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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two More Days

That's all there's left until Spring Break. Not enough time while also far too much. I'm so lost and confused right now.


Monday, March 29, 2010

I Know I'm Whining

But why isn't it getting any better?!?!

At least I have a cat.

Spring Break.

So soon.

It's just right there.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Way It Is

So. San Diego with choir was amazing and I had a fantastic time. Unfortunately, I'm back home and forces to face the world and silently hate everything that goes on. I'm pretty sure the second thing I did when I got home(aside from eating. I was hungry) was cry my eyes out. I just can't help it. The world and life makes me deeply sad.

I'm off to catch up on school.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Was Right

I knew it. I knew it. I just knew it. Last week was absolutely amazing, which means that this week has to suck chicken feet. After finally recovering from my sore throat and cold, i'm stuck with some bacterial infection that causes me to dry heave and shake violently every time I cough. I went to urgent care after choir this evening and shivered in the reception room until they admitted me in. Yeah, real urgent care there. Now I'm on some medication that I have to take for the next week, including the days I'll be in San Diego with choir. After picking up my prescription at the pharmacy, I found a comfort in having soup for dinner, but of course the cafe closed down to have an employee meeting. Splendid timing. So I had a tomato and meatball sandwich. It tasted good, but the acid in the sauce was killer on the multiple cuts covering every square centimeter of my mouth. I was starving, and yet eating causes me pain and even more dry heaving.

I've had to kick into gear and work hard on our final yearbook deadline because no one in my group can make it over the weekend, which was supposed to be a vital day for getting work done.

I have insane homework this week, meaning I will be getting zero sleep. And there's just no possibility of missing school. Too much going on.

You can't say that i didn't call this.

I love my life.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life's Good?!?

Today marks the first week in the LONGEST time where every single day was amazing. Light(ish) homework load, yearbook wasn't too bad at all, choir performance and rehearsal at Dorothy Chandler, looking at new phones, watching Alice in Wonderland 3-D, understanding the material in my classes, seeing The Land Before Time in espanol, playing ninja on the school field during a forty minute fire drill, and learning this awesome cup thing from Full House. And those are just the random highlights. And just now, I finished all of my homework in a little more than an hour. To top it off, my mom and I are watching New Moon and pointing out it's many flaws. And next week I go to San Diego with choir!!! SO HAPPY. I love choir. Gahhh. My cough is coming back but I don't even care!!

Night folks.

Please please please let this moment last!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Little Things

Even the most miniscule details and happenings make a difference. For instance,

-trimming just my bangs makes me feel refreshed.
-putting off my homework until Sunday afternoon makes me feel pathetic.
-forgetting my ipod at Rachel's makes me feel irresponsible.
-taking the long way home makes me feel happy.
-itching my head makes me feel dirty.
-speaking to my father makes me feel annoyed.
-eating animal crackers makes me feel like a child.

Apparently, I have experienced a wide range of emotions in just one day.

Hmm. Off to avoid more homework. :/

Friday, March 12, 2010

Something Is Fishy Here...

I actually had a good day. That never happens anymore. There are two explanations...

1. I'm going to really pay for being happy, and something absolutely horrendous is going to happen to me.


2. I'm FINALLY being rewarded for keeping my cool every time I'm on the verge of a meltdown, which is the majority of the time.

There you have it.
Slight happiness in a walnut shell.

Dentist x-ray and filling tomorrow morning.
Andrea's birthday tomorrow evening and Sunday morning(if I'm feeling better).
Phone contract ends this Monday, looking at Blackberry 8310 because I love smartphones and it would only cost me TEN DOLLARS(that a dealio, foo).
Henry(cat)'s first birthday on Tuesday. I want to get him a laser, pero mi madre quiere comprar him a pet taxi for traveling. Not that he ever travels... But whatever.
A palooza of choir festivals and concerts coming up. Dorothy Chandler soon. March concert. District Festival. San Diego Heritage Festival. Holy cow, we should get our act together then.
I still don't have a free weekend for the next month.

Also, our school talent show was tonight. All I can say is this: ASB, you fail at sound systems. But you made it up with the budget cuts excuse. Sometimes failure can be cute. I'm sure no one else will understand this reference, but you don't have to. Just embrace the moment with me. *embrace*

Estoy cansada.


Monday, March 8, 2010


I wish I was not so gosh darn frustrated with the world all the time. Everything and practically everyone annoys me. It is so aggravating to sit here and attempt to let it all go. And here's some news for you, origami does not work. Paper folding has failed me. I am such a pessimist. The worst part? I don't really have a problem with it. I would go on youtube or read or do some other enjoyable activity, but I have to go translate body parts into Spanish. Fun. Psh.

Five Things I Like:
A new pack of gum. Especially spearmint. And sugar free. The kind that doesn't run out of flavor.
Leaving a class feeling productive. But that never happens.
Going onto facebook/deviantart(CHECK ME OUT SERENITYDOVE)/email/phone to see a new message.
Coming home to my favorite breathing thing on the planet, my cat Henry.
Google chrome. Thank you, Maddie and her mysterious youtube video voodoo.

Ten Things I Dislike:
School. Unfortunately. It was not like this all the time.
Calling people to interview them for yearbook and them not picking up, then they try calling back and you miss it.
Getting minimal sleep.
Not a single free weekend for the next month or so.
You, probably.
Being FREEZING ALL THE FLIPPIN TIME. I swear, I don't feel warmth. I need to see a doctor..
The missing text message button on my phone. But this isn't so bad, considering the contract wears out in 6 DAYS!!
The constant pain in my mouth.
The feeling that I'm getting sick.
The lack of a mechanical pencil that DOES. NOT. SQUEAK. Every time I write.

Happy Blogging.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stress Reliever

I think I might have found the secret to relieving stress.


That's right, I said ORIGAMI. As in folding paper. Cranes. Frogs. Lotus. Sailor hats. You name it. I made exactly twenty-one fortune tellers(with the help of Maddie) out of yellow post-it notes. I had a darn good time, too. I also taught myself how to create the pinwheel base and the rabbit base, which turned into a full blown rabbit scenery with grass patches and carrots and a carrot tree. Pictures are attached.

Have a lovely week and make origami. I'm telling you, it's revolutionary.

Behold my post-it note fortune teller army. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.
I only managed to make two carrots, but you get the idea.

Bird's eye view of the army.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Save It

Yes, folks, I know that I disappeared over the last week, but blogging is not exactly my top priority, unfortunately. My school is beginning the process of student course requests for next year. I am forced to take a good luck at my academic life and sort out what classes I need to take, which inturn allows minimal slots for subjects I want to take. Unless I enroll in summer classes, but the costly price might just put an end to that. I think I'll start saving up for the $500 per class now...

I strongly dislike dilemmas. It means that I have to weigh the importance of everything around me and prioritize. Honestly, that's basically what I spend my time doing. Prioritizing and putting them into action. Be proactive, right?

If anyone out there has any tips on healthy time management or stress relievers, don't hesitate to leave a comment. Really.

Just throwing this out there... What did you think of the Winter Olympics? I absolutely loved them, and it makes me incredibly sad now that they're over. Sigh. Apolo Ohno, I love you. That will be all now. Happy Hump Day(almost).