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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Auntie! Part Two

Just as planned, everything was wonderful. It was just lovely seeing her again, living in the same house she has for ages and ages. But...She had a few surprises for me. Her daughter is now living back with her. She is recovering from a few addictions, so please have her in mind. She was still very kind to me. I enjoyed seeing someone living with my Aunt. I know that she is perfectly fine taking care of herself, but you can never be quite sure.
She brought over a small blue big with my name across it. A few doo-dads as an early birthday present(my birthday is this upcoming Saturday...yes! only a week.) were neatly wrapped and packaged in tissue papers caressing linen bags. A calculator(I could really use this), and trinkets that would fit in perfectly with our collection. I was very please with the outcome.
It was such a great day today. Everything seemed to be going right on my part, except for the fact that we just found two more people trying to hack into our system, and then our phone bill has numbers outside of state, that we don't recognize. Maybe not the best of news, but at least I'm happy, right?

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