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Monday, March 22, 2010

I Was Right

I knew it. I knew it. I just knew it. Last week was absolutely amazing, which means that this week has to suck chicken feet. After finally recovering from my sore throat and cold, i'm stuck with some bacterial infection that causes me to dry heave and shake violently every time I cough. I went to urgent care after choir this evening and shivered in the reception room until they admitted me in. Yeah, real urgent care there. Now I'm on some medication that I have to take for the next week, including the days I'll be in San Diego with choir. After picking up my prescription at the pharmacy, I found a comfort in having soup for dinner, but of course the cafe closed down to have an employee meeting. Splendid timing. So I had a tomato and meatball sandwich. It tasted good, but the acid in the sauce was killer on the multiple cuts covering every square centimeter of my mouth. I was starving, and yet eating causes me pain and even more dry heaving.

I've had to kick into gear and work hard on our final yearbook deadline because no one in my group can make it over the weekend, which was supposed to be a vital day for getting work done.

I have insane homework this week, meaning I will be getting zero sleep. And there's just no possibility of missing school. Too much going on.

You can't say that i didn't call this.

I love my life.

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Anonymous said...

they say, "when it rains, it pours"...guess it's true, but then, a beautiful rainbow always just have to look for it....