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Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Monday

The week has begun again...




I just wanted to thank everyone who bothered to say Hi, even if they weren't familiar with cameras(if lost, check previous post). Thanks to anyone who gave a little of input. But I think I have decided on the Nikon. Not for sure, though. My mom has a nice Canon, so if I am ever in a Canon mood, I'll just ask to borrow hers. Nikon seems like the right level for me. I'll let you know what happens.

Okay. We have been having ant issues. Really bad ant issues. I find them in my bathroom, shower, sink,kitchen, KEYBOARD(!), everywhere! We put out these very affective ant traps, which kept them away for a while. But new colonies just keep on a comin' in! It first began once summer started. Never had a problem before that. Is it just the season for ants and bugs?

Anyone have anything that might help?

Once again, if not, just say howdy. ;)


Ellie :)

P.S. i HATE ants,

P.P.S. just so you know.


Gecko said...

Heya, I just stumbled across your blog while surfing blogs...people who had 'monkeys' listed as one of their interests actually, hehe! I have a Kodak Z740, a Sony Cybershot and a Canon 40D and they're all totally different cameras. I'd have to recommend the Kodak though, it's so light, and while not as compact as the ones you are looking at it has a lot more features and I find it easier to use. My Sony Cybershot looks about the same size as the ones you are looking at, and while it's good for what I want it for (keeping it in my handbag for unexpected photo ops.) I wouldn't recommend it for much more.

Hope you're happy with whichever one you choose, out of those two I'd probably choose the Nikon...just coz it has more zoom (no zoom REALLY annoys me).

Annie Bright said...

Gosh, I'm a useless blogging friend! No advice on ants either, except I don't like them! So just to say Hi (again!) :-))) Still think the balloon thing was a bit weird!!

Amy said...

Once again, I am of no help...But Howdy to you!:)

Pat Posner said...

Oooh, cameras no, ants...Yes!

mix equal amounts of borax and sugar together and sprinkle around where the ants come in. It isn't toxic, so you can use it if you have pets.
Or oil of peppermint sometimes works cos ants (supposedly) don't like the smell of peppermint.