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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ahh...Back To Normal

I'm here, I'm finally here. Thanks for all of the nice comments along the way. Once we finally got everything installed, I couldn't get the Internet to work. After messing with it for a very short, yet productive, time I finally got it back together. Now I think I have something stuck under the space bar. I am now having to really push on that sucker. Now where is that gas cleaner?

Second day back to school. Everything went well, but I think my sweat was sweating. You probably didn't need to know that, but it is so true.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Computer Fixed

We finally got the laptop fixed....I am so excited! You will hopefully hear from me soon. By the way, today was back to school day, in case you haven't figured out I'm still in school. (I'm not really that old!)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Good News and Bad News

I guess I was wrong, I have indeed been finding time to update my blog everyday. The good news: the hard drive came in today. But we still need a CD to go along with it. Why couldn't they have sent them both together, instead of in different packages, and apparently on different days....?

The bad news: I saw ANOTHER accident. This time, I was there to actually see it, like see it happen. We were innocently driving home, when. we heard brakes squealing, and when we turned to our left, a white truck flew into a gas station, taking out a sign, the front of another car filling up with gas, and recking itself. The guy inside the white truck immediately leaped out of his car to check out the woman who owned the smashed car, and to check out the sign. Nobody even noticed the shrubbery, though. Plants are living, too! Living plants died today.....and nobody seems to care. Even though I guess the woman is pretty important, too.

There was a red car that followed behind me, also involved with the collision. Dad thinks that maybe the red car tailed the white truck, and that launched it forward. I mean, this car was like....flying past at an incredible speed. It was all quite scary. Nobody appeared to be seriously hurt, though. I'm glad, too. That could have really ended badly. So, there was the event to my day. Even though I enjoyed lunch with Mum, and fresh flowers.

One last piece of news....I have taken back my %%%. To complicated to remember. And besides, it's not like I really needed to have something like that. Thanks for still reading.


I sneaked(I thought it was snuck, but then word spell corrected me. Is this right? Snuck just looked right to me) on to here just so I could update. Thanks for the support Amy. Well, we still don't have the hard drive, not that I expected it, I was just really really really hoping it would. Dang. Anyway, dog luver, are you e-mailing me at the right one? I don't answer my old one anymore. I only check it about one or twice a month....... I answer to my new one. Hopefully this gives you the answer.
Okay, so we had a pool party recently, but I doubt I'll be able to report on it at the moment. I splashed, I swam, I played pool game, I warmed up in the jacuzzi(oh yeah.....), and I got out. Pretty much sums it up. I had an awesome time. Tradition rocks!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tick Tick Tick Tick Boom

That is exactly was my laptop did. I am now sneaking onto the family computer(which isn't often free) to write this post. Hopefully I will be able to publish everyday until my laptop gets fixed, but don't count on it. I might not be here for a week, maybe longer. I will probably find some time everyday, though.
The laptop's hard drive blew up. Not good. We were on the phone trying to fix it, and some company has to mail us a whole new program. We have to start over. All of my documents, pictures, and everything else is gone!!!!! Even Mahjong! I was really doing good...Oh well. I'm sure I'll catch up. Well, sorry for this, but everything will be back to normal soon.
Yesterday, we had a pool party, but at the moment, I can't report on it. Rachel will probably be mad for this. Sorry. Okay? I promise that everything will be back to normal soon enough, I hope.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Three A Day Challenge

I am starting a "Three a day challenge".

Now what exactly is this challenge? You have to do three nice things per day. Sounds hard doesn't it? That's why you call it a challenge. Here are three examples of things you could do that would pass.

1. Call up someone you know at work, or someone you haven't talked to in a while. Just check in and say hi. Do a little catching up.

2. Make breakfast for someone you live with. Someone you wouldn't normally make breakfast for. And if you always make someone breakfast, make it look really interesting. You know, the bacon and eggs smile sort of thing.

3. Offer to take over another person's job for the day. Like, if you see someone at work who is having a little trouble, and you have nothing better to do, ask if they would like your help.

