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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Seriously, only four of us showed. Three girls, and a guy. (One of the three being me). I still had an awesome time. I honestly think that all of us are at about the same playing level. We all know the basics, and we just have to build of from there. Much better than my last class.

My classmates are pretty cool. I even found a person who knows another friend of mine. What a small world..... One kid is really good. I even think that his parents stayed afterward to see if he is can move up to the advance level.

My teacher is much better, also. He is very patient, but doesn't waste time. The only thing was that we jumped right into it. Instead of stretching or jogging first. But I can live without any of that stuff. So..Yeah.. That was my day of tennis.


Anonymous said...

ellie- i kno who ur talking about!! she told me she knows u from tennis!! anyway, glad u had fun! according to u, anyone's better than coach ronnie


Anonymous said...

OMG! looks like somebody has a secret admirer! LOL! :D
~Holly :P~

dreamitbeleiveitliveit said...

wow.... i got a comment like that 2 (1st comment)... its j... by the way... i need ur aim again.

Ellie said...

hiya everybody