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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things Only To Discover...

I have no reason to post something like this, but I was really thinking about it.

Thinking that someone has beautiful eyes, only to discover they are wearing colored contacts.

Seeing your picture in the newspaper, or in print, only to discover that they spelled it wrong.

Turning the channel to your favorite show, only to discover it has ended or it at a commercial.

Putting on all of your clothes, only to discover you have put them on backwards.

Thinking that your act is absolutely wonderful, only to discover everyone else is ten times better.

Thinking you have no homework, only to discover your teacher is going to give it to you at the end of the period.

Studying really hard for a test, only to discover you studied the wrong chapter, or got the test date wrong.

Putting together an excellent outfit, only to discover someone else has the same thing on.

I don't believe that any of these have happened to me(except for the homework one.), but I decided to take the time to think about these.


Tal said...

Pure poetry.

Tal said...

What song is it? It sounds pretty good.

Tal said...

it might consider some more effort. I'm not sure...
Just kidding :-) I was going to copy+paste anyway....

PS do you have a facebook?