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Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is officialy my 600th post. Never thought I'd get there. Honestly, I never gave it much though except for that one time a day or two ago when I realized I was almost at my 6ooth post. So there you go...

On another note, still no comments. See what dreams do to you? In the Sunday comics this morning, I read that the key to happiness is to have little to no expectations. Opinions, anybody? I'm thinking this might be true, to a certain degree.

My teeth still hurt. Eating is a challenging task. All I want to do is pull them out.

I saw Toy Story 3 today with Holly, Julie, and Alex. That was enjoyable. 3-D is always impressive, except for in Shrek 4. But you know, can't win them all.

Tomorrow might be boring. Guitar lessons are still in questions. My fingers are blistered and sore from the few hours of practicing I accomplished last night. First thing I did this morning after being woken up by a pointless call was review what I memorized of Dust in the Wind. I was working until 3:00 AM. Dedicated much?

Tuesday will be mall day with Casey. Summer clothing shopping! Finally!
Wednesday will be free, unless Jennifer and I decide on something, until I go to ballet and then directly to Tori's Benefit Concert! Must remember to charge my camera. Thursday is yoga day and hike/picnic/playground day with Casey. Wow, I spend a lot of time with her. Speaking of which, I ran into her today while she was working a volunteer shift at the library. She's awesome. Friday is Lena's sweet sixteen birthday party! Woohoo!! I'm going to share what I got for her birthday because I'm pretty sure she won't see this page for then. At Paperworks at the mall, there was this epic notepad that came with 3-D glasses. Anybody guess where this is going?! WELL, whatever you draw on the special paper appears three-dimensional when wearing the glasses. How stellar is that?! I know, lucky find, eh? Then there's the weekend. Then the week after that. I should have a sleepover with Maddie, considering I bailed on her for Friday evening. Also, I'm bailing on Sophia for our golfing date out on the green early tomorrow morning because she hasn't come in contact with me, nor have we made any arrangements to be set in stone. So technically, not my fault.

It's almost ten and my teeth are begging to be groomed(brushed), so I'm off, but expect more from me tomorrow.

Who am I always talking to in these posts? Surely it couldn't be my nonexistent readers, could it? Or is it my future self? Or is it the me who is sitting at the computer secretly narrating this post as I type? Well, whoever it is, I hope you appreciate the time taken to write this lengthy blog post.

Au revoir(special thanks to Alexandra for signing my yearbook with this, so now I know how to spell it)!!

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