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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things Only To Discover...

I have no reason to post something like this, but I was really thinking about it.

Thinking that someone has beautiful eyes, only to discover they are wearing colored contacts.

Seeing your picture in the newspaper, or in print, only to discover that they spelled it wrong.

Turning the channel to your favorite show, only to discover it has ended or it at a commercial.

Putting on all of your clothes, only to discover you have put them on backwards.

Thinking that your act is absolutely wonderful, only to discover everyone else is ten times better.

Thinking you have no homework, only to discover your teacher is going to give it to you at the end of the period.

Studying really hard for a test, only to discover you studied the wrong chapter, or got the test date wrong.

Putting together an excellent outfit, only to discover someone else has the same thing on.

I don't believe that any of these have happened to me(except for the homework one.), but I decided to take the time to think about these.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

Today after school I had to rush over across the school and back to Dad's car once the bell rang. I get out ten after three, having a doctor's appointment basically ten minutes later. Impossible to get through the rush of kids....impossible. But I did it because impossible spells out I "M" POSSIBLE. Cheesy, huh? I got it from an e-mail.
I had the normal weighing, measuring, and body function testing. I had to get three shots, though! THREE! They are the ones that hurt when you get them, a little after, but they really kill ya the next day. I'm up to a lot of fun tomorrow. Wish me luck on my arm pains..(did i mention one on my left, two on my right?)


Saturday night, I went to a dance. When I got back, I was preparing for my half sister, her husband, and her two children to come from Alaska. They were coming down for a wedding happening one week ahead of time, but they were taking a mini vacation prior to it. Sunday I took them out for a walk around the building, (my nieces are both younger than me, and quite a handful) took them to the mall, and shared my room with them. Seven people in an apartment? Two bathrooms? But hey..we made it work. Today I was pretty miserable because they were all going to DisneyLand for the week. I was physically capable of going, but my we would all be missing school or work. It was just not going to work. I am so jealous of them...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interesting New Blog

Ahh...go to the link above. Quite an interesting blog that I discovered through the Blogs of Note. I actually enjoyed. Hope you do, too.

btw, I have no tennis lesson today due to the bad air quality...I'm kind of disappointed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cell Phones

I just read an interesting article about the use of cell phones today on the home page. Please note that I am just using the art of "copy and paste" to post the article here. I have nothign to do with the writing on it. If you wish to day so, go to this web page to confirm:

On Call: Mind Your Cell Phone Manners
Kent German, Senior Editor, CNET Reviews
1 2 Next >
Kent German, CNET's cell phone guru, wants to answer your questions about cell phones, services, and accessories. Send him a question!
Have you ever experienced a cell phone user whom you wanted to pack up and ship to Miss Manners? Or have you ever witnessed a person on a cell phone do something so completely rude that you stop in your tracks? I have, and it continues to intrigue me just how polarizing cell phones can be. Sure, almost everyone has one, but they can drive even their most loyal users crazy.
Though I write about cell phones every day, even I think it makes perfect sense that cell phones are continually cited in studies that say good manners have gone out of the window. You don't need a sociology degree to see just how handsets have changed how we relate to each other; and I'm not talking about their positive effects (though indeed there are some). Rather, I'm talking about how you can put a cell phone in an otherwise courteous person's hand and then watch how that person loses all awareness of the people around him. __________________________________________
More on MSN Tech & Gadgets
Top 10 cell phones
Top 10 cell phone PDAs
Cell phones product center
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Bringing smart phones to the masses
Let me emphasize that I'm no luddite. I think cell phones are great and serve a very useful purpose. But just as people hide behind e-mail to avoid face-to-face communication, it's amazing how some cell phone users think a handset makes them so much more important than everyone else. Here's some extreme behavior I've seen and be sure to share your own experiences and advice, as well.
Be nice to the person behind the counterLast week I was waiting in line to order lunch behind a man blabbing away on his phone. When he got to the counter, he handed the cafe employee a piece of paper with his order and said, "I'm on an important call." So is it just me or is that completely rude? Doesn't the person behind the lunch counter deserve just an ounce of respect? I think so. Next time Mr. Important, hang up or at least put your caller on hold.
Take it outsideI'm also in favor of taking your phone outside, or at least away from the table, when you get a call in a restaurant. No one around you, much less your tablemates, cares to hear what you have to say. That is, unless you're guiding someone to your table in a cavernous eatery. And if it's really important, you could always text. But even that has a limit, as well.
Use your inside voiceI'm always fascinated how people's voices (me included) automatically go up a few decibels when they get on a cell phone. I can understand when you're using your phone in a crowd, near a construction site, or next to your local airport runway, but it happens even in quiet rooms. I just don't get it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Update

Everything is still fairly bad. More fires have started, but I am pretty sure that they might have a few under control. Dad says that there have been over 900 houses and industry building burned to the ground. Amazing, huh? Amazing in a really bad way, of course.

