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Thursday, June 17, 2010

So it's been a while. At least a month, I suppose. Technically I could check, but my laptop internet is down. I'm blogging via mobile text messaging.
What's been up with me these past few weeks? Well, the number of days leading up to summer vacay dwindled, and yet the homework/project/stress load continued to pile up before my eyes. I balanced my busy schedule and attempted to cling to my sanity.
Yearbooks came out and were very successful in my opinion :) made me rethink quitting. Finals went well, finished with all As, aside from fricken geometry, I got an A- stupid asian fail...
Now that it's summer, I finally have the chance to relax and gain back my senses. I'm learning the guitar, which is going great so far, and I'm starting a yoga and ballet class next week. In between seeing a bunch of friends, of course.
One week into summer, and so far so good.
Hopefully I'll be back within the next month

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