Another great thing to do is email people daily. It's a great feeling when you open up to your email and you see a little something waiting there for you. Makes your day just a little more exciting doesn't it?

Now, take this Three A Day Challenge. Who's with me?


Monday, August 20, 2007

More Adventures Of Spikey And Mister

I had them both in my bedroom. I was just spending some quality time with them. Both were perched next to each other, talking to their reflection in the mirror. Too cute. I noticed that Spikey was getting a little antsy, like he wanted to go on another one of his flying marathons. I brought him onto my bed, and soon after, Mister was also there. Spikey explored the light blue comforter, and hopped onto the wooden shelves attached to my head rest. He found a little photo holder that had soft spikes coming out from its sides. He was instantly attracted to it. As he battled with his new found toy, Mister watched him, too afraid to hop onto unknown territory.
I flopped down to watch a little television, let them enjoy themselves. This was their first time on my bed. Before I knew it, they were up on my pillow again. I grabbed a stick-like cracker and stuck it into my mouth. They are very sweet, and they taste delicious. I had my back relaxed onto my covers, as Spikey ventured onto my stomach, walked right up to my face, and started nibbling on the other end of my cracker. He was being the adorable little bird I know he is. Mister soon was on me, too. They were both taking turns(they can't seem to share) snacking on my snack. I led them into another room because I really just wanted to enjoy my cracker stick. Another day of cuteness.


Hey. Just got back from Amy's house. We had a get-together today. I love her doggies. They are so sweet. It's just a friendly environment over there.
She had the summer of a lifetime. She went to Florida, Arizona, and Las Vegas. It all sounds like so much fun. Except for the outrageous heat she experienced in all three places. The heat really drains all of my energy. She said that once you walk out the hotel she stayed at in Las Vegas, the thick air just completely takes your breath away and you're all exhausted already. I couldn't imagine living there, but we almost moved there a few years ago.
Amy got me a little present! When she got back from Arizona, she got the cutest little deck of cards. I really enjoy playing games with an exciting deck. Not that decks are exciting, but they are better than no deck at all. This might sound a little weird, but I always have a deck of cards with me in my bag. True story. I also have a book, lanyards, my phone, hand sanitizer,and a hand held dictionary. Sometimes I even have my portable sudoku. Thanks to Amy, I now have choice in cards when I decide to play on the road. Thanks again!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thanks Everybody!

Even though this blog isn't very popular, believe, I know it's not popular, thanks for stopping by anyway. I really appreciate the comments because at least I know someone has visited mine now. Thanks again. Just wanted to let you know that I do care. %%%

By the way, the sign %%% has become my new sign off symbol, whether it's at the end of a comment, or at the end of one of my posts.

My Life Of Exictement

I didn't find a reason to blog yesterday. It was pretty boring. But hey, I went to the store and bought some stuff. Here is what I got:

-eye solution for my contacts
-conditioner(I was completely out)
-new vitamins(these are pill-type things, and they are pretty big....ughh)

Pretty cool, huh? I think I need some excitement to shake up the ages. Oh yeah, we tried going to an open house, also. Nobody was there. We called up the owner about a week before and they assured us that it would be ready for September 1 move-in. If you saw the place, you probably wouldn't agree. The painting is not even nearly done. The backyard and the front yard needs a lot of work, and some Gardener out in the front said that the floor needs repairing. Hopefully they'll be able to fix everything. We would love to have this house. Maybe I shouldn't say anything, though. We haven't even looked inside.

What's going on for me today? Probably shopping. But this shopping! Woohoo! Maybe I'll finish my book.

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Only Getting Greener And Greener

It is so hot here. I am going nuts. Maybe not to other people, but I am still insanely jealous. She should be landing in Alaska in only a couple of hours, unless she was delayed, which I hope didn't happen. I still wish I was in her shoes right now. I feel like blubbering like a baby. Not really. I'm just really exaggerating things. But I really am jealous. I mean seriously, Friday night, nothing to do, I know someone who is going to be in Alaska in a few hours! Anybody have nay advice for somebody who needs her brown-eyed world back? No matter how boring it may be?I really need to get rid of this jealousy deal. I need to stop saying the word jealous or jealously or anything else having to do with jealous things. I'm going to drink an entire bottle of water just to keep my mouth shut, not like it was open, but I could have been saying the words out loud as I type them. I think I'm going to also play mahjong. Anything to get me in some zone that I won't be able to get myself out of.

