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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hola Hola On A Saturday Night

Well, bad news and good news.

I am getting braces. Boo hoo. :(

I got a haircut today! Woo hoo. :)

I had one inch trimmed off just to keep all the split ends off and everything even. I also added side bangs. Yippie!

At church I felt oddly at peace today. More than usual. I was just happy to be there(rare) and happy to be with other followers(even rarer). This is a good thing, right? To enjoy church?

I am jumping from subject to subject! ya da ya da da la la la. :D

About a week ago, after seeing Mamma Mia(sheer genius), we went to the park and gave the
squirrels some snackies. Would you like to see?!?!

Would ya!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm going to show you anyways!!!!

Aren't they just so adorable?

Squirrels enjoy peanuts! :D

and and and..

You know how my blog has a sidebar on the right hand side? over here!! --------->

Do you know how I can get myself another one on the left side of my blog???

<--------- over there!!!!

Thanks. appreciated.


Pat Posner said...

Cute squirrels, Ellie.
Happy Haircut!

Amy said...

Very cute squirrel pictures!

I had to wear braces for 2 1/2 years myself...You will be thankful for them (eventually).:)

My post today is about my recent hair appointment....I love going to the beauty shop!

About your sidebars....Go to the "Links I Love To Lurk" section of my blog, and click on "Love's School."
Once there, scroll down until you see the Blogging Lesson posts; she has a few of them. There might be some information there that can help you. Her name is Kysha, and her page always looks amazing!

I hope that can help!
Have a great day, Ellie!

Papercuts said...

Hello. :D

You asked about embedding youtube videos; well, you pick the video you want but you don't copy/paste the URL - to the right of the video there should be something called an 'embedding code' or something similar. You copy this and paste it onto the 'edit HTML' page when you're typing up your blog entry.

When you go back to the normal typing window before you publish, it'll show up as a giant white square with a small red cross in one corner, but once you publish, it'll show up on your blog as a video.

Also, you can left click on this big white square and then set it to right- or left-adjust, or set it in the middle of your page.

The Boyds Family said...

Gotta love a new always feels so fresh and new.

I wore braces for four years :(
The payoff is worth it :)

Looks like you've already gotten some comments about the left sided side bar thing but here's another link for ya...

Hope it helps!

Annie Bright said...

I love those squirrels - they are sooooo cute. :-))