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Cheers to karma for making life a little bit more entertaining.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's Get PUMPED

Oh my goodness. I'm on cloud nine. I'm in love. With LIFE. Today has been such an amazing day, and I have had quite an a reality check with just how precious life is.

Last night at about midnight, a gunshot rang out in the neighborhood. For a solid ten minutes there, I was convinced I was going to die. It sounded so close, I didn't know what to even think. I had never heard one in real life before, but something told me that it wasn't just a firecracker. I was texting Egan at the time, and he had heard it, too, so clearly I wasn't going insane. His mom called and said that the police found it coming from a middle school in our city(the one I attended!), but they wouldn't release the information as to why or who. The thought that someone could have been hurt while I was safe in bed absolutely terrified me. The result? Watching Glee and snuggling with my kitty kitty until three in the morning.

I woke up, alive, and prayed that no one was harmed. I had never been so grateful to be alive. I'm probably exaggerating to no end with this story, but it definitely had an impact on me. It sort of gave me my faith back.

Today, I did something I have never attempted before. I went hiking with my friend, Jennifer, in this winding trail that leads all over the city. Cliffs, caves, uphill, downhill, mountains, rivers, water falls, the whole ball of wax. It was quite and amazing experience. Let me you one thing, though, boy am I going to be SORE. I remember thinking as we were going up a steep trail "ohmygawdohmygawdohmygawd ima die ima die ima die right here". I'm not exactly the most muscular person in the world. I'm pretty slim and I have a healthy body, but I do lack in the strength department.

4.3 miles and 1.5 hours later, we made a breakthrough to the car and hopped in(she can drive! my senior buddy, whom I love ever so much!!) to Menchies, a frozen yogurt shop. Ahh, never has fro-yo tasted so epicly delectable.

And I don't even get much time to rest, either :P Intense ballet class in an hour, then off to a benefit concert for my friend who just had brain surgery for tumor removal. And then tomorrow? Yoga class with Casey and then more hiking, even though it'll be a heck of a lot easier. But you know, I'll be sore. So what's my overall message to this summer? LET'S GET PUMPED. I'm ready for my Cali girl beach body ;)

P.S. I'll get hiking pictures up when I get the chance. I'm lazy right now.
P.P.S. My mom won the ebay bidding for a new blue palm centro. Woohoo! Hopefully she won't break this one :/
P.P.P.S. My blog page has an awkward shading look to it on the body-why is this!??!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day at the Mall

I pretty much spent all of today at the mall. The first half was with my friend, Casey, where she shopped until we dropped and settled for sugar and cinnamon wetzel pretzel bits. I bought seven shirts all for about $52.00. Think that through, not really a bad deal at all.

Then mom took me back so she could go to Best Buy: Mobile in search of a new phone, while all the Twitards went around decked out in Eclipse clothing. Jealousy. Not really. But I wish I made plans to see the premiere tonight. Oh well. Things happen. I'll be seeing it anyway. Eventually. Perhaps it's just karma for subtly bragging about how everyone would be inviting me, and I'd be presented with a flurry of decisions on who to go with.

Good news: my closet is still clean and organized.
Bad news: I'm at home and not at the movie theater in line for the third in the Twilight Saga.
More bad news: I bought a clearanced hand warmer at Urban Outfitters today. It's adorable with a red mitten knitted mitten and a white heart stitched on. You put this pouch of red gel inside and it apparently warms up your hand due to a "chemical reaction of the crystals". By the way, you are supposed to snap this metal disk on the inside of the pouch back and forth several times to trigger the chemical reaction. It still isn't working. Am I doing it wrong? Or is that the result of buying things for sale? If I'm doing it wrong, then the directions weren't straight forward enough for everyone to understand.

Yesterday I tried an ice facial and then an egg mask because I saw it on youtube by Michelle Phan. Look her up. She's awesome. The ice facial was nice and refreshing. But the egg mask, not so much. I woke up with three pimples. Gross. No more of that.

Now I think I'll go to bed semi early and just contemplate. And text. And surf the internet or youtube. Or tend to my followers on Godfinger. a.k.a. the most genius itouch/iphone/ipad game EVER.

Adios, my dear friends.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Closet Cleaning

Morning and jolly start to the week, folks. I'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed because of how clean my room is! After all, a clean room is a happy room. Special thanks to myself for staying up late last night for some heavy duty closet cleaning. Let's review that..

Oh and yes, this is what I did with my art posters from Chinatown. Just throwing that in there.
Initial pile. Result of dumping out every article of clothing from my closet onto my bedroom floor.
Well, there's my empty closet. Empty of clothes, that is.
First pile on my bed after sorting my pants and bottoms.
Piles are growing.
The floor pile is getting smaller, believe it or not :P
Well, I found my old pop pop from when I took cheerleading as a little girl.
And the pile gets bigger as I add more skirts.
And there is the pile of sweaters, not sorted whatsoever...yet.
And check out that lovely sorting. I got lazy when I hit the shirts, so I just threw them on the right side of the bed.
And that's my closet shelf after putting all pants and bottoms.
The hangers before sorting them. Special appearance: cute leopard print bag given to my by Alexandra for my 14th birthday.
Top closet shelf after putting in all my sweaters according to hood, no hood, zipper, button, and all that jazz.

