaxing at home. Couldn't be better :)
Halloween tomorrow. Braces anniversary. Woohoo. Hellooooo weekend.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


First off, whoever postes that comment about swine, wowie. Karma bit you on the pinky, eh? Sorry about that. I hope everything is swell now.

Today was average. MLIA. Hehe. I am always incredibly exhausted by the time seventh period comes around. At least there were lovely stories about nasal passages And digestión to keep me awake. Ugh. My bio teacher is a one-of-a-kind. Also, my auto correct is set to spanish, so apparently its going to add random accent marks. Sorry.
Okay well, I am off to start homework, for yearbook late night is tonight, And I really do not want to finish any when I get home. It bother me how auto correct has been capitalizing the 'a' in And, but I am too lazy to go back and fix it.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Before I know it, the week is rushing in full speed. No football game on Friday, so I actually do not have much to look forward. Well, there is Halloween. Plans for that friends??? And my one year braces anniversary is on Halloween, too!!!!! Woot woot baby. Only one or two more years to go!

Tomorrow will be extremely busy. School then tutoring then chamber. I won't be able to start my homework until seven. Darn. Oh, well. It is all about the time management, am I right?

Oh yes!!!! Something thrilling happened after school today. There was a high speed pursuit on the street that my school is located on. We were locked inside the campus as police sped down the roads, and helicopters monitored from up above. Everyone saw the speeding truck, but being the karmakarma person I am, I looked up as it literally rounded the bend. Of course. Haha. It was still something really interesting. What a spice to my day!!! :)

Adiós for now. Have a lovely day tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today I tutored one of my best friend's little brother in Pre-Algebra. Not only do I feel as if it is beneficial both ways, but I think I am "learning the value of a dollar". :)

Ready for the week? I think I might be..

Saturday, October 24, 2009


HAHAHA WOW. Some people should maybe get a room. Just saying.

But overall, it was so much fun! Definitely going next year! I am way too exhausted to sit here and write a long and juicy post. A huge heap of homework is still waiting for me anyways. I need to at least get a start on it, even though its almost midnight. Ow. My feet hurt. Grinding is gross. I cannot here and I am deaf. I think I am rambling. Good night.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Henry Time!

here are some recent pictures of the devil cat. there will be more up soon. enjoy friends :)

he tends to make homework rather difficult.

sleeping with tongue hanging out.
staring at me after he got his new toy.

huge eyes. still with his toy.
Homecoming football game later, should be fun. Hopefully.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day...

... Never disappoints! School was much better today! Hopefully that will be the start of a fabulous rest of the week!!!

In regards to comments:

Pecky, I should totally get the kitteh nail polish. He definitely takes after me in that department. Also, I was able to see the chicken <:3 i think that is how you do it? BOK

Rachel, my lovely sushi-LOVER,
Your dress is gorgeous. Saturday will be amazing!!! Pecky, hope I'll be seeing you there, too.

Do di re mo mi fi fa so si la to ti dooo.

I probably just slaughtered todays choir lesson.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


... Is nothing special. I think I am almost over it. Thanks for the sympathy, Pecky :) Homework load has been light this week. Hoorah.

Cat update: We bought claw trimmers for him, and he actually sits there as I trim and file his claws. Yes, the package came with a filer. That is almost ridiculous. But not quite.

Hopefully this week will end in a shaBANG, because homecoming football game is on Friday, then homecoming dance the next day. That is something to look forward to, right?

I suppose I should start being proactive and begin my homework. Perhaps I'll get a decent amount of sleep tonight.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Humiliation... overrated.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


I don't know about you, but I am far from ready to beginthe week!!!! I never got to sleep in this weekend, oh man.

Street Fair

I went to the annual street fair with my aunt and ny family today. The harsh heat beat down us for three hours. Ouch. When a slight breeze picked up, my aunt said the weirdest thing. To this moment, I am still slightly disturbed and confused. What exactly did she say to me?

"You know, this breeze is just... It's just... orgasmic."

I feel violated writing this, and I apologize if anyone feels violated reading this. But admit it, I definitely caught your attention.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh My

After a tough school week of getting up early in the morning and falling asleep late night, I planned to laze in bed this morning. At six in the morning, I hear rustling and my old monkey bedroom doorbell ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing. I actually completely ignored the loud noises to the best of my ability. In the back of my head, I knew it was the kitty but I was too delirious to bother looking up.

Ten more sleepless minutes passed and the urgent flapping of wings against cage bars and bell toys echoes down the hall all the way from the kitchen. Thinking the birds are experiencing nightmares(happens every once in a while), I drag myself out of bed to tend to my birdies. Kitty Henry rests at the bottom of the cage, eagerly staring his "friends" down, most likely snacking on them in his mind. I grab the cat and slowly return to bed and slip on the covers with him by my head. Within moments, he dashes out into the kitchen and, amidst the early morning silence, a long desperate meow sounds out. Reluctantly, I finally understand that he is hungry and will do anything to get food placed in front of him. Peeling back the comfy covers, I stumble to the kitchen in the dark and fix his food(courtesy of Trader Joes, who actually carries amazing cat food). As he happily eats, I literally stand their waiting for him to finish. If we leave his wet food out for too long, the ants invade. Miserable at 6:30 am, I rinse his bowl and give him the dirtiest look I could manage before locking him out of my room to roam until someone else wakes up. I could not fall back asleep. So much for sleeping in.

Henry, I must love you a lot.

Friday, October 16, 2009


AHH. I am so ridiculously exhausted right now! So many things happening at the same time! Homecoming week is almost here! Monday's rally will be incredible!!!

Football game was long and brutal this afternoon. Canon camera was HUGE, and several malfunctions happened, as per usual with canons. Don't be hating canon-lovers.

I do not even know what I am saying anymore. Good nighty.


Busy Bee

I have been all over the place this week! School is hectic and crazy and I love it. Tomorrow I will be at school from seven in the morning to about ten at night, depending on when football game ends. Yes, that would be straight hours without a break at home in between. I know. I don't really mind. Being involved with school is a good thing, right?

Next week will be even busier. Homecoming week, meaning there will be events everyday! Rally on Monday, with my choir performing! YES.

Oh, I miss my sleep. Random note: I realized that i genuinly enjoy brushing my tongue with my toothbrush. It is part of my nightly routine, and it has been for over a month now. Hmmm. How odd.

The time for sleep has come now, and I must take advantage of it, for rest is a scarcity(this a word?) to me now.

