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Monday, March 8, 2010


I wish I was not so gosh darn frustrated with the world all the time. Everything and practically everyone annoys me. It is so aggravating to sit here and attempt to let it all go. And here's some news for you, origami does not work. Paper folding has failed me. I am such a pessimist. The worst part? I don't really have a problem with it. I would go on youtube or read or do some other enjoyable activity, but I have to go translate body parts into Spanish. Fun. Psh.

Five Things I Like:
A new pack of gum. Especially spearmint. And sugar free. The kind that doesn't run out of flavor.
Leaving a class feeling productive. But that never happens.
Going onto facebook/deviantart(CHECK ME OUT SERENITYDOVE)/email/phone to see a new message.
Coming home to my favorite breathing thing on the planet, my cat Henry.
Google chrome. Thank you, Maddie and her mysterious youtube video voodoo.

Ten Things I Dislike:
School. Unfortunately. It was not like this all the time.
Calling people to interview them for yearbook and them not picking up, then they try calling back and you miss it.
Getting minimal sleep.
Not a single free weekend for the next month or so.
You, probably.
Being FREEZING ALL THE FLIPPIN TIME. I swear, I don't feel warmth. I need to see a doctor..
The missing text message button on my phone. But this isn't so bad, considering the contract wears out in 6 DAYS!!
The constant pain in my mouth.
The feeling that I'm getting sick.
The lack of a mechanical pencil that DOES. NOT. SQUEAK. Every time I write.

Happy Blogging.



Gaius Balter said...

You sound stressed out to the max! What you need is to go and get yourself a massage, or go to a spar! Try to have some mindless fun!

Keep cool!


Gaius Balter said...
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