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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Woot! Happy Hump Day!


Have A Great Evening.

Ellie :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yay! Birdie! Yay!

Last night, our cockatiel was acting odd, unusual, not to mention funky. Just... no himself. We began to think something might be seriously wrong. We never took to much attention of it, but simply let him do his little thing. But it kind of felt like he was sad about something. Kind of mopey?

And then, today....

We had an earthquake!!!

Not good. I did not even feel it, but my cell phone got disconnected(Mom couldn't get a hold of me and FREAKED out), t.v. got one of those flash warning, and it was on every news channel and radio station and internet homepage! But, I still did not feel it. So, no one near my town was harmed.. that I know of.

Was this a coincidence? Or was my birdie speaking to me!?!?! Because, now... he is back to NORMAL!

I think I am just a bit paranoid about things of that sort, but I just like to believe that maybe he was trying to signal off something.

Good evening.

Ellie :)

Monday, July 28, 2008


Okay. To put things really bluntly, I am AGAINST myspace!! Anyone else out there with me?!?!
I know so many people with a myspace account. The majority of my friends have one! But does that mean I stop liking them as a person? No! I would say that one rule about not hating the player but hating the game does indeed apply very nicely here. That basically translates into hating myspace and not your friends.

Hey! I have no issue with you if you have a myspace. If you have an account, than you have an account. I will respect you for who you here, despite the fact you have a myspace.

Some people snap back at me saying things like, "But you have a blog that anyone can see!! On myspace, you can choose to have a private profile." So? I can choose to modify who views my blog, too!! And on myspace, most people share pictures of themselves and pretty much every little bit of information! They think that only those who know them can get a hold of it. Ever heard of hackers? And people have connections and resources. Someone who is your myspace friend can show off your profile to someone who you would prefer not see your myspace!

I admit I have been tempted a couple of times to get a myspace, but I have remained strong! Never will you see me signing up for a lousy myspace account(let the record show that I still have nothing against a person who does have a myspace. Hopefully, that will never change, too) in order to fit in!!

"And lead me not to temptation!!"

"I will survive!!"

"Just say no!"

"Live above the influence!"

Think about it..

How many times have you heard on the news about different abductions and "female violations" and suicides, and all that sort of thing? A lot, right? Chances are, it is most likely linked to myspace over blogger! When was the last time you saw a flash report on someone being kidnapped through blogger!!!!?????!?!?!?

I am not saying that it can't possibly happen, I am just trying to make a point that I feel much safer on blogger.


Have a great day :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am so excited! I got tagged for the very first time by Amy( I have never been tagged before! After a year and one month of blogging, it has finally been done! And I am so grateful. If you aren't already reading her blog, do it! Now! After reading this post!

Here are the special-de-decial-di rules!!!

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write 6 random things about yourself.

4. Tag six people at the end of the post and link to them(can someone explain to me how you do that thing where you just click on their name and then it takes you to their link? You would think that i know. But I don't.)

5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

6. Let the tagger know when your post is up.

Okay. Please please participate if I have tagged you!!! Even if you do not normally do this!!

Here are some weird, random things about myself.

1. I don't know if any of my friends have noticed this, but I really like to scratch my head when I am listening to someone, lost in a daydream, or just plain bored. I remember a few times where I was just scratching my scalp with my nails so hard that I started bleeding!! I know this is really gross, but I had bloody fingertips!!!!

2. I like to pick up things with my feet and toes... if I can. Maybe a pencil, napkin, piece of trash, dirty clothes, or whatever. If I am too tired(or lazy) to bend down, I just use my feet as if they were hands.

3. I cannot say the word, "pumpernickel" without wanting to crack up! I don't know why! I have just thought that it was a pretty funny word! You try it!! pumpernickel. PumPerNickEl. PUMPERNICKEL! No matter how I type it, it is still funny!!!

4. I occasionally feel bad about clicking on the mouse because I have this weird thought that I might hurt the button on the computer screen. I have just recently starting thinking about this. As weird as this is, I still feel this way!

5. I love that feeling when you take your hand and press it against your body, and it is all warm and soothing! Just rest your hand on your leg or stomach! Warm and sizzly, right!?!?? I LOVE that!!

6. When I am in a public bathroom, I cannot breathe through my nose. I try to cup my hands on my face as if my nose were cold, and then I breathe slowly through my mouth. In. Out. Inhale. Exhale. Phew. Only if it is "icky". If it is fairly clean, I normally just try to ignore it. But most public bathrooms are not "luxurious".

Ha! Here are my tagged people!!
1. Tal!!!

2. 87291472-Sharky!!!
3. Nick fey!!

4. Kori!!

5. Brett!!!

6. Julie!!!

Just have fun!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Wednesday :)

As you all know(or at least SHOULD know), today is Hump Day.

So... Happy Hump Day!

But, I come to you with another topic I must discuss:

the dentist!!!!
(duhn.. duhn... duhn...)

