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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yay for me! Yay for you! Yay Yay Yay!

I am so happy that the weekend is back to greet me. But I have sad news : I am getting sick. I almost am. I have the sniffles, and a sore throat. I felt it coming last night while I was typing up a paper. I tried having two soothing cups of tea to prevent it as much as possible. Not one, but two! That obviously wasn't working to well for me. It could have been a lot worse. I'm seeing a friend today, so maybe if I take a cold shower, I'll feel better.

Wish me luck in my spiritual healing. Thanks so much everybody!

Oh yeah, check out my Blog Of Importance. I have a new addition. Tal's Blog, which has awesome posts of poetry. Nice to read when you just need to relax. Please check it out....Mahalo.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Friday

Ahhh... The one day I look forward to every school week. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I can't post right now, because I still have homework!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Morning

I am glad to report that it is Thursday Morning, hence the title of this post. That means that we only have two more days until the weekend! Woohoo! I am so glad, so glad, so glad. Except for the fact that I was cramming all of my homework in so I can at least get whatever is do today done. This weekend I'm not sure if I actually have any plans. I know I have to stay in probably all day on one of them to finish all of my long term projects. That I don't want to do at all. But I have to. I'll let you know how my blog went on earlier.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Neighbors kept my family up majority of night. To answer your question anonymous named amy. I don't want to tell you here, just in case they read this. You can email if you wish.


Next door neighbor just got a hamster!! So adorable! I love her! The hamster, I mean. I totally want it. Nothing else to say. I got to go now, kay? Bye!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Okay, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just haven't found the time. Let me get you back up to speed, kay?

Saturday:Museum with family. We saw butterflies. Twelve landed on Mum.

Sunday:Saw movie/spent day with a couple of friends. Hi!

Monday(today): I had to go to school, dang. We did nothing much, just watch videos and talk and have lunch and listen to the teacher. Homework not bad. All better? Okay.

Any other details about me you ought to know:

I am almost done reading my research book.!.!.!.! Yes. Hoorah! Yay! Okay.

I wish I had something cool to tell you all, besides the fact that my neighbors are stinky. I mean it. They are always being a nuisance. But by any chance they are reading this, I love them.

I'll be sure to keep you posted. I'm just happy that I finally have Internet, after losing it once more.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Seriously, only four of us showed. Three girls, and a guy. (One of the three being me). I still had an awesome time. I honestly think that all of us are at about the same playing level. We all know the basics, and we just have to build of from there. Much better than my last class.

My classmates are pretty cool. I even found a person who knows another friend of mine. What a small world..... One kid is really good. I even think that his parents stayed afterward to see if he is can move up to the advance level.

My teacher is much better, also. He is very patient, but doesn't waste time. The only thing was that we jumped right into it. Instead of stretching or jogging first. But I can live without any of that stuff. So..Yeah.. That was my day of tennis.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No..It IS a Bird!

Today we had something quite interesting happen at school. We saw a hawk! Yeah...I real live hawk! It was all tangled up by the stairway. We all thought it was stuck, but it was really down there to eat a rabbit. Amazing, huh? Seeing nature at its best. So wonderful. It was a very wort while event. That was pretty much the highlight of my day.

It's a Bird! It

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hump Day(Read On Before You Make Conclusions)

Amy, (anonymous), yes, you do know both of these friends. One starts with a J, and the other starts with a K. Oh yeah! K got her ears pierced!!!! Isn't that exciting? She has these diamond looking things in them. They are so pretty. Moving on.

I titled this "Hump Day" because it is. Every Wednesday is Hump Day. Starting on Monday, we were working up the "Hump Of The Week". Now, at the end of Wednesday, we are going down the "Hump Of The Week." Get it? Yeah.

Today wasn't so bad. I actually got ahead in schoolwork. I have finished assignments that aren't due until next week, or at the end of this one. Pretty good for me, considering I have a few tests coming up all over the place.

Tonight, I decided to celebrate my "I'm Ahead On Homework" moment. I went out to a department store, and bought a small red handbag(clearance) and a pair of blue dangle earrings(costume type).

Oh yeah! Ear Update! I can officially wear costume jewelry. Just not every day. I am allergic to anything that is not real gold. I can now wear earrings that are fake, a couple times a week. Better that nothing, right? I'll take it. I am trying to build up on everything. Maybe two times for a couple of weeks, three times, then four, and so on. Maybe by the time I am twenty, I will be able to wear them all the time. Hopefully...