One more thing, look up tomato hornworm. We had those by our front door. Imagine being welcomed by those juicy suckers! Now I bet you are just DYING to google image them. Do not research if you have issues for bugs. I do not want to cause any distress in my readers.

Nighty night!!! Sleep tight!!!! :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


That would be the sound of the howling wind as I opened my bedroom door this morning. The firat storm of the season has flown in. Oh most definitely. There has been a constant pelting sound as the rain hits our house and the ground outside. The sky outside is dark and gloomy, and it is difficult to distinguish night and day. I miss you, summer. Oh, how I miss you.

I have not been able to literally sit down at my computer(and get it up, ij = inside joke) and publish a blog post in ages. Without blogger mobile, I would be non existent. So I apologize for the lack of photo updates.

Remember that New York trip I have mentioned before? Yes, well, it has been canceled. We needed thirty slips to make the cut and we got fifteen. That would be the second huge travel trip canceled this year, and it is only October. Choir, I am thoroughly disappointed in you. You have made me frown. How do you sing with a frown? You tell me. I understand that money is tight for everyone, but we all seemed extremely excited about it.

Minimum day of school. Just what I need. Not sarcasm.

Oh yeah, Happy Hump Day


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And so it begins

Another week has arrived. I have all of my winter clothes out ready, for the summer warmth has finally left us for thr season. And I hate the cold. And the forecast predicts rain today. Oh boy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009





Saturday, October 10, 2009


I just coughed. Blech.

Today has been an odd day. I was constantly tired and delirious the whole afternoon. Then I was randomly starving. I later fell asleep at four p.m. and then woke up three hours later. No one bothered to wake me for church. Hmm. Everything has gone by in a haze. At least I get to watch the recorded episodes of Glee now :)

NEW CONVERSE WEEEOOOO. They are pretty. I am wearing them around the house to break them in. Just sharing. I like to share things with my readers.

And if what happened is final with my JAJAJAJA friend, then I am ridiculously happy for you!!!!!!!!

Nighty nighty then. Bedtime has arrived.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ahhh... Thursday

Finally. The week is just about over!!! Tomorrow will hopefully be amazing since we have a football game tomorrow. And then I am going to watch water polo before then. If I stay the entire time, I will be at school for over twelve hours. HAHA THAT'S FANTASTIC!!!!!

As you can tell, I am in a much better mood compared to yesterday. I feel somewhat back om top of things.

Yearbook late night was lovely(as per usual), even though it grew to be a bit boring. But nothing is ever a waste of time when new inside jokes are made. Right, Rachel? Ohh life is sweet at the moment. Watch something tragic happen tomorrow. Irony loves me.

Hmm. What else. Oh yes! I finally get to sit down and watch all of the videos of Glee that I recorded!!!!!! AHHH I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED! I AM SOOO PUMPED RIGHT NOW. I AM ALSO SOOOOO REPETITIVE RIGHT NOW!!!

Sidenote : I have pictures to download and share with you soon. I will make sure to do that. They are of HenHen and Rocky. Remember Rocky?


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hump Day

Disappointed. Dizzy. Overwhelmed. Stomach hurts. Headache. Delirious. Cheers to high school.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tut Tut Tuesday

I never have any groovy post titles anymore.

I would have published something earlier, but I was in a terrible mood and did not want to say anything that I would later regret. We want this blog to stay a "positive environment". Actually, that is rather lame. Who wants to read that? People want EMOTION AND FEELING AND PASSION. :)
Here is a lame transition to a new topic.

Everyone has been getting sick lately, and I have been doing all I can to stay healthy I know a few people who had swine, and I do not want to become another statistic(kind of like that one commercial. The one that you probably do not know). Tea time has become a regular part of my day now. Supposedly, we got the kind that is relieves stress and helps the immune system. I have been finishing homework with it by my side, and I must say, geometry proofs are starting to make sense. MAGIC TEA. Or maybe it is just all pyschological. Probably. Oh well. It does clear my sinuses, though. That is certainly something.

Want to know what was bomb diggity earlier? This is still tea-related, by the way. I know, I know. I talk about the most boring things. But this is somewhat cool. To me, at least. Just keep reading.

Tea symbols. Look them up. The tea I drink comes in herbs and leaves, not the little bag with the string. We have the GOOD stuff. After allowing the flavor to set in, I poured the steamy liquid into my bear cup. It has cute bears on it. Hehe. On the bottom of the teapot(the short and stout one) was a perfect crescent moon, shaped from the herbs and leaves!!!! It was absolutely distinct. I should have taken a picture. I really should have. It was incredible. After researching it online, I discovered that a crescent moon tea leaf shape means "changes". Hopefully those will be delightful changes. Are you aware that determining tea symbols is an art? It has a name, but I am not in the mood to copy and paste the word.

My oh my. I have written a lot this evening. Twenty karmakoins for me. Expect to hear more tomorrow(a.k.a Hump Day).


Monday, October 5, 2009


Wowie. Two posts two days in a row?! That just superb!! Let's see, how was my day today? It startes off iffy(it's a Monday, how can it not?) and it slowly unfolded into a fairly smooth school day. It was not particularly fabulous but not significantly depressing. I feel like I am completely contradicting myself(dotdotdot).

Hear ye! Hear ye! I bear the fruit of good news. I am so lame. How do I even stand myself? Anyways, what I was saying was that I installed a new mobile blogger app, sp hopefully that will allow for more convenient blogging. It was free, so take that you failure of an economy. Just kidding. No, I'm not.
So that is definitely exciting. Thought I might as well let you know.
Also, I am going to try and read all of your blogs more often. If I somehow find a way to so that, then i'll try to even leave a few comments!!! Yeah!
I am off for the evening. It is getting rather late, and I have to wake up early in the morning. One more thing, the moon was still bright in the sky when I left for school this morning. How wrong is that? Okay. Now good bye!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Time No See

Ugh. I am such a disappointment to the blogosphere. I can never seem to keep up a regular blogging schedule during the school year. So far, the year has taught me to organize my priorities and stand by them. Please don't be hating on me for saying this, but blogging does not exactly make the Top Three on my list. The top three are probably homework, extra-curricular, and sleep. Yes, sleep is important to me because it seems to be non existent at the moment.

I've been doing homework all day(shocker there), and I have a fiery burning passion of hatred towards biology, just as I did towards whatever science course I took last year. Hmm. It's not getting any better. I just hate science all together. There's no curing me.

Choir has been amazing so far, and I'm thrilled to confirm our New York trip in the spring. AHH IT WILL BE FANTASTIC! Especially since I have never been there before! What an experience!