I had a communication class later on tonight, but they canceled it. We weren't allowed to eat lunch outside today. The air quality is still bad, but not as bad as I think it has been.

Thanks for the nice comments everywhere, and it really helped. lighten your day, Amy sent this to me and I thought that it was hilarious.

Restaurant Blunders-
"Open seven days a week. Closed Sundays." -- On the bottom of a pizza parlor's take-out menu.

"Parking for drive-through customers only." -- A sign at a McDonald's in California.

- "Eat Here - Get Gas" -- A sign at a gas station.

- "Is this for here or to go?" -- Asked of a Dairy Queen customer at a drive-through window.

Waitress: "would you like your bread sticks with or without cheese?". Customer: "What's the difference?"

- "How many pieces are in the eight piece chicken meal?"

- "Does your ice cream contain dairy products?" -- A customer at the drive-through of a fast food restaurant.

Did I make you smile? Thanks again Amy!

Monday, October 22, 2007


All surrounding where I live, there are several different fires going on. Most of them in a 20 mile radius.

It all started a couple of days ago or so when the wind was really picking up. The next morning, I woke up to hear the Malibu fire. Throughout the day, more and more fires picked up. The news was blasted the entire time yesterday. The air is awful to breathe, the sun can't be more vibrant, and more people couldn't be threatened.

I woke up this morning to hear that there are still some fires flaming up. I feel so bad for those who have evacuated, considering I already know family who have.

Feel lucky today to live at the place you live in now. might want to start thinking about and emergency pack, if you haven't already! I guess you really have to be prepared. I learned that. I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

After Tennis:

So...I am back from tennis. The first ten minutes, I swear: I didn't hit one ball. I'm pretty sure that Joe and the other side was getting pretty aggravated with me.

I am finally back to live in my own home. Well, not really "my own", considering the fact that my family has to pay to continue our existence here.

When I got home, Mom arrived not too long later. Dad brought out a package for me. It was a belated birthday gift. I was so excited! By the way they addressed me as "Miss", I already knew who it was. (family from out of state). I received a hand made tote bag from my niece, and a dark periwinkle, zip-up jacket. It is wonderful! Fuzzy! And comfortable!

Now that I have told you about my time after tennis, I must part to do hoo hoo. Wow. That was lame. Oh well. Hi friends!


Okay...I'm off to tennis. I don't particularly want to be there, but that's just because I don't want to run, or be there. Yeah... I hate all the others in my class, so that's a big downer. I only like two people. Hopefully the time will go by. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Through My Eyes....Literally.

BTW, thanks for trying, Tal. Grapes are good, you just have to try them out at the store before you buy them, to make sure they aren't sour or anything. But I meant to post for a different reason.

Tonight I finally went to the optometrist. I am so glad to finally be able to see the light above me. I can see it crystal-clear. I have been complaining about my eye sight because I have been having a bit of trouble reading the school boards. I have been bringing my old pair of glasses there, seeing if I wear those and my contacts together if it works alright. I got a new pair of contacts(they work so well!!!!!!), and a new pair of glasses, with a completely different frame. Well, not that different, just different. I'm watching a movie tonight to celebrate. I love being able to see. The only bad news is that my eyes have gotten a lot worse since last year. The doc said that it was HUGE jump, but sometimes that happens to people, and then they start have many smaller jumps. Doesn't sound like much fun. Wish me luck with my new pair.

P.S. I am also eating gum at the moment. But sugar free!!!

Proven Facts About My Dislike of Healthyness

Lately I haven't been eating the right things. About the healthiest thing I have had during my past week would be a few baby carrots, and a mini apple(note the sizes given to food). That was last Friday. This morning I was supposed to pack a few healthy snacks along for my lunch(noodles steamed that morning). What do I pick? Three pieces of licorice(Twizzlers), and a tiny packet of peanut m&ms. My doctor says I am fine. Well, at least the last time I went there he said that.

