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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hump Day(Read On Before You Make Conclusions)

Amy, (anonymous), yes, you do know both of these friends. One starts with a J, and the other starts with a K. Oh yeah! K got her ears pierced!!!! Isn't that exciting? She has these diamond looking things in them. They are so pretty. Moving on.

I titled this "Hump Day" because it is. Every Wednesday is Hump Day. Starting on Monday, we were working up the "Hump Of The Week". Now, at the end of Wednesday, we are going down the "Hump Of The Week." Get it? Yeah.

Today wasn't so bad. I actually got ahead in schoolwork. I have finished assignments that aren't due until next week, or at the end of this one. Pretty good for me, considering I have a few tests coming up all over the place.

Tonight, I decided to celebrate my "I'm Ahead On Homework" moment. I went out to a department store, and bought a small red handbag(clearance) and a pair of blue dangle earrings(costume type).

Oh yeah! Ear Update! I can officially wear costume jewelry. Just not every day. I am allergic to anything that is not real gold. I can now wear earrings that are fake, a couple times a week. Better that nothing, right? I'll take it. I am trying to build up on everything. Maybe two times for a couple of weeks, three times, then four, and so on. Maybe by the time I am twenty, I will be able to wear them all the time. Hopefully...

Thanks for reading today!

Wait! I forgot! We found the tennis park!!! Yes!!!!! It's only like an extra five to ten minutes further, not so bad. I'll be starting tomorrow. I'll fill you in. You know. Hate my teacher? Hate my classmates? Love my teacher? Love my classmates?


According to HIS Power said...

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! I know how you feel about getting past Wednesdays, I live for Fridays! I read your profile and wanted to tell you that my all time fave book is Charlotte's Web. I read it to my girls. I also LOVE RED BAGS!!!! So, I guess we have some things in common!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!

Love and Prayers,


Ellie said...

Yes, I agree. But now it is Thursday. One more day! One more day! Isn't Charlotte's Web wonderful? This red bag feels very smooth, and it has white polka dots decorating it. Very cool. Thanks for visiting.

dreamitbeleiveitliveit said...

giggle giggle snort.

Anonymous said...

I love your red bag I told you that already too! :P It's SO cute!
~Holly :)