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Thursday, October 18, 2007

After Tennis:

So...I am back from tennis. The first ten minutes, I swear: I didn't hit one ball. I'm pretty sure that Joe and the other side was getting pretty aggravated with me.

I am finally back to live in my own home. Well, not really "my own", considering the fact that my family has to pay to continue our existence here.

When I got home, Mom arrived not too long later. Dad brought out a package for me. It was a belated birthday gift. I was so excited! By the way they addressed me as "Miss", I already knew who it was. (family from out of state). I received a hand made tote bag from my niece, and a dark periwinkle, zip-up jacket. It is wonderful! Fuzzy! And comfortable!

Now that I have told you about my time after tennis, I must part to do hoo hoo. Wow. That was lame. Oh well. Hi friends!


Andrew said...

Hey, well at least you tried. I would be to embarrassed to try tennis for making a fool of myself. I still read you every time you update. I admire you for the way you write at your age. You will make a writer yet brown eyes! Take care and keep it up!

Tal said...

'Home' is just a word to describe a family, a realationship, a friendship. It is not the 4 walls the builing itself is made of.