I hope you got the point that I was trying to make a dramatic effect there. :P

A filling fell out of the back of my mouth maybe two or three weeks ago. I have heard that this normally hurts and causes you much pain, but I have felt absolutely nothing. Really. I didn't even notice as it came out. I was talking and something sort of floated out to my lip. But enough grossing you out.

Hopefully the dentist will know exactly what to do without making such a big deal about it. I am also going just because I need a regular cleaning.

I do no trust me dentist.

I apologize for putting that so bluntly, but I really don't. Sharp object in my mouth? No!! Poked and prodded by some stranger? No!! I do not like this. I try to put on my "happy face" and smile a lot, but on the inside I am ready at any moment to attack and run.

My dad was watching this show where a dentist was working with an half-conscience woman. I cannot remember what was going on, but he was just drilling and everything even though she was just barely asleep. Then, he started holding and fondling her!! For no apparent reason! What a violation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((( He was caught on camera(hoorah!!!).

I'm not saying that I believe all dentists are mean. I even know a friend whose father is a dentist , and he is a good person. All I am saying is to just be careful. Out there. In that big world. That we call home.

Have a good morning, great noon, fabulous afternoon, marvelous evening, and an ever so delightful night! Then, when you wake up, do it all over again!

Monday, July 21, 2008


So, we have been down to one laptop in the house. The one conveniently placed in my room. I must let my mom pay the bills. Let my dad check his sports and work on his cross word puzzles. Try and squeeze time for myself on there every once in a while.

We checked out 3 places yesterday, but no luck. What is that saying? Close, but no cigar? Well, it is something like that. Whatever it means....

We had e-machines, but we are going to switch over to something else. Not too expensive(like Mac, although I'd love one). Something that isn't complicated, but is durable and will last a long time. Maybe Compact or Dell. Anybody heard anything good?

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well, it finally happened. Our main computer crashed. The computer with EVERYTHING on it. Our bank accounts, bills, family photos, and EVERYTHING. We knew it was coming, but we didn't know so soon. Unfortunately, nothing was saved on a back-up disk. So.. we pretty much lost everything. No we all have to share on laptop in my room. I have to extra careful now not to mess things up since it WAS my own personal computer. Oh, well. I guess we have to learn to give up and sacrifice for others. Anyone out there have any comforting words to say?

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Phone

I got a new cell phone on Wednesday. Hooray! Yahoo!

Have a great Friday and an ever GREATER weekend!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Hi everybody! Have a happy Tuesday!! Enjoy some of these random and hilarious quotes! Why do I love quotes? Because once you said them, you can't take them back!

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."
- Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign.

"It is wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago"
- Dan Quayle, former U.S. Vice-President

"I can't really remember the names of the clubs that we went to."
- Shaquille O'Neal, basketball player, on whether he had visited the Parthenon during his visit to Greece

Now, here is a brain teaser to exercise your mind! DO NOT SCROLL DOWN FOR THE ANSWER UNTIL YOU AT LEAST HAVE A GUESS!

Little Johnny buys 10 trees at a local nursery. How does he plant these 10 trees in 5 rows with 4 in each row?




you better have a guess!!!


. Answer
Draw a 5 pointed star. Plant one tree at each point and one tree where the sides intersect.

Did this STUMP you?? Ha, stump.... Ha.

Anyways, I did not really get it, but maybe I am being oblivious to an obvious answer. If anyone fully understands this, please attempt to explain it to me. :)

All of these fun facts and the brain teaser came from

Friday, July 11, 2008

Quirky Quirks

I got the idea to post about my personal quirks from Denise(check her out under my blog list). I hope she doesn't think I am copying her!

Anyway, here are a few things that are part of who I am.

- When people crack their knuckles in that way where they have to pull their fingers away from their hand. I used to crack my own knuckles, but in the way that you bend you finger and push down. I have sort of outgrown that habit, though.

-When nails scratch against a flat surface. Especially a chalk board! I get these shivers that pulse their way through me. I additionally hate it against a wall, cardboard, or Styrofoam. Probably other things, too, but I cannot think of anything else.

-When I am swimming, at the beach, in the shower, or doing any other activity that involves my face getting all wet, I sometimes rub my face all over for some reason. It looks a bit like a hamster rubbing its face. I used to do it all the time, but not as often anymore.

-When putting any chapstick/lipgloss on my lips, I start with the lower lip(left to right), then the left half of the upper lip, then the right half.

-When I am sleeping at night, I like to have one hand underneath the bottom of my pillow. I don't normally rest my head all the way in the pillow, either. Just at the base.

-I cannot stand putting my hair in one large braid. I cannot stand looking at anyone else putting their hair in one long braid.

-When girls wear bright eye shadow or eye liner that extends way past their eye, it appears to be most ridiculous. It makes them look quite like a raccoon!

-I do not like falling asleep directly facing either the window, the door, or the t.v.

