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Friday, September 14, 2007

My Friends Rock!

A few of my friends came early to school today to do an awesome thing.....for my birthday........but moving on.....

They went up and decorated my locker with balloons, wrapping paper, candles, and everything else. I got to class a little bit early, too, where everybody had gift bags and one stepped forward and presented me with the following : princess crown, a princess wand, funky party glasses, and two gifts. She gave me a rapping frog. I actually raps. It has a gold medallion around its neck, funky glasses(just like mine), and an awesome outfit. She also gave me a Buddha statuette and two candy bars...TWO!!!! The frog came with a card, by the way.

My other friend gave me a cute little tinker toy. A pet!!! A virtual pet!! It is so adorable. I miss having virtual pets, like I used to a few years ago. My childhood(not that it was too long ago) is slowly flashing through my eyes. I had a sign that said things like "hug me" and "it's my birthday, almost"(my bday is tomorrow, by the way). Everything was so adorable. They really worked hard. And I appreciate it..again. Thanks guys!!!


JSM said...

im one of those ppl! call me jsm! i kno i rock lolz! anyways, uhhhh my other websites that u guys can see are:

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ellie!! I luv u! (u kno wut i mean) ur a great friend and have an awesome birthday!!!!!

-Amy <3