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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Special Thanks! :-D

Thank you so much for the nice comments! I was impressed by how much people cared!!!!
While I'm at it, I would like to thank everyone for being such great blog pals/companions/people/buddies/chickies/dudes/etc.

I really don't know what to call you!

Anyways, thanks again for visiting and leaving comments!

Everyone out there is great!

Smiles and hugs and cheers for years and years to come on this earth!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Today is my grandfather's death anniversary.
He was murdered where my mother at four years old discovered him.
He was only 26 or 27 years old.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love cheese cake. It is so good and tasty and cheesie and well, cakie.
I'm eating cheese cake right now to help get myself into "homework mode". I doubt that will ever kick in, though. Apparently, if you have some snack to chew(healthy, duh...) it helps you focus easily. You know.... you need to eat breakfast to stay concentrated? Yeah, that's where that came from.
I read that popcorn is good to eat while working. Popcorn... yum. But I'm not hungry. Now now anyways(I just had cheesecake, remember?).
I am craving cheesecake. My dream right now . . . is to have this humongous slice of fluffy cheesecake swirled with brilliant red strawberry flavoring, topped with flawless kisses of extra dark chocolate. Mmmmmm......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


School was pretty good. I'm happy with how it turned out. But.... my lock got stuck, and I couldn't get the key out, so some random kid standing near helped me out(embaressing... especially since I'm not new to any of this....I think it was just bad luck...).

Braces probably by the end of September!!!! Expanders... rubber bands.... and I forget what else. I have "small teeth" for a "big mouth". Kind, huh?

Check out my views up above! Not bad for someone who only got that in not too long ago. I should have put the date in.

Blogging has been easily accessible due to lack of challenging assignments. This might not happen to often. But then, it was the first day.

Changing the subject:

My neighbor is some young guy(hmm.. early 20's maybe?) who plays guitar and sings. He is awesome! I love the sound of guitar with pure voice, and I wish he would show the world his talent! He was singing Ticket to Ride(Beatles. Also, I hope I got the title right. Some how it just looks wrong to me). I wish I could tell him how marvelous he is, but I'm afraid he might me offended that I was listening to him. I guess some people make music for just themselves.

I love music. Who doesn't, right?

In fact......


Got to go... organizing time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow.. okay.

I attempted the whole "three column" thing with my blog: yuck happened. Luckily, I saved everything, so i didn't have to start over(that would have hurt). I'll try again some other time, but for now, I think I'll stick with what I have.

Tomorrow is the big-o day. The start of school. I might not be posting as much, what with assignments and everything. I'll try to take a few minutes everyday to update you, though. Definitely when braces come. :D

Wish me luck and everything.... :D

Monday, August 25, 2008


I am sad.

The Olympics are over with. Complete. Done. Fin.

I really enjoyed watching the spectacular events! What people can do with their bodies is incredible!

I need a new hobby!

Oh, yeah . . . school.

I watched part of the closing last night, and I must say, it was totally psychedelic!!!! I sight no one should have missed! It was truly live art.


I was quite descriptive last night! :D

It's going out on DVD!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But... now it is over with. Complete. Done. Fin. :(

Let the record show: My nation came back loud and proud with the most medals! I am so proud. ;)

Congratulations to everyone else who has participated in these amazing 2008 Beijing Olympics! It was worth a million!

On another note, thank you to everyone who has given suggestions about my third colomn predicament. I really appreciate all the help!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

sorry! nothing spectacular to report! no need to post tonight! I'm having one of those nights where I really have nothing to say. I simply felt the need to tell you I wasn't going to have anything cool to talk about. Pointless, huh? But.. sometimes you just have to be pointless. I'll post tomorrow, okay?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hola Hola On A Saturday Night

Well, bad news and good news.

I am getting braces. Boo hoo. :(

I got a haircut today! Woo hoo. :)

I had one inch trimmed off just to keep all the split ends off and everything even. I also added side bangs. Yippie!

At church I felt oddly at peace today. More than usual. I was just happy to be there(rare) and happy to be with other followers(even rarer). This is a good thing, right? To enjoy church?

I am jumping from subject to subject! ya da ya da da la la la. :D

About a week ago, after seeing Mamma Mia(sheer genius), we went to the park and gave the
squirrels some snackies. Would you like to see?!?!