Thanks for reading today!

Wait! I forgot! We found the tennis park!!! Yes!!!!! It's only like an extra five to ten minutes further, not so bad. I'll be starting tomorrow. I'll fill you in. You know. Hate my teacher? Hate my classmates? Love my teacher? Love my classmates?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Thanks for your comments everybody. Holly, I'm so glad that you found out how to comment. Thanks for the belated birthday singing, Andrew. I'm glad to hear that you had a nice Monday, Juliette. I should know...shouldn't i? I was there.

Anyway, homework wasn't so bad today. But that's not the bad news.

My family gets a call saying that they took my tennis lessons starting on Thursday, and moved it to some other location. They just gave us some park name, but we have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER as to where it is. So, that's not particularly. Good. Hopefully, we'll figure it out soon because it starts Right after my classes, giving my a half hour to get there. I really hope it is close, also. Or else, I'm not exactly in the best situation here.

Abut my Tuesday? Most exciting thing was when Juliette dropped my lunch in the trash. But don't worry, I got it back. It wasn't a bad thing, just kind of funny.

Also, a friend is getting her ears pierced this week, wish her luck!!

One more thing, another friend(I don't know is she wants her name said aloud) is getting glasses this week. Not to excited, and I don't blame her. I hope she gets contacts, she looks very nice without glasses.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I Hate Mondays

Mondays...I HATE them. I have another case of the Moandays. If only they would get rid of Mondays, and then start the week on Tuesday. But then I'd hate Tuesdays. Move it over? I'd hate Wednesdays. Move it over? I'd hate Thursdays, and so on, and so on. See? There is absolutely no way of escaping.

Today's Monday wasn't super bad. I had much homework, sure, but I expect that pretty much on a regular basis now. Nothing really devastating happened today. I guess I should be grateful that I'm still here, right? I'll just look at everything that way. Maybe I should say three things I'm grateful for everyday. I'll say...

1. I am grateful that I did not forget any homework.
2. I am grateful that I had a delicious coffee-cake breakfast this morning.
3. I am grateful that the computer is still up and running, for now.

Actually, why am I even complaining? Now that I really think about, I had a fairly decent day. Thanks for reading this completely waste-of-a-post anyhow.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Sunday

Andrew is another blogger friend. Check out his blog under my Blog Of Importance. It's the first one, 4th Avenue Blues.

Thanks for Birthday wishes everybody! Amy, what you can do rocks my world. Don't stop. (0_o) shea.

Today, I went to a theme park. With a friend. We went on mummy rides, so fire shows, water shows, went on a tour, and we went on a dino ride. Pretty fun all in all. I got souvenirs!!! I love love love souvenirs. Of course, I got a key chain to add onto my collection.

I can't believe the weekend has ended. I don't want it to ever ever end!!! I loved my birthday weekend. Why!?!?!?!??!?!?!???!??!!??!!??! I'm over it. I just don't want to wake up early in the morning tomorrow.

Birthday Day

Had so much fun today(yesterday really). I'm writing in short sentences. Because I am to tired to really use my brain.

We went out to breakfast.

I had my nails done(it's a girl thing).

I went shopping with gift cards.

We went to church. (I got to bring the host up....YES!!)

I went to a Dance with two of my friends, Kira and Juliette.

Oh yeah, Juliette got a new blog, she's familiar with blogger, but she's back on.

Her new address is

Please welcome her. Thanks.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Friends Rock!

A few of my friends came early to school today to do an awesome thing.....for my birthday........but moving on.....

They went up and decorated my locker with balloons, wrapping paper, candles, and everything else. I got to class a little bit early, too, where everybody had gift bags and one stepped forward and presented me with the following : princess crown, a princess wand, funky party glasses, and two gifts. She gave me a rapping frog. I actually raps. It has a gold medallion around its neck, funky glasses(just like mine), and an awesome outfit. She also gave me a Buddha statuette and two candy bars...TWO!!!! The frog came with a card, by the way.

My other friend gave me a cute little tinker toy. A pet!!! A virtual pet!! It is so adorable. I miss having virtual pets, like I used to a few years ago. My childhood(not that it was too long ago) is slowly flashing through my eyes. I had a sign that said things like "hug me" and "it's my birthday, almost"(my bday is tomorrow, by the way). Everything was so adorable. They really worked hard. And I appreciate it..again. Thanks guys!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Beautiful Gift Just For Me

Dad bought me the most gorgeous gift ever.