Holly's birthday was yesterday! Julie's birthday was the day before today! Just because they're sisters, does not mean they need to share a birthday sentence, so there you go. The party last night was incredible, and I look forward to them each year. Hopefully we'll get to take that cruise when we all graduate from high school!! :)

Today at three o' clock, we are actually going to take Henry to go get blessed at our church. Hehe. Yes, I am serious. Basically, my cat is getting baptised this afternoon. Ohhhh, I just love it.

Thanks to those who still read this, super points to those who actually bother leaving comments. I do read them all, eventually. I'm off to go finish off my homework-filled Sunday, but I'm wishing the rest of you a lovely day. <3


Friday, September 25, 2009


is sick of hearing *stuff* about my name. Stuff is a friendly word of what I'd like to say. Gawd, what's it like having a name you're proud of...

Tired. Meh.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Wish...

... I had more time to blog. Yearbook late night was fun, though. :) Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Three day weekend. WOOT. But I should have been going to Yosemite with choir... :( :( :( I'll be crying on the inside about that. Not literally. But I am seriously bummed. Perhaps yes, literally. Ugh. Man, I wanted to go. But let's not end on a sad note. So, HAPPY ALMOST FRIDAY.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


hump day y'all.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Homework is overrated.
Getting up early is preposterous.
School is fun :)

Caught you by surprise there.

Friday, September 18, 2009


will die of sleep deprivation eventually.

Coastal Clean Up tomorrow. At 9:00 am. When will I get to sleep in for once?!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Life is swell. I feel like I've said that before. But it is. Today was a half day, and it was quite disorienting compared to the normal school schedule. We'll be back to that tomorrow.

Last night was back to school night, and choir sang the National Anthem for all of the parents. I must admit, we sounded purrty. :)

I got a new ipod for my birthday! WOOHOO. I named him Chang Pablo. Chang after the delicious restaurant, P.F. Chang's, which is where we ate Tuesday evening. Pablo because I just really love the name. So, we have Chang Pablo. He even has his own song(chang chang chaaaang). I know the words are probably different, but that what it sounds like.

Henry went to the d-o-c-t-o-r this morning. Regular check up and shots and examination and then(dotdotdot) they DE-MANED him. De-maned doesn't look like the word I mean to say. Basically, they neutered. Poor kitty :( He's really sore right now. He passed out on my bed and has been sleeping away for about two and a half hours. Twitching and snoring and licking and everything. Every time he moves too much, he meows and whines! Aw, it's so sad. But on a brighter side, the doctor said he's healthy and in great shape. He weighs 6.8 pounds!!! Little boy. Katherine's cat could eat mine as a mid-day snack. She said that, not me. ;)

Have a lovely day, folks.

P.S. Blogger had a little cake and candle on the home screen today. Blog's birthday, too?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Another year older. *sigh* :)

good day. except for a choir trip getting canceled, push ups in dance, and a kitty scratch on my finger(right. where. it. bends.), things went fairly smooth. Yearbook certainly remembered my birthday. My my. Talk about embaressing.

Have a lovely day!

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Monday, September 14, 2009


Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes :)

Okay, I'll post at least once every three days.

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penelope rose

Yes, that's right. I just took a nifty little ride in Penelope Rose with Katherine and her dad. And who exactly is Penelope Rose? A BRIGHT YELLOW BUG!!! In case you're a bit thick in the head of that moment(which is alright, perhaps I'm not being clear enough), PR is a car :) AHHHH IT WAS SO COOL!! I WAS THE FIRST ONE NOT IN THE FAMILY. AHHH. WOOHOO. :)

Anyways, birthday is tomorrow, and that's really exciting, too!!!!! I've had a great weekend, after the tiny surprise shindig and The Time Traveler's Wife with Holly and Julie. LOVE THAT MOVIE. IT WAS FABULOUS.

But, I should probably go finish homework. I think I will now.

P.S. Henry is getting neutered this Thursday. Poor fellow. NO gender. Haha no, he's still a man to me.

One more thing, Kanye West can suck it. What a jerk. I'm not a Taylor fan, but at least let her have her moment.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

birthday weekend

Hmm. No one ever reads this anymore. But that's no reason to stop posting :)

Birthday on Tuesday. Neighbor/SPECTACULAR best friend threw me a little surprise shindig. Very cute :) Already planning to embaress her on her birthday.

Holly and Julie took me to see The Time Traveler's Wife(GAH THAT WAS JUST HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I can't show you one person sitting behind us who didn't cry. Not that it was a full house or anything, but boy was that a tearjerker) after a lovely dinner at Johnny Rocket's. Just like last year :) I smell a tradition. *sniff*

Today is homework day. Crash and burn. :(

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Can't spend forever on blog posts anymore. I can't believe how much I love school right now :) It's fantastic! And my birthday is in one week! YAY! :)

Hope all is well with the world.

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Monday, September 7, 2009


Yes, let us soak in a labor day of joy. <---- something tells me that makes no sense. :(

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Som people are just icky. You know who you are.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009


What a painful day. I went to bed last night in pain from the chain(internal rhyme points), and woke up this morning with a tooth hanging from a thread. I have no idea how this even happened. Without revealing any gory details, I'll just tell you that there was blood. BLOOD. Moving on now.

I went to see my ninety-two year old Aunt this afternoon. Definitely an enjoyable part of the day, considering we don't see this particular Aunt as often as the other one. The visit was relaxing, but her pekingese dog looked as if he had aged tremendously since the last time. He looked brittle and upset, rather than vibrant and curious. :( It was a sad thing to see, and I wish time didn't tick past so quickly. But, alas, it does.

The entire afternoon I had a terrible stomachache, and so did my dad. I've had all sorts of pain and uneasiness going on. What the heck is wrong with me!?!?!

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Friday, September 4, 2009


Thanks for the link about cat declawing. I do not think we will be declawing him after all. Research and advice has proven that it is highly inhumane and painful to the cat. My indecisive mother has made up her mind. Finally.

To answer a question I received in the previous post:
I picked The Other Boleyn Girl for my reading assignment. It's fantastic to far.

Orthodontist. I hate you. Remember the surgery a while back? Well, they adjusted the chain for the first time today and it felt like they were slicing and dicing my gums. Seriously, I was in tears all the way home. It hurt that much. I haven't cried from pain since the surgery, and before that, who knows when the last time was. The pain is still horrible right now, but I have my Henry here sleeping by my legs. He is very good company.