Green Eyed Monster

Just as I left for Alaska earlier in the summer, my next-door neighbor just left, moments ago to go to Alaska, also. She was such a good sport when I left. Why can't I be a good sport now that she is gone? I am so jealous of her. I know I had my turn, but still. I would love to go back right this very minute. I miss the stinging coolness in the air. The wonderful scenery that is a photographer's dream job. The was the evergreens reflected themselves perfectly onto the lakes. Everything there was so calming and relaxing. My family and I even agree, that we had more fun there than when we went to Hawaii last summer.

I can feel my eyes evolving into a horrid shade of green as I think about how much fun she will be having. If only I could go with her, right? I never wanted my vacation to end. But I guess everything does eventually. Pretty soon, she'll be on a plane, and then she'll be having fun. I wan to have fun. I sound like such a brat. I don't wish her bad luck, I could...I would never do that, I just wish that I could be having even a pinch of fun. I need fun!

She has agreed to take in one of our fish. An orange fantail goldfish. I guess you could call it a larger version of what I choose to keep. I will be reserving that fish for her, and when she gets back, I will help them transfer it into their tank. Well, bowl really. She has a pretty navy blue beta right now. I have never seen such a gorgeous tail. It is absolutely wonderful looking. One fish down, many more to go. I had better do something else to get my mind off of..ooh! I just heard a text coming in on my phone. One moment please. Hi back. It was just friend saying hi, and telling me about another one of her friends. Really exciting, right? Gotta go enjoy my Alaska-free life. *sigh. Thanks for reading everybody. I really appreciate it. I got another text. Man. . . .

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bye Bye Fishy

You probably didn't know this, but I have fish. Two tanks full of them, to be specific. One with tropical tetras, and one with fantail goldfish. They take up so much room, and I have decided to give away all or them, except for one goldfish, which obviously will not take up the room of an entire tank. Now, I can focus on my two birdies(which are doing fine, by the way), and my one(and only one) fish. Just wanted to tell everybody.
And by the way, here are a few blogs that you might want to check out:

These are just a few I have noticed as I surf the blog world. Just consider it. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today Rachael and I saw the movie Stardust at the theater. It was very good, but surprisingly long. Like, over two hours long. It's a huge fairy tale fantasy type that includes pirates, witches, princes, and a unicorn! There is much more to see, though. It is rated PG-13. Not bad. It is an interesting way to put a romantic theme. You could also read the book, but just know that the movie has many different parts. For example, a different ending. But, here is the movie summary.
They all live in a place called Wall. It is surrounded by the long wall that protects them from the magical kingdom outside of it. Triston wants only to win the heart of his beloved girl, Veronica. It is Veronica, right? I'm pretty sure. You might want to look it up anyway. They live in two different ways, though. You have ever-popular Veronica, already being worked on by another man, Humphrey. Triston and Veronica are together, when they see a falling star landed outside in the other world, beyond the wall, which nobody has ever crossed. Triston has only one week after that to compete for the fallen star, who actually appears to be a woman, before youth-wannabe witches, and king-wannabe princes, who are all after the same star. Triston must bring this star back to Veronica before she says yes to Humphrey's proposal, which should take place on her birthday. On Triston's long, duelling journey, things take quite a twist when he finds the fallen star alive, and in the form of a beautiful woman. I would recommend it to teens, and definitely adults, ready to be blasted into another dimension of whirling creativity on the director's part. This movie should haunt you after the last seen. I can guarantee it.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Hey. Just got back from the mall. Today, Rachael and I went shopping. We didn't really spend much, but we just hung out there and had a great time. It was enjoyable. Did I mention we got a cookie? Cookies are good. I got a sugar one with m&m's(how do you type this?). We must have gone to most of the stores, though.
Some of the sales people really bugged me. Like when you try on shoes, and they are like, right there. Or how they face this funny face on. But, like, they aren't trying to have a funny face. They just have a natural funny face. Anyway, it was super fun. I'll keep you updated in my life.

