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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day at the Mall

I pretty much spent all of today at the mall. The first half was with my friend, Casey, where she shopped until we dropped and settled for sugar and cinnamon wetzel pretzel bits. I bought seven shirts all for about $52.00. Think that through, not really a bad deal at all.

Then mom took me back so she could go to Best Buy: Mobile in search of a new phone, while all the Twitards went around decked out in Eclipse clothing. Jealousy. Not really. But I wish I made plans to see the premiere tonight. Oh well. Things happen. I'll be seeing it anyway. Eventually. Perhaps it's just karma for subtly bragging about how everyone would be inviting me, and I'd be presented with a flurry of decisions on who to go with.

Good news: my closet is still clean and organized.
Bad news: I'm at home and not at the movie theater in line for the third in the Twilight Saga.
More bad news: I bought a clearanced hand warmer at Urban Outfitters today. It's adorable with a red mitten knitted mitten and a white heart stitched on. You put this pouch of red gel inside and it apparently warms up your hand due to a "chemical reaction of the crystals". By the way, you are supposed to snap this metal disk on the inside of the pouch back and forth several times to trigger the chemical reaction. It still isn't working. Am I doing it wrong? Or is that the result of buying things for sale? If I'm doing it wrong, then the directions weren't straight forward enough for everyone to understand.

Yesterday I tried an ice facial and then an egg mask because I saw it on youtube by Michelle Phan. Look her up. She's awesome. The ice facial was nice and refreshing. But the egg mask, not so much. I woke up with three pimples. Gross. No more of that.

Now I think I'll go to bed semi early and just contemplate. And text. And surf the internet or youtube. Or tend to my followers on Godfinger. a.k.a. the most genius itouch/iphone/ipad game EVER.

Adios, my dear friends.

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