Yes, I sorted my hangers. Plastic vs. metal. Colors. Size.
My dressies!
Heavier jackets, and my only vest.

Of course, dear Henry loves making my work more difficult. And here is the final product! :D

So yes. I can't believe I spent so much time on a blog post that probably no one will read and/or comment. What a shame :/

And sidenote: There were tons more pictures, but uploading is a pain, so I cut down the majority of it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is officialy my 600th post. Never thought I'd get there. Honestly, I never gave it much though except for that one time a day or two ago when I realized I was almost at my 6ooth post. So there you go...

On another note, still no comments. See what dreams do to you? In the Sunday comics this morning, I read that the key to happiness is to have little to no expectations. Opinions, anybody? I'm thinking this might be true, to a certain degree.

My teeth still hurt. Eating is a challenging task. All I want to do is pull them out.

I saw Toy Story 3 today with Holly, Julie, and Alex. That was enjoyable. 3-D is always impressive, except for in Shrek 4. But you know, can't win them all.

Tomorrow might be boring. Guitar lessons are still in questions. My fingers are blistered and sore from the few hours of practicing I accomplished last night. First thing I did this morning after being woken up by a pointless call was review what I memorized of Dust in the Wind. I was working until 3:00 AM. Dedicated much?

Tuesday will be mall day with Casey. Summer clothing shopping! Finally!
Wednesday will be free, unless Jennifer and I decide on something, until I go to ballet and then directly to Tori's Benefit Concert! Must remember to charge my camera. Thursday is yoga day and hike/picnic/playground day with Casey. Wow, I spend a lot of time with her. Speaking of which, I ran into her today while she was working a volunteer shift at the library. She's awesome. Friday is Lena's sweet sixteen birthday party! Woohoo!! I'm going to share what I got for her birthday because I'm pretty sure she won't see this page for then. At Paperworks at the mall, there was this epic notepad that came with 3-D glasses. Anybody guess where this is going?! WELL, whatever you draw on the special paper appears three-dimensional when wearing the glasses. How stellar is that?! I know, lucky find, eh? Then there's the weekend. Then the week after that. I should have a sleepover with Maddie, considering I bailed on her for Friday evening. Also, I'm bailing on Sophia for our golfing date out on the green early tomorrow morning because she hasn't come in contact with me, nor have we made any arrangements to be set in stone. So technically, not my fault.

It's almost ten and my teeth are begging to be groomed(brushed), so I'm off, but expect more from me tomorrow.

Who am I always talking to in these posts? Surely it couldn't be my nonexistent readers, could it? Or is it my future self? Or is it the me who is sitting at the computer secretly narrating this post as I type? Well, whoever it is, I hope you appreciate the time taken to write this lengthy blog post.

Au revoir(special thanks to Alexandra for signing my yearbook with this, so now I know how to spell it)!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yes finally!! I remember what I meant to blog about two posts ago.
I meant to say that in my dream, I checked my blog and there were four comments!!

Needless to say, I was wicked excited. Unfortunately, I woke up and realized that four comments was four more than I'll ever receive.
But yes. I guess I'm over it, but I just had to post that.

By the way, I am that poor cactus in the middle of the post.

China Town

a) I still can't remember what I meant to talk about concerning my dreams(see previous post).

b) here are some photos from China Town.
Also, because of the funky order of the uploading and whatnot, the pictures are in reverse order of when I took them. Just a side note.
Wall scroll. Cute fishies!
Second wall scroll. So pretty :)
Massager. My mother argues for this more than I did.
My Buddhas! They were nicely packaged "safely" in bubble wrap. This is what they should look like. However, in reality...
The hand popped off when I unwrapped them. I just posed it for the picture. Super glue time :/

Oh my goodness, pocky time...YES!! Chocolate and strawberry. Asian markets are the bomb.
proof: China Town.
My one goal was to see these lanterns that I always picture in my head when I hear of China Town.
I really like those lanterns.
More lanterns. Can't get enough of them.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday! <3


They only lead to you waking up, to feeling disappoint settle in.

My teeth were giving me a nonstop, pounding pain almost all night long, and I found myself still awake past three in the morning. I turned to Chang Pablo(my ipod touch) as a distraction, where I downloaded over twenty episodes of the best podcast known to mankind, specifically Gleeks, called


About forty minutes of three hosts sharing their opinions about everything glee for each episode. The actors, the music selections, the subtle jokes that not everyone will hear the first time around. "Hi, I'm Kurt Hummel, and I'll be auditioning for the role of kicker". <3>

Anywho, this isn't about Gleeful, this about dreams. Uh oh flip. What just happened. I completely forgot what I was supposed to be blogging about. Just great. JUST GREAT. I refuse to let this post go to waste. And great, even more beautiful, mom just called me in for breakfast. Fine, off I go. I'll post again later if I remember. I hope you're happy, Gleeful, for dazzling me with your magical powers and rendering me with severe memory loss.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Early Evening Walk

My mom and I took a walk around the botanical garden with my friend Casey and her mom. We broke in through a gate that was locked but had a wide enough space for us to squeeze through. Hehe rebels we are. Anywho, here are some pictures from our grand endeavor!