-No matter how hot the weather it, I cannot fall asleep without covers basically covering my whole body. I just feel safe, I guess. I cannot really explain why.

-When people chew ice. Gosh! I HATE that. Please, if you are an ice chewer, don't do it in front of me!! Ditto on popsicles. And lollipops.

These were some little factoids about me that you might or might not have known about me before!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hump Day!

Yay! Hooray! Today is Hump Day!!!!

I like to celebrate Hump Day every Wednesday. If I do not mention something on my blog, you can count on me doing some little party/fiesta in my head!

But, you might be new here! You might now know what Hump Day! Well, it is my job to spread the knowledge of it.

The week is like a hump! Sunday is at the bottom of one side, and Monday and Tuesday travel up the hump until Wednesday. Wednesday is at the top of the HUMP and in the middle of the day. Then you travel down the other side with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get it?

If not, try to picture it in your head!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Chuck Norris Jokes

I was totally clueless about Chuck Norris and all of his little jokes, until my friend Holly told me what they really were. So, she sent some to me and I looked some up myself, and I thought some of them were funny. So please enjoy the following Chuck Norris jokes. :)

-When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

-Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors.

-Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

-Chuck Norris CAN believe it's not butter

-When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down.

-Chuck Norris' calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd; no one fools Chuck Norris.

-Chuck Norris once won a game of Connect Four in 3 moves.

-Chuck Norris can delete the Recycling Bin.

-Chuck Norris sleeps with a night light. Not because Chuck Norris is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris

-When Chuck Norris enters a room, he doesn't turn the lights on, he turns the dark off.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July!!!

Yay!! Go Independence Day! Hoorah for freedom!! I love America!!

I was totally American today:

Braids with red and white star hair clips with matching pig-tails, red, white; red, white and blue droop earrings; red star tank top under a white flag tank top; plaid mini skirt of all colors; and brown sandals on my feet. I also has blue eyeshadow on(not too bright, just a tint to avoid that whole raccoon look) and a blue American Brand jacket for during the fireworks when it got all chilly.

I so enjoyed today! I love the fourth of July! I hope you just as awesome of a day as I had!!

I love fireworks! This day is just so jolly to me! Those minutes of fireworks went by way too fast. And there was a fire on the hill that it was on! We were all cheering when the firetruck got to the top. It was amazing being around so many people celebrating the day of our freedom. We went to this big structure thing where people can come and sit and relax and watch the fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July!


As you can tell, I really like this day. I am so hyper I will never fall asleep!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Addiction

I am addicted to gum.

I just cannot seem to get enough of it! I hate going an entire day without gum. Only sugar free, of course. Not only is is healthier for you than those containing sugar, but the flavors last longer! Yes, they do!

I particularly enjoy Trident, Stride, and Orbit. Orbit probably being my favorite. My top flavor I am ALWAYS up for is spearmint. Original, anything berry and/or tropical.

I have never swallowed a piece of gum in my entire life. I am disgusted by it. I have heard that it slides down your throat easily, but the though of it makes me all shaky and uncomfortable. I hope to never run into a situation where I am either forced to swallow my gum, or it just happens accidentally.

I love gum!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scary Messages

I don't know if you ever go on to youtube and see these really scary messages. They are sometimes like,

"Pass this onto [insert number here] other people or else some [insert monster name here] will find you in your sleep."

You know what I'm talking about?

Youtube isn't the only easily accessible place to find these freaky threats. You can find them on your e-mails and cell phones on a text. Perhaps even other places that I don't know about yet.

I HATE these messages. They frighten me, and I am always careful not to read the entire thing before I get lured into their trap. Before I am forced to pass it on.

I am here to warn all of you not pass these on for the sake of mankind!!!!!!!

Maybe it is not that urgent, but it is one of those situations that are dismissed because there are larger issues in the world like world war vs. world peace. I do not like ignoring these little issues that still effect me all the time.

Any time you catch onto one of these messages, delete them, if possible. Treat them like dirty, yucky, spam(of course the computer bug, not the delicious meat).

Don't go looking for them, though! Avoid them all together. Just be careful if you happen to come across one.

The often start with :

-Once you get into this, you can't get out.

-Please read this entire thing through.

-Don't delete this!

-This is a story of a girl named Annabelle(or some other name).

Take caution in putting a stop to this horrible messages!!!

Whose with me!?!??

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kid Things That Never Get Old

There are many kid things that just never get old. You know?

Playgrounds, puppies, Disneyland, and stuff like that.

I still like Winnie the Pooh and I am not some toddler who takes three naps every day!

My mom has a friend who is over seventy, and she is IN LOVE with Mickey Mouse.

I remember seeing this on another blog, but I feel it needs to be repeated. Maybe not exact words, but the idea is the same.

"It would be nice if people grew old, but not grew up. "

But what does this mean?

Age is just a number, but it should not too deeply affect the fact that people like what people like!

"Baby" characters and "baby" places and "baby" things are not limited to those under ten!

Be proud to love what you love!!