Other than my excruciating orthodontist visit, today was a successful day. I'll leave you at that.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


I managed to squeeze in a few minutes :)
For the record, I meant two HOURS earlier than what I am was used to, not YEARS. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'll leave it as is, though.

Good day at school. Weather was warm and comfortable, like it has been for the past few days. I love the heat, but I'm slightly looking forward to the winter, only because I got new boots. I know, lame reason, but I'm not going to like the winter for any other reason.

Ummm. Nothing else to say. Or report. Nothing I can say on here, anyways. I've just been living life and loving life. I shall leave you all now to enjoy the rest of your stress-free day. Adios!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hump Day

I have failed you. I tried to post last night, but I need to go to bed early since class starts two years earlier than what I'm used to. However, I will not let you down on the most important day of the week. HUMP DAY!!!!
Happy Hump Day, everyone!

School has been fantastic. I truly enjoy going because I love my classes, and I already have so many new friends. What an amazing experience. What I'm most excited about is yearbook. Just about my favorite class. I got to work with the fancy canon cameras today, and it was pretty much the most amazing feeling ever. I cannot wait to dive head in to the class.

Henry. My mother. She is so indecisive, I'm about to skin something. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back forth and back and forth. Literally. She keeps saying that we're going to declaw him, but the very moment he becomes sweet after naptime, she insists that declawing is cruel. And whenever he scratches, we need to declaw. COME ON, GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. I need a yes or no. Once. Not a yes then a no then a yes then a no. UGH. This has been so frustrating for me.

Anyways, I should continue with the studying.


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Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm still having these killer headaches. I fall asleep with one, wake up with one, and go through school with one. They subtly sneak into my mind, then FULL BLAST. And without notice, they lurk out again. It's HORRIBLE. One minute my mind feels relaxed and then the next, I feel like my brain is being compressed. Mother says it's the heat. I'm trying to stick with a lot of water, though I've been choosing tea lately.

First Monday back to school was fine. Can you believe it? A GOOD Monday? High school is really shaping up for me. I'm looking forward to finding new opportunities and seeing where they'll take me.

I was looking back at the 25 pictures I took of Henry back when I had first met him. He was about three months old back then, and I had assumed he was a she. Now that I compare the two time periods of his life, I'm sad to see how much bigger he has gotten. He's growing up! No longer is he in the kitten stage, which makes me feel like a parent losing their child :( He's a teenager now. Going through teenage angst as a cat. *sigh*

You are now smiling.
Me and my mind tricks.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009


I've been getting raging headaches ever since my eye appointment yesterday. The stronger contacts always take a while to get used to, but I actually had to take and Advil today. Taking pain relievers is something I try not to unless I have to. Everytime I lie down, get down, ride in a car, HEADACHE. UGH.

But on another note, today was not tragic. I'm going with four Sundays in a row of happiness, despite the :( post title. That would be referring to the headaches of course.

It's official: Henry is getting declawed. He ripped my leg earlier today. His claw got in there and just slid straight across. Not only did it STING, but it BLED. This is seriously not okay, so we are going to have him declawed. :(

School tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well. :)

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Blabbers

I'm here for my daily blabbers. I will not let you down.
Today was not a bad day at all. It wasn't particularly spectacular, but it didn't bring me any sorrow. I believe half of my homework is finished, if not more. Tomorrow I'll be spending the day picking out a 500 page fiction novel for English. Any suggestions?

Henry had his first experience with catnip in our house today. The family has decided that it will be his first(and last) experience. Basically, I lost more blood than I should have, considering he's a kitten. But apparently I have weak skin(Maddie. Haha. I think you have tough skin). His biting and scratching has been OUT OF CONTROL. I know he'll grow out of his biting stage and we'll just have to put up with it for now, but the scratching may not go away. He's drawn a lot of blood and ruined quite a few things within two weeks of occupancy in our household, so we have made the decision to declaw him. I, personally, am not so sure I'm okay with this. It's completely inhumane and is the equivalent to cutting off the tips of our fingers. However, my parents and I have chosen this option because it's the safest way. He is still young, so it won't be as difficult to help him through this as it would be if he were a bit older. We've been battling this decision for a few days now, and it has not been easy. I do not want to take away his ability to survive outdoors, but he has completely adapted to indoor life. Rarely do we let him out. I think we might just be on the road to declawing, though. Despite what I believe regarding animal rights, is it worth the destruction of flesh, furniture, carpets, blinds, curtains, bed sheets, clothes, and possibly birdies? Weigh that one in your mind.

Oh yeah, he had his first bath today, too. Hmm... maybe we'll wait to try that again.

I posted this exact post, word for word, exactly one year ago. I went back and copy and pasted. Everything is completely unedited. Please read.

Today is my grandfather's death anniversary.He was murdered where my mother at four years old discovered him.He was only 26 or 27 years old.

Love, E

Friday, August 28, 2009


Second day back at school was just as good as yesterday, if not better. :) I'd tell stories about my super awesome math teacher, but I'm far too exhausted to go into detail.

I'm probably going to be focusing on studies and extra curricular for a while, so sorry if my posts become boring, vague, or even non-existent. It would be understandable if you stopped checking my page. Hopefully you won't though. Despite this all, I'm going to try my best to update as often as possible, even if it's a short blurb that makes no sense. Just little reminders here and there to let you know I'm still alive. Have a lovely weekend, everyone :)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


So basically, my day was fantastic. I love this year. I can feel it's going to amazing. Except for a certain unwanted person in my favorite class. Come on. Ugh. That's annoying.

But otherwise, everything was such a great experience! I can hardly wait to start the year. I've already had a math test. It took the entire class. On the first day?? Wow. But he's a bit of an "odd" teacher, to put things nicely.

And one of them is basically the human version of the turtle from Finding Nemo. The one that's all, "DUUUUDE." You know? He'll push me, but it'll all be worth it in the end.

Definitely a good start. I'll keep everyone posted. I actually have science homework to complete tonight, so I can't ramble on about nothing today.

But before I face my inevitable doom, I'd like to address a comment I received. What happened to the squirrel? Very good question indeed. He doesn't come by as often as he used, too. Perhaps it's because there's normally a furry feline waiting for him. But I did catch him eating peanuts by the trunk of our tree a couple afternoons back!!!!

Urg. Homework time. Bye :)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Tomorrow is my first day at school, and I am crazy crazy excited!!!!!!!! AHHHH I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF!!!

