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Monday, August 18, 2008

21 Days

I once read that if you did something for 21 days straight, it became a habit. Part of your own routine. A part of you naturally.

21 days.

That isn't so hard, right? Less than a month. Only a few weeks.

I am going to take the TWENTY-ONE DAY CHALLENGE!

For the next 21 days I am going to stretch every single day!

I know it is a small little thing, but I am not that flexible :(

I always hear people complaining about how their back hurts when they bend down and how they aren't as flexible as they once were and how their lack if flexibility has now come back to bite 'em!

I want to prevent that pain and discomfort for myself in the far far future! I will keep a countdown and up-date on the SIDE BAR UNDER MY PROFILE.

I hope that by the end of September I will have a habit of stretching!

I encourage you to try and find a challenge for yourself!

P.S. I've been having issues with my profile picture. You see, it won't let me change it. Every time I click "Remove" it quickly flashes for a second then closes the link. Help?


Amy said...

The pictures in this post made me smile. I just got out of the floor from doing my back stretches, and then I saw all of these animals stretching.:)

I must look really strange to my family come to think of it.:)

Good Luck with your 21 day challenge.

I'm not sure what is up with your profile picture, so good luck with that too.
I am not very computer savvy, so I'm sorry I can't help you there.

God Bless,

Annie Bright said...

Hi Ellie

I love the photos! Good luck with your 21 day challenge. I'm trying to think what I could do for 21 days. Do you think it would work the same for not doing something for 21 days? - e.g. not drinking white wine for 21 days gets you into the habit of not drinking white wine ever! ;-)

Debs said...

21 day challenge, what a great idea. I think I'm going to try and stick to something for that length of time, eating properly would be a good start.

Happy stretching.

kyles said...

Hey Ellie,

I loved this post and I'm gonna run with it too! Over the last 12 months I have lost 26kg, now I have put 4kg back on in the last month and I need to turn those scales around again :( So I'm gonna take your 21 day challenge and try and walk every day, thanks for the prompt, and good luck with your stretching, Mwah, Kyles

Denise said...

Interesting habit to take on - stretching. I've never thought of that but it makes good sense. Good luck!