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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Champions

As you all probably know, I learned how to strike and hyperlink yesterday. I am still extremely motivated and enthusiastic with power!

But that is not my point. I would like to tell you that I found this nice website that is very helpful in the stretching department.

But that is still not my point. Neither is the fact that today is Hump Day(woohoo! Get your party hat on! <;D)

My point today is to congratulate three very special people who are(or at least should be) a great inspiration to all:

First up, Shawn Johnson.
She won the gold medal in Beijing for the Balance Beam. She was phenomenal. Flawless. Check here routine out here.

Shawn is 16 years old.

Next is Nastia(Anastatia) Liukin.
She won gold at 18 years old!

I rhyme.

Nastia wins over in the women's all-around performance. Clickie here!

And the last person is Michael Phelps who blows us all away with his 8 gold medals! Watch a tribute.

I'd like to give a large round of applause to all of our Olympic Champions who have stunned the world!



Amy said...

Applauding here in Crazyville for all of them!

Woo Hoo!:) said...

hei ellie girl sorry for the late reply. been really busy. yes i do watch the Olympics =D wut up?



Annie Bright said...

Congrats to all your Olympians - a great tribute Ellie. You have some great athletes over there!
We not doing too bad over here in the UK - best we've ever done, I think! I feel a proud moment coming on!:-)

dave said...

yeah, they're definitely inspirations for all who are aspiring to compete at the olympics someday and for those who want to but can't due to obvious lack of talent, relatively. =P

Kellan said...

They are all FANTASTIC and I loved watching all three of them.

Have a good day and come back and see me soon On The Upside ( Take care - Kellan