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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Little Things

Even the most miniscule details and happenings make a difference. For instance,

-trimming just my bangs makes me feel refreshed.
-putting off my homework until Sunday afternoon makes me feel pathetic.
-forgetting my ipod at Rachel's makes me feel irresponsible.
-taking the long way home makes me feel happy.
-itching my head makes me feel dirty.
-speaking to my father makes me feel annoyed.
-eating animal crackers makes me feel like a child.

Apparently, I have experienced a wide range of emotions in just one day.

Hmm. Off to avoid more homework. :/

1 comment:

Mariposa said...

Met you in one of my Monday memes before and I', doing my random hop to clear my mind. ;)

So nice to read this post...just what I needed. And this weekend, I'm going to get that haircut, even if it just means an inch trim. :)