Would ya!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm going to show you anyways!!!!

Aren't they just so adorable?

Squirrels enjoy peanuts! :D

and and and..

You know how my blog has a sidebar on the right hand side? over here!! --------->

Do you know how I can get myself another one on the left side of my blog???

<--------- over there!!!!

Thanks. appreciated.

Friday, August 22, 2008

You Average Friday Stuff

This will probably be the girliest post you will EVER get from me:

I painted my nails and they came out perfect! :D

Okay, okay.

I painted the base red. Then black and white flowers with Caribbean blue/green specks. It looks amazing. I'd take a picture, but I don't have any charged camera on hand. I'm going to try and keep this look for as long as possible.


Today I went to a pool party! Yay! Woo! Hoo! It is annual tradition with all of my friends. :)

I don't know what to say.

But... school begins for me next week :(

I probably won't be able to post as often. With homework and everything.....

I thought I should let you know. Just so you didn't think I deserted you guys.

One last thing for today:

If I could change one thing about myself, I would change my teeth. My yucky teeth into pearly whites.

What about you?

Have a fabulous time on this earth as our wonderful Friday afternoon continues....


I'll post more later.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Little Things

I was thinking....

And I guess that the small things in life do really matter and do really make a difference, right?

For instance, imagine going through an entire day seeing every person you walk by frown at you. Wouldn't you sense that something is wrong with you? You would feel self-conscious. And all it is is just a small twisting of the lips and mouth.

But, wouldn't you rather walk by everybody and notice their face light up when your eye catches theirs? It is like someone cares you exist, and then your whole day has a positive outlook.

When you were a young one in kindergarten, wasn't it just the coolest thing in the world to have your teacher put a smiley face on your paper? It was amazing! A symbol that meant "good job".

And teenagers at high school, the cafeteria is finally serving a dish that you enjoy eating, compared to throwing out the normal food and starving. And then you have a science project, but you hate who you are paired up with. Doesn't that just make the entire assignment boring and a menace to complete?

And adults, what if you are late to work and you are just at the corner of the hall when you see a hand shoot out of the elevator to hold the doors for you. Isn't it such a "feel good" moment?

Grandmothers, grandfathers, great aunts and uncles, it is delightful just to open up the mailbox and find a letter from your two year old niece or grandchild saying how they lost a tooth.

Without these little things, who knows how we would look at the world? Hope that these little things will keep on coming bring us to wake up in the morning, and go to sleep at night.

Spread a little hope.


This is very touchy-feely for what I normally talk about, but I thought I would make a difference today!

Stretching is going along nicely.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Champions

As you all probably know, I learned how to strike and hyperlink yesterday. I am still extremely motivated and enthusiastic with power!

But that is not my point. I would like to tell you that I found this nice website that is very helpful in the stretching department.

But that is still not my point. Neither is the fact that today is Hump Day(woohoo! Get your party hat on! <;D)

My point today is to congratulate three very special people who are(or at least should be) a great inspiration to all:

First up, Shawn Johnson.
She won the gold medal in Beijing for the Balance Beam. She was phenomenal. Flawless. Check here routine out here.

Shawn is 16 years old.

Next is Nastia(Anastatia) Liukin.
She won gold at 18 years old!

I rhyme.

Nastia wins over in the women's all-around performance. Clickie here!

And the last person is Michael Phelps who blows us all away with his 8 gold medals! Watch a tribute.

I'd like to give a large round of applause to all of our Olympic Champions who have stunned the world!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yay! Strike! Strike! Strike!

Wow. I cannot believe this is my THIRD post today! It is impossible hard to believe. WOAH! DID YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID? (Sorry, Amy, I kind of just ripped off your striking technique off)

WOWZERS!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Did you see what major catastrophic event just took place my blog?!?!?!

I used both striking and hyperlinking in the SAME sentence!!!!!!

Woah. Seriously. I know so much now I could teach a class.

And who do I have to thank for this lovely knowledge of striking?

None other than......


Wow..... I am awesome.

And let us not forget Dave for teaching me how to hyperlink.

I feel the power!

One more challenge for super smarties and geniuses!

Does this striking thing and hyperlinking thing work for comments and other sites, too? Or is it just blogger? And, is there any other cool mabobs you know that you wouldn't mind sharing with me?