I'll let you all know how it went tomorrow afternoon or evening :)

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Henry Pictures =)

Here are updated pictures of Henry. I've officially had him for one week and two days. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


Finally back from Robin's party. Now stuck at home with a plumber, unless he already came. Hmm. At least I have a computer.

Just wanted to say hi, by the way.

Also, check out Nevershoutnever. He makes me happy.

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There is really no significant relation between the title post and the actual post. I just happen to be listening to Lady Gaga at the moment.

Moving on.

Last night, my toilet overflowed and flooded all throughout the house and all the way down to the kitchen*. The water level was fairly high, too. The rugs were soaked through, my bathroom floor was a mini lake, and Maddie was going to arrive within the hour. Hmmm... a worthy opponent to life's challenges. Basically, my parents went insane and freaked out, even though it was a life or death situation. To put in the nicest words possible, they were SEETHING MAD. At the moment, at least. It was the third time that our plumbing as exploded on us, and we've only lived in this house for a year and a half. Three times is a high number for plumbing screw ups. But since we rent, we can't do much but have a plumber come and "fix" it for the next few months until it decides to give out on us again.

Can you understand why we keep looking at houses? I don't know. Perhaps it's a lousy reason. But the house is falling apart on the inside. It'd be nice to have toilets and sinks that didn't cause you to panic every time you flush. But maybe that's asking too much.

Having Maddie over was fun. Robin's party later today. In about forty-five minutes, actually. Nice nice nice. Pool party time. This should be fun. Ugh....

Eh eh. Eh eh. <----- more Lady Gaga

Time to go, this post made little sense, as usual.

*For the record, the water was clean, okay?

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

What A Week!!!

Wow. I have been so incredibly busy this week. I've enjoyed every minute of it. Andrea's party was absolutely amazing with out baby eating and gumpsh playing. We've learned that anything is possible at 3:00 in the morning. Haha.

Anyways, I have a headache at the moment. I am SO exhausted. And to think Maddie's spending the night tonight. We'll have fun, though. :)

Quick updates because truly, seriously, I need to lay down for a bit.

Choir Car wash completed my life; it was so much fun!!!
Orthodontist was fairly gentle with my mouth while tightening my braces.
Dentist was not so gentle with my mouth while cleaning/examining.
Andrea's party was whoopin awesome.
Henry is as cute as can be. He's sleeping on my bed, and I think I just might join him.

Happy Sunday. Fourth in a row, right?

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Shoop Shoop Friday

So far, so good. Choir practice this morning was enjoyable and easy going. All the melodies sound beautiful :) It makes me happy :) My orthodontist appointment was over before I even realized it. Just a quick color change, tightening, and examination before they sent me off. Henry is observing the birds with that hunting instinct gleaming in his eyes. The birds just sit there and act like he's not even a threat. Their relationship is starting to shape up.

I'll be with my friend Renata and her family for the rest of the afternoon. Haven't seen her in a few weeks, so it should be nice. This post is short and sweet. So, there you go. Until next time, folks.


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Patty Between Wednesday And Friday

Yesterday was Hump Day, and I apologize if I failed to point it out. But here I am pointing it out.
HUMP DAY <------------

Henry is sleeping on the floor at the moment. All of that string wrestling must have worn him out. It's his fourth cat nap since 2:00 this afternoon. Hehe. :)

School orientation was today, and I can't even stress enough how excited I am for the upcoming school year. My schedule is exactly the way I wanted it. Everything is perfect. And I'm already fitting in nicely. I lovelovelovelovelove my choir group this year. All the students in higher grades are so sweet and welcoming, except for one girl. But I'm putting her aside now. Yearbook Design will be incredible, as will meeting new people and reuniting with old friends.

I have a busy week coming up. Tomorrow is choir camp and performance for other orientation. Then straight to my orthodontist appointment after that. My friend Renata will be coming down to see us for the day.
Saturday is Choir Car Wash Day, and I'll be seeing Andrea and friends at her party later that evening.
Sunday is for possibly getting my nails done for the first time since my birthday a couple of years ago, and then Maddie is coming to spend the night.
Monday is the pool party at Robin's house.
Tuesday is a get together with Becca and a few others, for she is back from her month long vacation!!!!
Wednesday will most likely be with Holly and Julie, and they will be meeting Henry then :)
Thursday is the first day of school.

I figured I should jam-pack myself with loads of fun activities, so school will be available as my highest priority when it begins.

There was my two cents of the day, folks. Have a lovely evening.

*still avoiding picture downloading from my camera*

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Henry Simon

So we finally came up with a name for the kitty. No, it does not flow and sound pretty when spoken. Henry Simon? Not the easiest thing to string together. But it does have meaning. Each part has an explanation behind it.

Simon(original name; currently middle name) was given to him by the neighbors who offered their baby kitty to us.

Henry(current first name) was the name of my very first pet. She was a guinea pig who had two babies afterwards. I was given her as a birthday present, thinking that it was a boy, hence the name Henry. After discovering two UFO's(unidentified furry objects) in the cage one school morning, Henry became a Henrietta. I guess you can never trust pet store people. But it was the first animal in our home. So all is forgiven. Henry(guinea piggy) was a sweet, motherly friend with shaggy locks of white and black shades. Henry(kitty) is a sweet, feisty friend with short fur of white and black shades. In honor of my guinea piggy who has passed, my family has decided to name my new kitty Henry Simon. But of course we'll call him Henry.

The name honors our old neighbors, and an old furry pal.

I brought him into my room for the first time this afternoon. He fell asleep curled up by my feet. He was very much at peace. We bought him a flea collar this evening, too. That didn't work out well. I have the band-aids and scratches to prove it. Ouch. But sacrifice gives way for love :)
On a completely cheerful note, his new scooper is a beautiful turquoise color.

Now to end this post...

I shall be at choir camp tomorrow morning and free afterwards. It'll be a week since the surgery *cue the scary duhn duhn DUHN music* Everything is coming along well. I take my last penicillin tomorrow. :) WOOOOT.

The schedule has been hectic lately, and it has been a refreshing feeling to get back into a routine once more. School, here I come.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bundle Of Love

I absolutely love him.

He rested his head on my lap.
He fell asleep in my arms.
He woke up in my arms.
He looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes.
He licked my fingers.
He purred for countless moments.

Only a little more than 24 hours, and he's become one of the family. He's already trained to go to the bathroom in the litter box. Smart thing.

Apparently cats respond more to the 'e' sound in names, so my whole family is telling me to change it. Since he doesn't respond fully yet to Simon, I don't see why not. I'll make Simon his middle name. I'm looking for names that have an ending like Annie or Buddy. And he's a sweet baby boy whose mostly white with black splashes like a cow. Anyone have any name suggestions?

