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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stress Reliever

I think I might have found the secret to relieving stress.


That's right, I said ORIGAMI. As in folding paper. Cranes. Frogs. Lotus. Sailor hats. You name it. I made exactly twenty-one fortune tellers(with the help of Maddie) out of yellow post-it notes. I had a darn good time, too. I also taught myself how to create the pinwheel base and the rabbit base, which turned into a full blown rabbit scenery with grass patches and carrots and a carrot tree. Pictures are attached.

Have a lovely week and make origami. I'm telling you, it's revolutionary.

Behold my post-it note fortune teller army. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.
I only managed to make two carrots, but you get the idea.

Bird's eye view of the army.


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