Everyone here ROCKS!

I Have An Announcement

I am excited! I finally learned how to hyperlink things! And text! To links! Through the hyperlinking process!

Do you want to know how I learned to HYPERLINK?

Check this out.....

It was thoroughly explained to me by . . . .


Holy crackers, did you see what just happened there?

In case you really aren't sure..... scroll over his name with the cursor.

There you go :D


(I hyperlinked)

I don't even know if that is a word . . . . . Do you?

Let us hear a round of applause for. . . . . .


I can rest in peace..... As in sleep... not the other thing.... :D

It is true.... that you learn a little everyday.

What have you learned?

P.S. I have another challenge for you super-smarties:

How do you strike through words?

P.P.S. I stretched already, but I think I'll stretch more.

Fonts Frenzy(Frenzie?)

Thanks for all the supportive comments about stretching! I did stretch yesterday(Monday), but I have yet to stretch today(Tuesday). BUT I WILL! I will.... Just not now. After breakfast? Lunch? Mid-day? Anybody out there know the best time to stretch? ;)

I have something else to share with you: I am Comic Sans. I took a quiz a found off of Debs' Blog :

Grr.. anyone else know how to do that hyperlink deal where you just click on a word and it takes you to the link? I guess I'm no pro at blogging, yet. :(

Check it out!

You Are Comic Sans

You are a nothing but a big goofball. You're quite playful and fun!

You're widely known for your zany personality and your vivacious attitude.

To say that you stand out in a crowd would be a definite understatement.

Remember that you are overwhelming at times and that people appreciate you best in small doses.

Yay! And that hyperlink thing that is right HERE!!!!!!!!!(well, above) came with the code... so I still don't know how it works. :(

Take the quiz and let me know what font you are!

Have a miraculous day!

Monday, August 18, 2008

21 Days

I once read that if you did something for 21 days straight, it became a habit. Part of your own routine. A part of you naturally.

21 days.

That isn't so hard, right? Less than a month. Only a few weeks.

I am going to take the TWENTY-ONE DAY CHALLENGE!

For the next 21 days I am going to stretch every single day!

I know it is a small little thing, but I am not that flexible :(

I always hear people complaining about how their back hurts when they bend down and how they aren't as flexible as they once were and how their lack if flexibility has now come back to bite 'em!

I want to prevent that pain and discomfort for myself in the far far future! I will keep a countdown and up-date on the SIDE BAR UNDER MY PROFILE.

I hope that by the end of September I will have a habit of stretching!

I encourage you to try and find a challenge for yourself!

P.S. I've been having issues with my profile picture. You see, it won't let me change it. Every time I click "Remove" it quickly flashes for a second then closes the link. Help?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Would You Rather?

We are going to play a little game......



A super dooper, brain boggling, mega madness party game!

I'm going to give you four different choices... prepare to be CONFUSED!!!!! :D

Would you rather......

~Have all of your teeth pulled out, or your fingernails?

-Ew! This makes me cringe, but it needs to be challenging!

MY ANSWER: teeth. I have a nail thing...

~Have plaid skin or polka-dot skin?

-I like plaid, but it might get old..

MY ANSWER: polka-dot

~Be blind or be mute?

-I think sight is extremely important!


~Not have Internet or not have television.

-You can always watch videos on the Internet..

MY ANSWER: television

What about you?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dream Land

Last night, I experienced something rather odd. Like nothing I've ever experienced before!

It all started when I drifted off to Dream Land....

It started with one dream, and then I remember thinking, "Hmm.. I think I'll start another dream while this one loads." Now, when I dream, ANYTHING is possible.... Then I began thinking of another thought until it developed into a dream. I repeated this four or fives times until I had a few dreams "loaded". I was able to think of one of them, and return right to that dream without anything having happened without me.

This probably is making any sense for you. But if it is.. DOUBLE HAPPY POINTS! :D

Let met try to break this down:

Pretend my dreams were like books. I would be reading four books at one time, reading a chapter here and a chapter there out of whichever book I wanted to read. And no matter which book I read, nothing happened while I was gone.


I had the POWER in my dreams!!!!!