It is a little merry-go-round that plays a soft tinkling song called Blue Danube Waltz. It is plated in a shimmering gold, with intricately carved designs. The top bowls up in a tent shape with baby blue and candy pink triangles all along. Around it, a crown rings around in a lovely way. I love the porcelain white horses, with sweet wings that soar around in circle to the sound of music. It is absolutely wonderful. I am so grateful for it, and I gave it a special seat on my bed stand.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Awkward Moment In Time

Let's listen to a story I have to tell. It was approximately 10:00 p.m. on the dot on a Wednesday evening. Wednesday, the 12th of September, to be exact. I sat in my chair signing onto blogger. I reached up with my left hand to quickly rub the sleepiness out of my eyes, until finger skin came in contact with a USO(unidentified sticky object). I pulled a little at it, imagining it was my skin(why, I don't know. I decided to have a gross moment, okay , maybe I did know.).

It was not my skin, thank the heavens it wasn't. It was a piece of tape. Here is the mystery of it all.....I haven't touched tape at all today!!!! Scary, huh?

I have nothing else to blog about, though.....

A Sign from the Gods? A sign from my conscience? Or a sign from the tape dispenser? The world may never know....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Ago

Quite an unfortunate event happened in the United States six years ago, today. I hope we can all recognize what that event is. Many lives were lost(by the way, if you just don't know, look it up) many innocent, innocent lives were taken from the world. I ask that you say the pledge of allegiance today in honor, if you haven't already. I couldn't imagine ending a life like that.

I remember being in class when it happened. I recall having the teachers watching it on television, but it just might be my mind taunting me. It's always hard to go through days like these, thinking about the tears and the blood that was shed. Be grateful we are hear in the world today.

Sorry about the touchiness in the post, but I don't do these often. So you can live through one of them...I just know

On the upside(there always is an upside to these posts), Mum got me a shiny, blue mechanical pencil this evening. Very nice, very nice indeed. Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Maya Madness

My new friend Maya has opened up her own blog. She can sometimes be shy, but she can also really open up. I would appreciate if you visited her once in a while to welcome her to blogger at
There isn't much on it yet, but she'll add on. Thanks for the support!

Yes, I know

I have two post declaring my hate for Mondays. I am indeed aware of this. Blogger said that I made an error and that I should try publishing again. Maybe they were the ones with the error. On the upside, I'm having KFC for dinner. Yum. You all know what that is, right? Kentucky Fried Chicken? The number one invention from Kentucky.

Happy Monday!

Mondays...I hate Monday's.....Anybody else hate them? They just remind me that the weekend is over and I have homework, class, and more homework to do. Shall we suffer together?

P.S. Anybody who can think of a good reason why Mondays were invented, please speak to me.

Happy Monday!

Man....Once again, It is Monday. I hate Mondays. Does anybody else hate Mondays as much as I do? You have to get up early, go to class, go to work, everything starts up on Mondays. It just reminds me that I have another entire week to endure. Shall we all suffer together?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why Go To Church

Why? You ask why? There are so many reasons beyond religion. Tonight was a rather interesting mass. When the organ first started off in the greeting song, a bird started chirping, and it echoed all throughout the hall. What do you know? I was seated right under the organ(it's located upstairs, if that makes more sense.) So all of thy neighbors were looking upwards, and if someone who couldn't hear it were to look at us, they would have thought we looked kind of crazy, not that I would blame them, it did look sort of funny to me.

Next were the multiple phones beeping, booping, and ding-a-linging. Don't you know to turn it off? It sounded like someone was playing a game on it. Sadly, Mum was one of these people when she turned off her phone., You know how it makes a turning off sound? Yeah...

Then after communion, I was seated in my pew, when a lady walked by our aisle, and us. She started talking and then she pointed at me. But she was smiling like we were best friends.
Then she mumbled, "I know you!"
And walked away.
Honestly, Mum and I had no clue who she was whatsoever.
Dad was like "Which one of your little friends don't I know?"

It was actually quite awkward, as you might imagine.

Then some lady next to Mum asked what color nail polish I had. She studied my hand and said that she liked it. The thing was, my nail polish was clear, so it looked like I had none on at all. See what people do to me? They mess with my mind.

Thanks for listening, I'm almost looking forward to next week when I go again.

Photo Mishap

I just tried uploading pictures, and of course it didn't want to work for me. Sorry about this. You can just google yan yan and pocky if you're that interested. Once again, anybody know how to just upload these on without having to click any address? It would make my life so much easier.