Other evidence I have good to the sweet side:

-I love tea, but I dump about a gallon of honey into it(exaggeration of course).
-I have pretzels for breakfast, accompanied with powder sugar(I am not normally someone who likes things that are very sweet. For example..I don't like cake or pie very much. So this is kind of weird for me).
-I am eating a Twizzler as a type this.

Is there any type of food that is healthy, and it can be tasty, too?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Monday

I can hardly believe that I put those two words together. Happy, and Monday, don't really happen very often in my world. But I had a fairly good start to the week.

I'd appreciate if you looked at the new item on my "Blog of Importance". Notice Marsupial Man, a.k.a. Paul. Check out another amazing writing edition, along with Tal's Blog. They both do poetry, but let's just say....they rock! Go ahead....check 'em out.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm finally back on!! Yes! I have finally reached Internet access. Here was my weekend: Spending all night with a bunch of my friends in a big center thingy for Friday. Went to a party on Saturday, had a friend over that night, and I'm going to another friend's play later this day. I had an awesome weekend.

By the way....what is wrong with saying oh my? And "What in the world"?. Seriously JJ, why do you seem so upset every time I say that? It bugs me.....
Is it wrong to say this?

Thanks a bunch Tal, it really helped me a lot. I needed edit/delete a couple.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oh My. So Sorry!

Our computer is screwing up AGAIN, and I hardly every get time in this thing. It must hate me. I'm so sorry that I can't post very often. I wish I could. Nothing happened lately, really.

I've been going to school, like normal.

I volunteered at my old elementary school when they had a Music Festival(I needed the hours).

My Auntie fell down a mini ladder, and she is now in a sling. Pray for her please?

My neighbor is sick next door. Allergies. Pray for her, too?

Nothing real exciting happening. I went to a workshop this evening about speaking up about your opinion, and I never met people who seemed so.....opinionated before. I'll let you know more later. Thanks for reading. Better publish this before they go off on me.

Oh yeah! Does anybody know how to take off a post once it is published? Thanks?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Heartbreak Middle School

When since I've been in middle school.....

They've loaded me up with work....

Now all I need is one simple thing.....

To make it all disappear......

I get so stressed. I get so stressed.....I could die....

Or Something Like That

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been quite busy. We had a hilarious guest speaker yesterday, quite enjoyable. Amazing way with teens of our age. It made my day almost comical, I guess. This morning, I had to run a mile for a test. I was timed, and I really didn't want to run it. On the bright side, I beat my record my seven second. Seven seconds is a lot, right? Oh yeah........

I had tennis today, again. I hate this one kid in my class, I swear, he is so annoying..He thinks he is some pro, when he really isn't.....

I found two interesting things today on campus.

1.) I heard my classmates giggling because they knew a girl whose last name was Winklers.

2.) I heard a gang of guy joking about how his girlfriend has a mustache.

Oh..the interesting things I here.

Best news ever! I got Mah-jong back!! Yes....I am so excited. But I haven't had a chance to play it, yet. I have been so preoccupied. There's the little catch up about me.

One more thing, my throat and nose have been feeling much better. See what tea can do for you?

Monday, October 1, 2007


Surprisingly, my Monday wasn't so bad. I enjoyed the actual school day, I took a little break once I got home, and then I still managed to finish my homework without the unruly stress. I had a fairly good start to the week. How did everybody else manage?

Life hasn't changed much since the last time I posted. I am feeling much better, for I have been slurping tea down nonstop. I feel as if it has really helped my soar throat.

Due to a trampoline accident, I injured my arm for about five minutes. But you know what? I am perfectly fine now. I barely even feel it. I am so over it.

I also read a manga book this afternoon. You know....anime type things. I did because of my friend Kira. For as long as I have known her, she has always loved manga. We even went to an Anime Expo Convention once. I decided to give it shot because I should try reading at least one during my lifetime. As you may or may not know, this was authentic manga, which means that the pages were backwards and you read in a certain order, from right to left. (you would have to see one for yourself to understand). I will back off, though. That is totally her thing.

Yes! I finished Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It was so awesome! Now I am currently reading the book The Golden Compass. very popular among the teens. I am quite enjoying, the first sixteen pages have been quite interesting. Anybody know what a daemon is? I would like to know. If you have read it, then you would know what I am talking about.

Hope you all had a great Monday.