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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life's Good?!?

Today marks the first week in the LONGEST time where every single day was amazing. Light(ish) homework load, yearbook wasn't too bad at all, choir performance and rehearsal at Dorothy Chandler, looking at new phones, watching Alice in Wonderland 3-D, understanding the material in my classes, seeing The Land Before Time in espanol, playing ninja on the school field during a forty minute fire drill, and learning this awesome cup thing from Full House. And those are just the random highlights. And just now, I finished all of my homework in a little more than an hour. To top it off, my mom and I are watching New Moon and pointing out it's many flaws. And next week I go to San Diego with choir!!! SO HAPPY. I love choir. Gahhh. My cough is coming back but I don't even care!!

Night folks.

Please please please let this moment last!!!

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