And by the way, we took him in the house for the first time this evening. It was a grand success. I only sneezed 5 times. That's excellent for me. And he looked at the birds and didn't seem to threatened. Although the cockatiel nearly had a heartattack on the spot.

Life is sweet right now.

I'm helping out at my old school tomorrow morning with my choir director. He's excusing me for camp. Reuniting with my previous campus, friends, and teachers will be a warm and welcoming sensation. I'm buckled in and ready for an awesome week.

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Helloooooo Monday

This has been a a shocklingly good Monday so far. Choir camp this morning was definitely fun! I loved meeting new people, reuniting with the director(haha, i say this like it's a good thing. But really, he's awesome), and learning music already. One of them being in Latin. That was confusing... I have a choir party to go to in about two hours, which will last all the way into the evening. Excited!!! The new school transition has been fairly smooth.

Simon is as adorable as ever. He just finished lunch and is currently climbing trees and sunbathing. He's a happy kitty :) And a loud one, too. His purr sounds like a motor. But I like it.

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Being allergic to him is a real downer. But apparently I can naturally immunize myself if I'm around him often enough. Which I will be.

I have many stories, videos, and pictures to share already, but I'm supposed to be sleeping. Early day tomorrow with chorus camp starting. HOORAY!

His owners said they named him as a Simon, but we kind of considered changing it to something like Oreo or whatever. But in a way, I wanted to respect the owners and keep his orginal name. What do you think?

Anyways, that would be three Sundays in a row now of awesome-osity. Spa-ding.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


I would like to dig deeper behind the meaning of today's post title. When I say the word "present", I am not referring to a gift you might give someone on their birthday. Nor am I referring to the display of an object. By that I mean I'm not presenting anything to you. However, I am referring to a student's response when his or her teacher is taking attendance in the morning. Mrs. Higgle will say, "Bobby McCormick?", and little Bobby will say, "Present!!!". As opposed to "here". Any of this make sense to you?

Now for the post to actually begin.
First off, apologies for abandoning Karma for a day or two. I wasn't feeling the blog within me. Thanks for sticking by my side, if you were even here to start with. For you, I present a smile face :)

I was with Rachel from Friday night to Saturday morning. Then I spent Saturday just being present in the world. We went to church that evening, and I carefully observed the random oddities of the folk around me.

For this lovely Sunday, I will be over at Casey's and a few other friends for her birthday! YAY! Her present is wrapped and ready to go.

But you want to know the exciting tidbits of this day!?!?!?!?!
Remember the darling neighborhood kitty whose pictures I posted a while back? Well, the neighbors are moving today(really sad story, I wish them the best of luck in the future), and they can't afford to keep their furry friend. So, we were offered to be the new owners. Before you piece this all together, though I'm sure you already have, I am allergic to cats. I sneeze like I'm dying. Maybe not that bad, but it's pretty high up there on the sneeze-o-scale.

Moving on.

This is an outdoor cat, so we wouldn't have to take the precious thing inside. So no sneezing for me. And I also have two birds, and the outdoor cat deal fits the criteria. It's all working just nicely.

Basically, I am now the owner of an outdoor cat. It'll still be roaming the neighborhood, but we're just going to say that it's "our cat".

And by the way, it's not a girl like we thought. It's a baby BOY!!!! Name suggestions? Mostly white with black splashes.

He is our summer present.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Strawberry Banana

Yum. Dannon's yogurt is really hitting the spot right now. Perfect blend of two sensational fruits. :)

Rachel is coming over in about an hour or so from now. Hoorah!

Tooth update:

It's rather unnerving to see the chain hanging down from my mouth. Everytime I swallow, I'm scared that it will fall out, and I'll have to undergo the surgery again. In which case, I would rather lick my toe.

Anyways, I'm not feeling very bloggy at the moment. Sorry folks. I am going to go do something that's exciting without engaging in strenuous activity.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning Everybody!!!

I woke up this morning feeling fine, painless, and woop-de-doo! Probably because I just took Ibuprofen and Penicillin. WOOOOOOT.

Anyways, today should be a good day. Just relaxing and staying at home and whatnot. Then Rachel should be coming over tomorrow, perhaps for the night? Hmmm.. we'll have to see.

Quick shoutout to Juliette, who is in Jew Camp right. I HOPE YOU'RE HAVING A FANANANATASTIC TIME!!!!!!!!!

In exactly two weeks from today, will be my first day in a new school. Erg, no one really likes to go through that. But that's why friends are there to help you through the tough times :)

I'm going to sign off now and sit in bed and laze around. Hope everyone has an absolutely incredible Day After Hump Day!!!!! <3 <3

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Me Again

Feeling much better now. I had cold soup for dinner. It was delicious, considering I was absolutely starving.

I also thought I'd let you know a funny little thing I failed to mention. I heard words that you NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER want to hear before surgery. They hooked me up and had me breathing into a whatever it's called mask thing, and I was growing deeply drowsy. Right before I fell asleep, I heard, "OHH CRAP", from one of the nurses. Real professional, eh? When I heard that, I was about to have a panic attack, which I would have, but I was far too tired. Now that I look back, it's quite a funny situation. Maybe they gave me too much, which would explain a lot of what happened when I woke up. Hahahaha.

Anyways, anyone else notice the google symbol today? It's like the meteor shower!!! I stood outside for ten minutes FREEZING yesterday, and it was all for nothing. All I saw were stars, which was still nice.

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I'm keeping this short because typing is hard at the moment.

Here is a quick explanation of what happened:

-shove a needle up my arm(iv)
-place patches on my chest to monitor my heart and breathing
-mask on my face to make me sleeeeeepy
-fall asleep
-wake up in a different room with my mom
-can't walk, they put me in a wheelchair
-don't remember a single thing
-my jacket was on me, even though it was off the last time i looked down
-i was in hysterics with my breathing and crying

i have never felt so weak in my entire life.

i'm starving but i can't eat.
i'm dizzy, and i will be dizzy for a while
i can already feel the pain
i hate my dentist
if this doesn't work, i'll have to do it all over again
i hate my dentist

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Morning Wishes

I'll be leaving for the dentist in about twenty minutes. I just wanted to give one last shout out before it happens. I'll update with more details later. Bye!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh No He Didn't?!?