Maybe I am just not the best at explaining..... :(

Aloha Aloha on a Thursday evening.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beach Trip

Today my family went to the beach. We never go to the beach as a family! I'm lucky to go once a year! My mom and I went into the water and chilled ourselves to the bone, BUT kept a smile on our face! :D The last time she went into the water with me like that was in Hawaii two years ago.... She is weird like that. But I love her! <3

I attempted the art of boogie boarding, failing epically(hmm... is this a word?) . I had a few successful rounds, and then came the painful one:

I was positioned into place(or so I thought) and waited for the wave to ease on over. The current was strong(hooray for the element of water!), and I felt weak in its grasp. But I awaited for my fate... unknowing what would become of me.

The wave crashed and caught me right when I exhaled. Meaning, when it forced me under, I was out of breath. My eyes were open for a moment(until I closed them), my mouth filled with salt water(ouchie for my throat), and my nose burned with the ocean water that flooded in. Talk about uncomfortable!

It all happened within a split moment, but it felt as if I were under for a lifetime.

Other than that "slight" accident, I had a blast! Collecting seashells, splashing in the water, watching the dolphins jump across the ocean and put on a show!!!!!!!!!!!, and stroll along the powder soft sand. Hmm...

But I am back in reality.

It was nice to be in paradise, though.

If only for a couple hours!

Do you have any interesting beach stories to share?

ellliiiieee :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

La Le Li Lo Lu... VOWELS!


I ApOlOgIzE fOr nOt pOstIng thE pAst cOUplE Of dAys..... tImE hAs bEEn A bIt shOrt.

tO mAkE Up fOr EvErythIng.. I Am dEdIcAtIng thIs whOlE pOst tO vOwEls!!!

whErE wOUld wE bE In thIs wOrld Of wOrds And lEttErs wIthOUt


I'll tEll yOU whErE... gIbbErIsh lAnd.
vOwEls rEAlly ArE A pOwErfUl thIng. yOU cAn fInd thEm AnywhErE, yOU spEAk thEm, yOU hEAr thEm, thEy ArE vItAl tO OUr cOmmUnIcAtIOn.

And whAt hAvE yOU bEEn tOld?

thAt cOmmUnIcAtIOn Is kEy.

sO thE nExt tImE thAt yOU tAkE vOwEls fOr grAntEd, jUst rEmEmbEr thAt thEy hAvE fEElIngs, tOO.

AlOhA AlOhA On A TUEsdAy EvEnIng.


p.s. this was sooo hard to type :D

Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Hour

We still have one more hour before our family friends get here.

Everything is clean. We all look decent. Our lunch of BBQ is prepared. All we had to do was slice the watermelon. I heard my mom start yelling, "Oh no! The watermelon is YELLOW!!"

I was like, "Psh... There is no such thing as a YELLOW watermelon."

Boy was I wrong.

It looked like a pineapple!

Holy Jumping Johasaphat!!, right?!?!!

Was this normal!?!?!?!

Maybe I am just naive to the world of watermelons...

Or maybe we have a magical pinewaterapplemelon!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


I was once with a friend at this place where you can decorate your own pottery. She made a plate for herself and had it personalized to her liking.

She moved not too long after that to a home only an hour away from us, but we hardly ever saw her. We came to visit her about two weeks ago(2 wks tomorrow), and they prepared a nice dinner with us.

The time with the pottery had been at least two or three years by now.

But when she took out the special plate she made and started eating off of it, she caught my obvious stare. She then explained that she had been eating off of our plate every single day since she made it!

And I believed her, too. She is not one to lie, and she said it straight to my face. Eye to eye. It's either she is telling the truth, or her lying skills have improved. I like to think it is the first one. If you have a different opinion, please keep it to yourself(mahalo :D). I like to think what I think.

I was impressed, I'll tell you that.

And in her room, there is a picture of us together. In my room? Not a trace of her...

Why am I telling you this today?

Because I found my piece of pottery I made, collecting dust, in the back of a cabinet, not touched since that day at the shop.

And, well, I felt bad. Guilty.

I do not like this feeling. So, I thought I would make up for it by dedicating this post to her.

Just so I don't end this post all touchy-feely,

I would like to let everyone know that I have added a horoscope widget to the very bottom of this page. So.. scroll down.... click on your sign....and see your daily horoscope!


Have a howdy, howdy, weekend!!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Funny Pics

I was thinking that maybe I would make you laugh.

or giggle.

or chuckle.

or smile.

or slightly move the ends of your lips up.

or just sit there at the computer being all bamboozled on why in the world I would think that you would think that this is entertainment.