Hey, did you know there was a meteor shower early this morning? I mean like from 12 to 4, or whatever. It was right when my complex had a black out. Just had to share that with you.

Peace And Harmony To You

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Just last night, two of my girlfriends, Holli and Juli, (and myself, of course) had a girl's night out. They slept at my place and we had an awesome time. We played badminton, mahjong(now they are pretty hooked, too) and just play ol' hung out. I was glad we got together to do it. Thanks for a fantastic time, guys! Hopefully we could do it again soon? Friends are the people who get you through the day. Thanks for listening, friends.
On another note, I went to an ice cream parlor, and I got a small chocolate cone. It was HUGE. Not kidding! The ice cream that reached from out of the cone was almost the size of my hand. I couldn't even finish half. I think I'm done with ice cream for a while.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Two Things Coming At You

What I mean by the title, is that there are two things I would like to tell you. First off, I saw another accident. They seem to pop out wherever I am! Did I do something bad? It appeared as if a car had ran into the car in front of it. It was right by a freeway on-ramp. I even saw a little twig catching fire. It was so small, though, that I could have put it out by stomping on it, so not to worry. There were paramedics, and police cars. Maybe I should stay inside for a while. I feel as if I am the cause to so many of these.
On A completely different note, Philippine inmates are rocking youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am from the Philippines, which is why I am so proud of them. Even more so, the jail that this is taking place, is where I was born, Cebu! They take all of those in their prisons, and they do dances to many songs. They are all in uniformed orange, and since there are so many of them, it looks really cool. They have songs like Thriller(Michael Jackson), Bebot(Black Eyed Peas) and the Village People. So I encourage you to check them out on youtube. Just type in Inmates. You can see men and woman each doing their own individual acts. It's part of their morning workout. The woman even do Sister Act. Please check them out, and I hope you enjoy them. Thanks. Filipino Pride!

Friday, August 10, 2007


I am still a mahjong addict. Can't seem to quit the stuff. Anyway, I've been continuing to practice my sudoku, even though I don't seem to have the same feelings about it. I feel like such a geek. Mathematical sudoku? Pairing Mahjong? I guess this is how my life has ended up.
I play a version that you can download called Mahjong Eternity. You could look it up, if you want. I think it costs something or another, but I got it free through a coupon deal I got at a nearby book store. Well worth it, too. And to think I had no idea what it was, until I tried it. Moral to the story? Always try something new. Whether it's food, games, or even an entire new look at your wardrobe, you never know what may happen until you try. So I dare you, try something new today. And everyday. Then, just sit back and relax.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Baby Threesome No Longer

A while ago, I was informed that a friend of a dear friend was going to have triplets with his wife! I thought about how fantastic that was! I was so excited for them. except for the fact that they were 50 almost 60. I thought it might just be too old, but then I said, hey!, let 'em take a whack at it. It only went downhill from there. She was told she couldn't travel any longer. At five months, she was then told that she had to stay bedridden for the rest of the pregnancy. They were going to try and force the babies out after about a month more. The soon-to-be mother was just to weak her health and age. I prayed that everything would work out. But then, they day all of us were trying to avoid, finally came. The husband got the call that they babies weren't coming. They had all died. I felt so sad for them. They were so exited and I know they would have been great parents. But someone then told them that everything happens for a reason. True? Maybe, maybe not. I'm sure time will heal soon enough.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Got Lyrics?

