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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Save It

Yes, folks, I know that I disappeared over the last week, but blogging is not exactly my top priority, unfortunately. My school is beginning the process of student course requests for next year. I am forced to take a good luck at my academic life and sort out what classes I need to take, which inturn allows minimal slots for subjects I want to take. Unless I enroll in summer classes, but the costly price might just put an end to that. I think I'll start saving up for the $500 per class now...

I strongly dislike dilemmas. It means that I have to weigh the importance of everything around me and prioritize. Honestly, that's basically what I spend my time doing. Prioritizing and putting them into action. Be proactive, right?

If anyone out there has any tips on healthy time management or stress relievers, don't hesitate to leave a comment. Really.

Just throwing this out there... What did you think of the Winter Olympics? I absolutely loved them, and it makes me incredibly sad now that they're over. Sigh. Apolo Ohno, I love you. That will be all now. Happy Hump Day(almost).

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Gaius Balter said...

Sounds like somebody is going to be very busy! My main tip is if you can make yourself a very detailed timetable that may help you plan and manage time very well. When I mean detailed, I mean that you have to write when you are going to sleep, when you are going to wake up, how long it will take you to eat breakfast...etc. Then you you can slot in when you are free or when you need to stay at home and study. There is one golden rule to this and that is - STICK TO YOUR TIMETABLE, OR THINGS WILL GO COMPLETELY OFF COURSE. Make a To Do list and stick it up on your notice board or have it on a pad. List the important things you need to do on that day and do them. I can't stress enough - do your tasks or they will build up and up. If you can do all this, it should help you map everything thing out and make you feel like that you are in control of your life and not the other way around. One last tip - when you complete a task tick it off because it makes you feel good about yourself. I hope that helps!

On another note I thought the winter Olympics were fantastic too!