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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camera Help?

Here is the deal. I am saving up to buy my own digital camera. You could call it... a casual camera. I would use it for family, friends, pictures, nature, vacations, etc. That kind of thing, you know?

I am not looking for some professional camera with big and bulky attachments but a slim, stylish one with quality that would suit my needs. I am stuck between Nikon and Canon. Help? Please?

I am looking at these two models:

Both have amazing user reviews, but the Nikon just costs a lot less for what appears to be great quality! But then the Canon might have more features?!?


If you aren't that big in the camera department.. just say hi!


Amy said...

I'll just say hi!:)

I love my camera, but am not familiar with the two you mentioned.
Good luck!

God Bless,

Annie Bright said...

I think I'll may just say Hi!
I don't know much about digital cameras - only that the more pixels the better the photographs ... I think. :-)))

Denise said...

Hi Ellie. I say go for the Nikon. It's an excellent brand and I believe in more for less. Best of luck. I (my son) just recently lost my digital camera (a Polaroid, which was pretty good) and will be wanting a new one soon.

Have a great day!

Pat Posner said...

Floating your boat.

No good with camera advice.
Heck, no good with a camera.
The photos on my blog were all taken by other people.

Brett said...

I've alwaysed used Nikon's as my SLR camera, but always had Olympus for my compact(had 3 or 4 over 20 years)camera. but by sticking with one of the big makes you will not go far wrong.