Admit, everybody has looked up lyrics for a particular song at some point. Well, I discovered pretty awesome site to go to. You have to know either the title of the song, or the artist. Two rows of numbers and then letters can be found in the middle of the top half on the homepage. One for artists, and one for song titles. Just click the number/letter, and you're given a list for you to pick from. It's quick and easy. Now, you're probably wondering what is this miracle site. It's So yeah. Enjoy...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Battle of the Mind Games

Geez. I thought that sudoku was the absolute love of my life. I have books about it, electronic devices, board games, and online features of it. I am a sudoku nut, or at least I was. I guess you could say I've stored those memories in another part of my life. I have found another time-consumer for my days. Mah Jong!!! I think that's how you spell it. Kind of sad how I don't even know how, huh? I have it downloaded on my computer, and now I play it like crazy. Somebody help me, I think I'm addicted. But in my defense, this is better then being hooked on drugs and stuff, right? RIGHT? I simply can't help it. I find it so enjoyable. Maybe I'm a nut altogether. I think I think too much. I'd better go now. I have to play Mahjong while watching Bring It On. Can I help it if I happen to like this chick-flicky type of thing?

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Template

I got bored of the old template, so I put in a new one. You can bear with it, right? Thanks.

Nail Cutting Disaster

Spikey got himself caught up, again. So, we decided it was serious. We went to the pet store and we got him a nail cutter. Easy to use, right? It's almost like scissors, but then, not really. We took Spikey into the private room and held him in our arms. But he got loose and started flapping EVERYWHERE. He was landing on my head, my arms, he even started trying to perch on my glasses. We finally got him calmed down, when of course, Mister had to come in. We managed to cut one of his feet, until we hit a vein and it started bleeding. We had to use powder to stop it. We settled him down, after putting Mister in another room. Once again, though, he came flapping in on landed right on Spikey's head! I screamed, causing everything to go all the more hectic. I then trapped Mister in my hands and locked him in my room. I left the television and the light on, for sure. But still, we were so close! He went and ruined everything! We tried trimming his nails in the living room. I had him bundled up in my hands, while my mom cut away. He pulled to fast, and he started to bleed, again! He was bleeding so much!!!!!!!!! All over my hands. I found it utterly disgusting, but I was also hoping that he wasn't in any pain. I have read that this happens often, and not to worry to much, but I bathed his foot in powder. Once we finally, finally, got him into the cage after we finished, I screamed and yelled as I washed the gross bird blood off of me. Sorry about the graphic details of this video. I'm still trying to calm down myself. I'm sure he's going to hate me forever now. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for listening to my nail-cutting disaster.


Yesterday, Spikey got his talons caught to the side of his cage. He was pulling, and yanking, and screeching for his life. I had to quickly rescue him from the clutches of his cages. That's when we realized that his talons were just getting to long. We tried going to our local pet store last night, but unfortunately, it was closed. I should have known, most stores here always close early on Sundays.
Now that I think about it, though. I have thought about he sharpness and length of his nails. I just never thought of how it could hurt him. Ever since, he has been using his tongue to apparently ease the pain on his foot. It looked like it got caught on the cage bars, and when he twisted, so did his nail. He looks like such a little eagle.
At the moment, Spikey is actually taking a nap on one of our dining table chairs. He just got up an hour ago, though. He's getting sleepier and sleepier by the minute. Mister is chattering away. It's sounds so much like there are several birds going on at the same time, but in reality, it is only one tiny, itsy bitsy little parakeet. I'll keep you updated in them, but for now, good bye.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Company Picnic

Today I have a company picnic to go to. Normally I don't really enjoy these things, but I'm hoping that this time will be different. It takes place in this large park that's basically all field. We took a drive over there yesterday just to take a look at it. There will be games, kids, families, musical entertainment. It all sounds fun, but still. What if I don't like the people going? Which I probably won't. But maybe, just maybe, I'll enjoy myself. I sure hope so. I need something to brighten my Everything has been kind of boring. Until next time...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Disappearing Sunset

Just last Thursday, I was out on a walk up on the hill across from where I live. I noticed a perfectly shaped circle appearing in the sky, just ahead of me. It looked so close, as if I could touch it. My first intention was it was the moon, but then there were bright colors leaking out from it's perimeter. It was actually the sun! I looked like a full moon. So circular all the way around. I ignored its obvious beauty, for I believed it was nothing but nature. But then I learned, that nature is beautiful. After walking about five more minutes, maybe even less than that, I peeked upwards once more, to see that my "full sun" had set about a fourth of the way down. I thought to myself, hmmm, it seems to be going down awfully quick. So I tried to enjoy myself, I sat there, almost frozen in time, just to watch the sun go down the rest of its way. It was so mystifying, almost mesmerizing, like some kind of spell was being cast on me. It felt like a miracle, but it was only nature. Nature Rocks!

