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Friday, March 12, 2010

Something Is Fishy Here...

I actually had a good day. That never happens anymore. There are two explanations...

1. I'm going to really pay for being happy, and something absolutely horrendous is going to happen to me.


2. I'm FINALLY being rewarded for keeping my cool every time I'm on the verge of a meltdown, which is the majority of the time.

There you have it.
Slight happiness in a walnut shell.

Dentist x-ray and filling tomorrow morning.
Andrea's birthday tomorrow evening and Sunday morning(if I'm feeling better).
Phone contract ends this Monday, looking at Blackberry 8310 because I love smartphones and it would only cost me TEN DOLLARS(that a dealio, foo).
Henry(cat)'s first birthday on Tuesday. I want to get him a laser, pero mi madre quiere comprar him a pet taxi for traveling. Not that he ever travels... But whatever.
A palooza of choir festivals and concerts coming up. Dorothy Chandler soon. March concert. District Festival. San Diego Heritage Festival. Holy cow, we should get our act together then.
I still don't have a free weekend for the next month.

Also, our school talent show was tonight. All I can say is this: ASB, you fail at sound systems. But you made it up with the budget cuts excuse. Sometimes failure can be cute. I'm sure no one else will understand this reference, but you don't have to. Just embrace the moment with me. *embrace*

Estoy cansada.



Gaius Balter said...

Well all I can say it was a long time coming! Keep up the positive energy!

Gaius Balter said...
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