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Monday, July 21, 2008


So, we have been down to one laptop in the house. The one conveniently placed in my room. I must let my mom pay the bills. Let my dad check his sports and work on his cross word puzzles. Try and squeeze time for myself on there every once in a while.

We checked out 3 places yesterday, but no luck. What is that saying? Close, but no cigar? Well, it is something like that. Whatever it means....

We had e-machines, but we are going to switch over to something else. Not too expensive(like Mac, although I'd love one). Something that isn't complicated, but is durable and will last a long time. Maybe Compact or Dell. Anybody heard anything good?


Denise said...

I sure wish I could offer you some help but I know nothing about computers. Hope you guys find something soon.

Amy said...

I have zero computer knowledge....but I will say this, "I love your layout! I love the beach, and this makes me want to be there.......if it weren't for all of this bed rest!":)

87291472-Sharky said...

Hmm. Wanted to come back and say I love the little dancing milk carton and the sea/beach layout. Makes me laugh and feel better at the same time ;>