I have been instructed to remove all nail polish, jewelry, contacts, and whatnot from my body in preparation for my oral surgery tomorrow. You know the tear jerker in this situation? I painted ladybugs on my nails just yesterday, and now I have to take all ten of their lives. Not including the pink on my toes. Not cool.

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Juliette spent the night last night, and we had a great time being bubbly off of ice cream. Hehe.

Today will be just a relaxing day of inactivity because I'll be having the oral surgery tomorrow. This thought makes me want to hyperventilate. They'll be putting me to sleep, but apparently it is not a serious procedure. Suuure, we'll see about that, now won't we?

I'll probably be extremely sore for at least a week after that, but that doesn't mean I can't blog. Expect to hear a lot of whining from me for the next several days. If you don't want to hear it, then don't read it. This page is a blog. And a blog is very sharing. Venting. Bragging. Well, sort of.

So, have wonderful Tuesday, and a fabulous Wednesday(HumpDay).

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi There

Just posting this to say hi.

Hope everybody has a fantastic Monday :)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009



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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scrumptious Saturday

Hi there, friends! Today was just as awesome as yesterday! I went to go see 500 Days Of Summer(for the second time in four days) with my mom. It was like seeing it for the first time. I LOVE this movie. Let me tell you, I would go see it right this very minute if I could. We've already got it on our Netflix list.

But anyways, I'm extremely tired at the moment, so I'll keep this short and sweet. I'll be at the Teen Choice Awards tomorrow with two close friends, so I might not get a chance to post.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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Just wanted to say that I finally fixed the html code on my blog. This has been a marvelous day for me. If only everyday was like this. But then we wouldn't appreciate happiness as much. So, I guess it's a good thing that sorrow is there to make joy seem even more precious :)

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I am happy. :)

Today's beach trip with Casey was incredible. We spent hours there having a fabulous time! And tomorrow I get to see 500 Days Of Summer(AGAIN!!!) with my Mom because I wouldn't stop talking about it and curiosity has gotten the better of her.

Anyways, I just wanted the spread the happiness! I've been singing Happy by Nevershoutnever all day today! WOO. By the way, listen to the first ten seconds of this song and it sounds ridiculously similar to Lucky by Jason Mraz during the seconds of 29-36. Happy says, "you make me happy" and Lucky says, "boy, i hear you". Just check it out and tell me if I'm crazy or not. Anyone else smell copyright lawsuits coming up? Laugh at me, fine, but I smell it.


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Beeeeeeach Trip!!!!

Today I'll be going to the beach with two other friends, so that's something to look forward to! I believe that's two Fridays in a row now! I'm on a roll.

Then tomorrow I'll be relaxing, which will be just fantastic.
And then my close friend inviting me to the TCA with her on Sunday, so I'm PUMPED for that!!!!!! Never thought I'd be going to that type of event, but this will be FANTASTIC!!! AHH!!! I'm really excited.

This weekend will be a blast. I just know it. I'm cramming all the fun in before oral surgery. Would you like to know something weird? Well, here it is. Another friend is getting something extracted at the dentist this weekend, also. We're now extraction twinsies. Haha. How cool is that?

I'll leave you be everyone. Enjoy your day!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


First off, I had a FABULOUS time with my three D.C. buddies, and we didn't even finish half of the scrapbook. We're talking 2,000ish pictures here :)

Like promised, here are park pix.

if i learned anything at all that day, it's that squirrels don't share.
i think this one clawed at my camera and nearly got my finger

no need to stuff everything in your face

they must have been hungry

caught you red headed stealing a peanut from my bag

lovely look i'm getting here


protecting his findings

evil squirrel look!

it's a two-fer!

birdie friend!!!

aw, just a shell.

not only are squirrels smart, but they are very very lazy :)

praying for more peanuts perhaps?



Creative title for this post, huh?

Okay, anyways, I'm going to spend the afternoon with my D.C. roommates today! We're going to scrapbook and remember all the incredible moments that happened on that trip, and there were plenty of moments. It was one of the best weeks I can remember. Better than that time I went to Outdoor School by far. So, I'll be back perhaps 5ish. Then I can publish squirrel pictures. Until then, have a lovely day.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What A Wonderful Hump Day

I had a FANTASTIC(!!!!!!) day today! This was a successful Hump Day(don't). My Aunt and I went to the movies and saw '500 Days Of Summer'. It was the cutest, and I would definitely see it again. That's going on me Netflix.

We stopped at Brighton afterwards to pick up something and to look around, which was very nice.

Then we ate lunch at P.F. Chang's, a place of which I had never been to before. Let me just tell you, d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. Yum yum. I'll leave it at that.

Back to her house after all that where I snuggled with her kitty(and gave myself a sneezing attack that was well worth playing with a kitteh) until my mom came to pick me up. Speaking of kitty, I played with the neighbor's cat(which I like to refer to as my cat) last night. Mom and I were trying to take a walk, but she kept on following us! I would walk her back and then she'd chase me down the street! It took at least ten minutes to get her to stop trailing behind us. She's absolutely precious, though. Kitty suits her well, but I was considering the nickname Pepper, because she loves to climb our pepper trees, only to look back down at us with those Pus n' boots eyes until we reach up and get here. Friends, you will have to come over and play with her soon.

I have squirrel pictures to post, but I'll save that for later today or perhaps tomorrow. This post is probably disorganized, like all of my posts, but I'm in a bit of a rush. I'll be going now. Have a fabulous Hump day, y'all!

love love love love love love elley

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clickety Clack It's Tuuuuuesday

Obviously, I did something to my sidebar. You can see it without having to scroll a mile south. I'm not sure what I did or how I did it, but it's definitely a start, right?

Today I am having another relaxing day, I think. Tomorrow, I am spending the entire day with my Aunt :) We're going to see '500 Days Of Summer', a movie she nor I have heard of - we're in for a surprise, and then we'll go out to eat before heading back to her house. Fortunately, we live about two minutes away from each other.

And when I say Aunt, I mean a really close family friend who I've known basically my whole life, and I can easily consider her family. :)

I just starting reading 'The Notebook' today. Nicholas Sparks, right? I'm too lazy to check at the moment. I love the tragic romances. They always get to me. I'll let you know how I'm coming along on the book.

That's all for this morning. I shall hear from you guys soon, hopefully.

Love Love Love Love,


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Monday, August 3, 2009

Mwah ha ha!


I survived dance. To my astonishment, it wasn't as humiliating as the last time, which really hit the peak. It was almost(but not quite) tolerable. :) Good thing I'm not going next week.

Okay, here's the thing. I'm sitting at the computer staring off into space. But in a good way. I feel GOOD after dance because I've contributed to my health.