Ugh :/ The orthodontist. They added three brackets, tightened the wires, and adjusted the chain. Ouchness. That's alright, though. I am precariously(is this a word?) munching on a burrito...with a fork. But you know, I deal. :)
On the upside, I got patriotic colors for the upcoming fourth of July :D
But then again, I just can't wait until my pearly whites shall be unveiled and a beautiful smile is in their place! And hopefully that'll be before high school graduation :/


As I was lying(laying? it's lying right, I'm pretty sure I listened to a Grammer Girl podcast on this very subject) in bed patiently impatiently waiting for sleep to steal me away, trillions(exaggeration time) of thoughts bombarded my mind. One of them being, what's going to happen years from now when I'm say twenty six with a loving husband and one baby girl, perhaps two, and I can't remember a single memory from my teen years? Now that'll just be horrifying. So, to prevent any such predicament, I am recording my daily activities in several different sources. That way, there's bound to be some history left behind for when I reach my golden ages. How much fun will that be to relax in my future bed in my future house while my future husband is gardening(muahaha) and my future children are afternoon napping, while I am reading my blogs and journal entries from the previous decade! Ahh, unedited and exactly the way I had originally noted them down. Because I want my future self to be able to have a clear and accurate grasp of who exactly I was at age fourteen, soon to be fifteen, I have left even the most private, juiciest, depressing confessions somewhere in my journal, my blote nog on my ipod touch memo options, or on this page. I'm not cheating myself out of an opportunity to understand who I was, rather than who I wish I could be.

Due to the recent depressing and downer-of-a-post season I recently underwent, I have changed the settings so only one or two days/posts will be on the home page. My hope is that readers(if only I had some...) would be too lazy to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "older posts". Just because I mentioned that, they're probably all going to do so. Whatever, can't erase the past, can I? Technically I can just delete those posts, but if I even considered that, I'd have to redirect myself to the paragraph above where I stated exactly why I don't want to do that.

Wow, I'm so sorry for this incredibly disheveled post. It's absurd and repulsive, am I wrong? The lack of a system here. But then again, this is who I am and I'm not editing one word of this for the sakes of whateverness. Now, I've just gotten lazy.

So, if any loner just so happens to pass by my blog on any random day and happens to read this on any random day, maybe a Tuesday(?sometimes i make no sense), would they give me an opinion on whether I should start a new blog page for venting or for other subjects to discuss on my blog? Or will that just get too tedious, even though my goal is to be organized. HA. Look at me now. Real organized, eh? Whatever, just whatever. You know. I'll start one and if I don't like, I'll just stop posting on it. Also,this blog is close to 600 posts! Yes, the excitement is unbearable. As is the disorganization. Ugh, as you can probably tell, I am conflicted in more ways than one. Anywho, I'm off to practice decision making.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Self Discipline

Jesus Christ, I really need some. How am I supposed to get anywhere in life if I can't even consistently maintain a blogger page?! I disgust myself. But whatever, moving on.

Today wasn't bad, in retrospect. I saw Toy Story 3 with E today. In 3-D, too. Triple dimensions amuses me to no end. To anyone who has already seen, the three peas in a pod were killer adorable.

Other than that it was a pretty chill day. I have a great idea- how about I make an attempt to find friends on blogger and then get back all my viewers, yes?? Yes! Off I go. Please don't scoff at my patheticism. <--- not a word, I'm almost positive, and yet too lazy to double check. There's that lack of SELF-DISCIPLINE knocking on my door again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I feel utterly disappointed. Nothing a good night's sleep won't fix. Good night moon and sweet dreams.


Fresh Slate

I'm starting over. Lately, I've had nothing but negative words to offer. However, it is now summer time and I am putting the past behind me now. Moving on. I guess that also means I will have to take off my privacy options and make this blog public all over the internet again. The only reason I had it restricted in the first place was so that I could release some of my tensions without being judged.

I'll have to give this page an entirely new look because I can't help but remember the times before that had me feeling down for so long. But like I said, I'm starting over with a FRESH SLATE.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

I love how it's the longest day of the entire year, and I spend eleven hours of it sleeping :/


Thursday, June 17, 2010

So it's been a while. At least a month, I suppose. Technically I could check, but my laptop internet is down. I'm blogging via mobile text messaging.
What's been up with me these past few weeks? Well, the number of days leading up to summer vacay dwindled, and yet the homework/project/stress load continued to pile up before my eyes. I balanced my busy schedule and attempted to cling to my sanity.
Yearbooks came out and were very successful in my opinion :) made me rethink quitting. Finals went well, finished with all As, aside from fricken geometry, I got an A- stupid asian fail...
Now that it's summer, I finally have the chance to relax and gain back my senses. I'm learning the guitar, which is going great so far, and I'm starting a yoga and ballet class next week. In between seeing a bunch of friends, of course.
One week into summer, and so far so good.
Hopefully I'll be back within the next month