But I like it.

How appropriate, right?

Oh dear..

Aww! Mommy's helpers!

Tee hee hee.

Now... feel free to say, "awww!!" as you take a look at these:

When was the last time you saw a licking lizard?!?

okay, okay. So you have probably seen this bunches of times and I have probably posted it several times, but I cannot get over it!!!

Howdy howdy on a Thursday afternoon.

<3> :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In case you didn't know... Mahalo means, "thank you" in Hawaiian.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Anyways, thanks everybody for playing my little game! I love love loved the results! I was so excited to see how motivated people were! And I was mentioned in two blogs!!!

My life has been not very packed. I see friends, go places, and do stuff. But, in general, I never go "sky-diving". So . . . I make my own fun!!!!

Party in my head!

Dance to no music!

Spread the love!

Things that really get me pumped:
-boogie-ing down the hallway
-putting a long skirt on and spinning so hard that it flows and I feel like a ballerina
-making pictures out of the grooves in the ceiling.
-turning the volume off of t.v. and trying to come up with my own lines every time someone speaks.
-pretend I'm a model and walk down the hallway all cool-like.
-galloping and making horsey noises.

I hope I grow old, but never grow up. BIG difference.

Ha. I love doing wacky things. But I'm not "insane", per say. I am aware of people around me...

What do you like to do?

oh, yeah. happy hump day. WOOT!

Howdy howdy on a Wednesday morning!

<33 ellie :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Party Time!!

Okay. So, I would like some feedback. It would be nice to know a little bit more about the people who visit my blog. Would everyone who comments on this post kindly answer the following questions:


ocean waves
white daisy

water or milk?
jeans or shorts?
cold weather or hot weather?
short hair or long?
books or television?


You don't have to answer all of these questions. You can pick and choose what you feel comfortable. But please answer at least one.

I thought I would try a more "interactive" technique on my blog.

Howdy howdy on a Tuesday morning!

<3 ellie :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Monday

The week has begun again...




I just wanted to thank everyone who bothered to say Hi, even if they weren't familiar with cameras(if lost, check previous post). Thanks to anyone who gave a little of input. But I think I have decided on the Nikon. Not for sure, though. My mom has a nice Canon, so if I am ever in a Canon mood, I'll just ask to borrow hers. Nikon seems like the right level for me. I'll let you know what happens.

Okay. We have been having ant issues. Really bad ant issues. I find them in my bathroom, shower, sink,kitchen, KEYBOARD(!), everywhere! We put out these very affective ant traps, which kept them away for a while. But new colonies just keep on a comin' in! It first began once summer started. Never had a problem before that. Is it just the season for ants and bugs?

Anyone have anything that might help?

Once again, if not, just say howdy. ;)


Ellie :)

P.S. i HATE ants,

P.P.S. just so you know.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camera Help?

Here is the deal. I am saving up to buy my own digital camera. You could call it... a casual camera. I would use it for family, friends, pictures, nature, vacations, etc. That kind of thing, you know?

I am not looking for some professional camera with big and bulky attachments but a slim, stylish one with quality that would suit my needs. I am stuck between Nikon and Canon. Help? Please?

I am looking at these two models:

Both have amazing user reviews, but the Nikon just costs a lot less for what appears to be great quality! But then the Canon might have more features?!?


If you aren't that big in the camera department.. just say hi!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Saddest Love Note

I received this through e-mail, and I found it so sad that I started tearing up to the point my vision was blurry.

But then maybe, it was just me.

So read it and weep..

"The Saddest Love Note"
One night a guy & a girl were driving home from the movies.
The boy sensed there was something wrong because of the painful silence they shared between them that night.
The girl then asked the boy to pull over because she wanted to talk.
She told him that her feelings had changed & that it was time to move on.
A silent tear slid down his cheek as he slowly reached into his pocket & passed her a folded note.
At that moment, a drunk driver was speeding down that very same street.
He swerved right into the drivers seat, killing the boy.
Miraculously, the girl survived.
Remembering the note, she pulled it out & read it.


'Without your love, I would die.'

Now admit it... you must have gotten at least a little twang of emotion?!?!

If not... shame...


But you are still awesome. :)