Friday, August 3, 2007

A Summer Tragedy

The wonderful season of summer has been here for the longest time(like almost two months now), and it is now almost over. The one thing I love doing, it's almost like a tradition at this point, is going to the beach. Let's tally up the times I've relaxed by the waves, shall we? Hmmm, that comes up to an amazing total of, 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that's right, I have not been to the beach once, so far. But, I plan to before fall and winter are here once again. I've been to the pool quiet often, but nearly as often as I try to go every year. I know I'm whining, but I can't help it. I simply like going to the beach, and going to the pool. Except for the whole sand thing. Once you're wet, that stuff sticks to ya, man! That's the once part I hate about it. Everything else, the waves, the sounds, the calming sensation, I love it all. It's almost mesmerizing, huh? I think so. I hope that I get a chance to before the "chillyness" settles in.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Favorites

Honestly, I couldn't find anything to blog about, so I decided to just do a post about some of my favorite things. I know it's kind of boring, but oh well. Please enjoy......

book-Charlotte's Web
meal-rice and eggs
type of jewelry-anklet
place-my bed
second favorite animal-bird
movie-Grease, probably. Hairspray?(since i just saw the original on some television channel yesterday
dessert-ice cream?milkshake?
show-Full House? I'm starting to think I am outgrowing this show.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Sorry, once again, but I am bored out of my mind right now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Breaking News!

I just heard on the news....a bridge collapsed today. I believe it was just by the Mississippi River, I think. I could be wrong, I wasn't paying attention to the facts, I was just watching the bridge. A truck was literally split in half. Cars were hanging off the end of the broken bridge. Other cars were drenched in the river. Let us be grateful that you are fine right now, at your computer. Two accidents within about 6 hours? What a day...

Another Episode of Reckless Driving

I was on my way to the mall down the street from me. I decided that window shopping couldn't hurt. After going down a long hill and coming out to a usually busy intersection, I saw flashing lights. The ambulance, the police, the innocent witnesses, and then, the completely racked-up car with a woman's head sticking out. Before I knew it, the car was parked and I was making my way across the street to see what happened. Dad was there, and he started chatting with the other walker-bys. The car was completely turned over on its side, and the firemen were using ladders to help the women out of the car. She had to climb upwards, just to get out of the passenger's window. I didn't know what to say, i wasn't scared, because I knew that everybody was okay. After struggling, and what I'm sure was much pain for the young woman, having to squeeze herself out of such a small area, she was finally pried out by two red-faced firemen. She was rather slender, and she had dark hair. She looked Indian maybe. I wasn't quite sure. They had carried her to the curb while the car was inspected, or at least what was left of it was. She was shaking, frightened half to death, I'm sure. There were many theories as to what happened, but I wasn't close enough to hear the woman's story as she told it to the police. Other men to Dad's right said that it might have been like she was driving to fast through the intersection, she lost control, and spun so sharp that she toppled onto her side. Dad said that maybe she tried to beat the red light, but she saw another car coming so she swerved to avoid it, and then she made such a sharp turn, that she just fell over. Obviously, some kind of sharp turn must have been involved. Many people were being interviewed, but we left for the police got to the man next to us. I'm glad that nobody was hurt, though. What's the moral to this story, huh? Always wear your seat belt. she could have been seriously hurt if not killed, by the looks of the car and where the driver's side was. Also, don't drive like a maniac! Driving is a privilege, and you shouldn't take advantage of it.
Even though we still went window shopping, nothing else could have topped my day.