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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why Go To Church

Why? You ask why? There are so many reasons beyond religion. Tonight was a rather interesting mass. When the organ first started off in the greeting song, a bird started chirping, and it echoed all throughout the hall. What do you know? I was seated right under the organ(it's located upstairs, if that makes more sense.) So all of thy neighbors were looking upwards, and if someone who couldn't hear it were to look at us, they would have thought we looked kind of crazy, not that I would blame them, it did look sort of funny to me.

Next were the multiple phones beeping, booping, and ding-a-linging. Don't you know to turn it off? It sounded like someone was playing a game on it. Sadly, Mum was one of these people when she turned off her phone., You know how it makes a turning off sound? Yeah...

Then after communion, I was seated in my pew, when a lady walked by our aisle, and us. She started talking and then she pointed at me. But she was smiling like we were best friends.
Then she mumbled, "I know you!"
And walked away.
Honestly, Mum and I had no clue who she was whatsoever.
Dad was like "Which one of your little friends don't I know?"

It was actually quite awkward, as you might imagine.

Then some lady next to Mum asked what color nail polish I had. She studied my hand and said that she liked it. The thing was, my nail polish was clear, so it looked like I had none on at all. See what people do to me? They mess with my mind.

Thanks for listening, I'm almost looking forward to next week when I go again.

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