Hmmm. What's on the agenda now??? I don't know. Perhaps mall with friends? I'll have to make plans now.

Not much to say at the moment, but I'm really getting into this regular posting thing. Too bad Natalie keeps holding out on me with her videos. I check everyday... Some of you probably didn't catch what I meant by that. Just go to youtube and look up communitychannel. Best accent ever.

I still haven't gotten the html down correctly, but I'm on the road to success. I can feel it.

Well, I've entered a writing contest(not that I'll win), but it's good to try, right? You never know!

This post is shamefully unstructured. I shall leave you now.

I'm off to enjoy my dinner of RIBS. YUM.

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I am usually successful when it comes to editing my html coding, but my right sidebar refuses to cooperate. If anyone out there has any tips or solutions, feel free to let me know.

Despite the fact that I am on summer vacation, I still find Mondays to be excruciating. Now, that's what I call impressive.

I could definitely live without going to dance tonight. Not looking forward to that. At all. I'd rather be doing something much more productive, and less painful. But, I only have a few more sessions to suck it up. Cannot wait until this is over(dotdotdot).

In case you forgot, I'm not allowed to actually type "...". I have to spell it out in parentheses, as in (dotdotdot). *inside joke*

This week is pretty much my last carefree week in it's entirety(sp?). I've probably mentioned that more than a couple of times by now. Anyways, I'm probably seeing my Aunt one of these days. Then scrapbooking with three spectacular friends on Thursday(really excited for that)! And then the rest is up to me. Perhaps I'll just relish in the lack of morning alarms and never ending assignments.

Hmm. What to say. What to say. Actually, I think I'll end it at that.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last Minute News

My phone calendar says that today is Friendship Day, so I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to all of my friends who I love more than the world! Thanks for sticking with me through all these years! I definitely hope that I only gain pals from here!

Anyways, as predicted, my Sunday was pretty awesome. I enjoyed the quiet environment of the library, despite the fact that the security gates beeped me on the way out. Apparently paperbacks don't cooperate well with the self-check outs. Thank goodness for receipts(where is the 'p' sound in this word?)!

And school shopping afterwards went fabulously.

We went to an open house a few streets down from where we live. Gorgeous house, absolutely lovely. No chance for us. :( And what a small word; the realtor there was the husband of a math teacher at my old middle school. Now, that was weird. He did have an incredible Australian accent, though. When I grow up, I am moving to Australia(like the book, if you've heard of it).

I was at Katherine's for an hour or so while dinner was at home cooking. I love her and her family! I feel so at home there. Who knew video games can be such time speeders. Well, practically everyone knows that, but I'm not much of a gamer myself. So, I was happily surprised.

And remember my kitty I published pictures of a few days ago? Well, in the middle of dinner, Katherine knocked on my door and asked if the kitten she was holding belonged to me. Before you get excited, no, it was not the kitten I had bonded with before. It was her BROTHER! Meaning there's two of them!!! EEEEK! He looked exactly like his sister. They're TWINS! A boy and a girl! Absolutely precious! Hopefully I'll have them both visit me one day.

Wow, this post evolved into something much lengthier than I had intended.

Oh,well. Nighty nighty everyone. Instead of spending the evening(well, night) on the internet, I think I'll enjoy some good old-fashioned reading. After all, I have new paperbacks(wow that was so lame. I thought that would be a warm ending to a good day, but this last blurb/paragraph was just lame).

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My Masterpiece

Fiest your eyes on this masterpiece!!!

I have monkey cards. A three story house, alright!

it's a question mark! it's hard to see the dot at the bottom, but just look closely because it is there.

the key to a successful house(and just about everything else) is a solid foundation.

two stories already!

another solid foundation! The far right one is looking a bit iffy, though. :(

Lately, I've been doing a good job at keeping promises on my blog. I said I would start posting daily; I have been posting daily. I said I would publish pictures of Rocky; I posted pictures of Rocky. I said I would publish pictures of my pathetic little card houses, and here I am publishing pictures of my pathetic little card houses. Enjoy :)
My updates are as follows:
-relax at home until 2:30
-go to the library to return/check out books
-go school shopping until 5:00
-have dinner from 5:45 to 6:20ish
-play badminton in the back for half an hour
-enjoy internet access for the night
What an easy going day. When I woke up, I was rather disappointed with the fact that it was Sunday. However, when I spell out my day fragment by fragment, it really isn't that horrible. I think this will be smooth sailing Sunday.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


There is no better way to spend a Saturday evening than with internet access and a bar of chocolate. Yum yum.

There's a healthier way, but this is most certainly the more enjoyable way. BIG difference.



I've suddenly taken a strong liking to exploring the world of cards. Playing cards, that is. I spent about two hours last night designing and building card houses. I took pictures of my three story card house, so expect some photos to be up soon :) Time passes by quickly when you're so intrigued by something. And to think, cards are ordinary household objects. If you try hard enough, I guess entertainment can be found in just about anything.

Nothing else especially exciting going on. Except for the whole "getting back into school" transition. My vacation pretty much ends on the 12th, which is depressing, but I'm looking forward to a new year. I have my ortho appointments, dentist appoints, and my oral surgery coming up. Then chorus camp, I think. And of course, back to school shopping. Should be fun! Can't wait to be into the flow of a normal school year again. Hopefully everyone has been enjoying their summer!

current bloggy points: 8

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Friday, July 31, 2009


Oh my goodness!! For the first time in my personal bloggy history, I have been honored with an award! Are you ready to see it? Ready now? Are you sure? Well, here it is!!!

Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I'm ever so grateful for it!! Thank you so much to Kyles, who is an AMAZING blog pal! Check her out! I'm hyperlinking!!!! WOO
And now for the fifteen people to pass this onto. Uh-oh, i don't think i have that many on here yet. Sorry everyone, but just so you know, the tagged pals are not in any specific order. :)
1. Tandice, who is heartachingly true in all of her posts.
2. Writer, who I've only recently discovered, but I believe he has the most powerful words out there :)
3. Rachel, who is one of my very best friends, without a doubt.
4. Reylit, who always has something sweet or funny to post.
5. Melissa, what a sweet person! Check out her blog right now!!!!
6. Sharky, who I've been pals with for a long time now.
7. Tal, who touches all with the power of poetry.
8. Chattypatra, what a lovely person! Link
9. Juliette, who unleashes the crazy side of me.
I'm going to leave it at nine. By the way, all those who won an award must post something like this and tag fifteen other people.