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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beach Trip

Today my family went to the beach. We never go to the beach as a family! I'm lucky to go once a year! My mom and I went into the water and chilled ourselves to the bone, BUT kept a smile on our face! :D The last time she went into the water with me like that was in Hawaii two years ago.... She is weird like that. But I love her! <3

I attempted the art of boogie boarding, failing epically(hmm... is this a word?) . I had a few successful rounds, and then came the painful one:

I was positioned into place(or so I thought) and waited for the wave to ease on over. The current was strong(hooray for the element of water!), and I felt weak in its grasp. But I awaited for my fate... unknowing what would become of me.

The wave crashed and caught me right when I exhaled. Meaning, when it forced me under, I was out of breath. My eyes were open for a moment(until I closed them), my mouth filled with salt water(ouchie for my throat), and my nose burned with the ocean water that flooded in. Talk about uncomfortable!

It all happened within a split moment, but it felt as if I were under for a lifetime.

Other than that "slight" accident, I had a blast! Collecting seashells, splashing in the water, watching the dolphins jump across the ocean and put on a show!!!!!!!!!!!, and stroll along the powder soft sand. Hmm...

But I am back in reality.

It was nice to be in paradise, though.

If only for a couple hours!

Do you have any interesting beach stories to share?

ellliiiieee :D

4 comments: said...

I love the beach. I remembered clearly it was about 4 years ago when i was at the beach really enjoying myself.

We don't get any dolphins here in our region how lucky of you to see the dolphins.
the water was really cold. i remembered clearly swimming in the water with couple of my buddies me holding a jug of really cold beer while the rest was holding those plastic cups.

fighting the waves and struggling to keep the salty water from getting into the jug and plastic cup was impossible. ended up drinking cold beer and salt water. how yucky is that =D.


87291472-Sharky said...

Morning you :)
Appreciate the comments on the photos. Thank you. Will post one that I took over the weekend - hope you like it. It'll be 'yellow'...... Enough said for now. Hope you're having a terrific day/night there. If you've ever been in the sea when it's spring tide, you'll know how high the waves get, and how hard they dump you very quickly back on to the beach, as if the sea is spitting you out for fun :) Later.

Amy said...

What fun!
I love the beach, but we don't live near one.
One funny beach memory is when Shannon and I went to the beach together a couple of years ago, we went out to play in the waves.
As we were waiting for the next round of waves to come, Shannon felt something pulling on the hair in his armpits. When he looked down, he saw a bright yellow fish nibbling in his arm pit.
He screamed like a little girl, and ran all the way back to the beach.
I haven't laughed that hard in my life. It was hysterical. You would have thought he was starring in "Jaws" the way he screamed.;)

Denise said...

I have an interesting beach story to tell. About 20 years ago, my husband and I went to Destin. We were playing around in the ocean and I noticed all of these little fish all around us, swimming everywhere. I didn't really care for that so I suggested we go up to the pool for a while. We went up to the pool area and laid out on our towels. Only a couple minutes went by before I noticed something irritating me in the butt of my bathing suit bottoms (the top of my crack to be exact). Being the dainty southern belle I am, I reached into my bottoms and dug around. Lo and behold, I pulled out a little bitty dead fish! I thought my husband was gonna pass out from laughing so hard. It was quite funny but embarrassing to have a little fish swim into your butt crack and die. I love the beach!
Denise :)