Yan Yan and Pocky

Just click on the "x" to view, anybody know how to automatically get them up?

I absolutely love these delicious treats. I get them every once in a while, since the store that they are found at takes up a whole day to get there(with traffic), to actually shop around, and then to come back home(with still a bit of traffic).

Yan Yan comes in a cylinder-like package that contains two parts divided in half. One half serving thin crackery goodness, the other side offering smooth cream coming in flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry(you can occasionally find nuts, too). You just simply dip, munch, enjoy. So worth the 75 cents I paid for it. I got three......I've always loved this stuff, so I was told.

Pocky comes in more of a thin box container. These are just even more crackers about as thick as a stander-sized pencil. These already have the cream-dipped theme, so you don't have to bother with messing up with the liquidy goop(goop in a good, very good, way.). This also comes in many different flavors, generally the saem as yan yan.

Auntie! Part Two

Just as planned, everything was wonderful. It was just lovely seeing her again, living in the same house she has for ages and ages. But...She had a few surprises for me. Her daughter is now living back with her. She is recovering from a few addictions, so please have her in mind. She was still very kind to me. I enjoyed seeing someone living with my Aunt. I know that she is perfectly fine taking care of herself, but you can never be quite sure.
She brought over a small blue big with my name across it. A few doo-dads as an early birthday present(my birthday is this upcoming Saturday...yes! only a week.) were neatly wrapped and packaged in tissue papers caressing linen bags. A calculator(I could really use this), and trinkets that would fit in perfectly with our collection. I was very please with the outcome.
It was such a great day today. Everything seemed to be going right on my part, except for the fact that we just found two more people trying to hack into our system, and then our phone bill has numbers outside of state, that we don't recognize. Maybe not the best of news, but at least I'm happy, right?


Today we are going over to see my Aunt, who lives only about an hour to an hour and a half away. It's been forever since I have seen her, and it'll be nice. My good friend Amy, this is not Aunt Di Di, if you ever thought of that. How are the doggies, by the way?

But I digress. Anyway, my Aunt has the most adorable doggie that she got from an animal shelter. She adopted this cute little pooch. He is a lap dog, and he loves to nuzzle against your leg. So sweet. Can't wait to see them both. I'll let you know how the trip went.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Friday!

Yes, indeed. Friday is back with us again...yes! Everything went fairly well today. Nothing spectacular. Yesterday we took pictures, and I'm pretty sure I only had one half of my smile up. They take it so fast! A friend even said that the photographer called her "baby girl" at the end of almost every sentence. I only got sweetheart. Humph. Maybe what I got was better, though. I have nothing to complain about. Everybody have an awesome weekend! I'll be back.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Adventures Of Spikey And Mister

Spikey:"Pretty Bird!"

Mister: "Pretty, Pretty Bird!"

Spikey: "Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Bird."

Mister: "Chiquita!"

Spikey: "Chiquita!"

Mister: "Pretty Chiquita!"

Don't they have a way with words?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I killed a living creature. I am an awful person! I saw it in my bathroom. It stared back at me with repent in its eyes. But I showed no mercy. I grabbed my zapper. I electrocuted that fly(I'm pretty sure it was a fly) like it had no tomorrow, and now, it really doesn't. *sigh

this has been a true story from Ellie.

Ha Ha!

Yes....I'm on. Anyway, I've been swamped with homework(well not really, it's just not that fun), and I have finally found time to blog again. And, my computer is agreeing with!

Nothing new and spectacular in my life going on! Just missing my know who you are, or at least you should. Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to say, but this is it. I think I have to go study for a test I just remembered I have.

Before I leave, thanks to those who still visit me in my lonesome blog world. Movies? Blades Of Glory. Sorta silly. Books? Started Twilight. Birdies? LOUD. There you have it: a recap of everything you missed.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Computers Are Deceiving

I thought everything was okay again. Until some intruder started getting into our computer. It still is at the moment, but now we have times in between to do whatever we have to go before it shuts off again.

Anybody heard of Blue Screen? That's the thing that keeps messing everything up. Who would want to cause so much inconvenience for others? Probably someone who doesn't have much of a life but hacking. This could be a person or some virus thing. I guess I'll have to deal.

In addition to everything else, our printer isn't working. Fortunately, school hasn't required any printing yet. I'll have to go to the library for most of it. Darn..... Thanks for sticking with me.