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Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Addiction

I am addicted to gum.

I just cannot seem to get enough of it! I hate going an entire day without gum. Only sugar free, of course. Not only is is healthier for you than those containing sugar, but the flavors last longer! Yes, they do!

I particularly enjoy Trident, Stride, and Orbit. Orbit probably being my favorite. My top flavor I am ALWAYS up for is spearmint. Original, anything berry and/or tropical.

I have never swallowed a piece of gum in my entire life. I am disgusted by it. I have heard that it slides down your throat easily, but the though of it makes me all shaky and uncomfortable. I hope to never run into a situation where I am either forced to swallow my gum, or it just happens accidentally.

I love gum!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Gum is very yummy. My favorite is Juicy Fruit(even thoough it has sugar!).

Athena said...

Hey there!
I don't know if you knew this but most sugar free gum has aspartame in it and there are suspicions that it causes cancer. I of course don't care and eat all the gum I want!
I like a gum called Xylichew!! It's supert yummy!