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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Little Things

I was thinking....

And I guess that the small things in life do really matter and do really make a difference, right?

For instance, imagine going through an entire day seeing every person you walk by frown at you. Wouldn't you sense that something is wrong with you? You would feel self-conscious. And all it is is just a small twisting of the lips and mouth.

But, wouldn't you rather walk by everybody and notice their face light up when your eye catches theirs? It is like someone cares you exist, and then your whole day has a positive outlook.

When you were a young one in kindergarten, wasn't it just the coolest thing in the world to have your teacher put a smiley face on your paper? It was amazing! A symbol that meant "good job".

And teenagers at high school, the cafeteria is finally serving a dish that you enjoy eating, compared to throwing out the normal food and starving. And then you have a science project, but you hate who you are paired up with. Doesn't that just make the entire assignment boring and a menace to complete?

And adults, what if you are late to work and you are just at the corner of the hall when you see a hand shoot out of the elevator to hold the doors for you. Isn't it such a "feel good" moment?

Grandmothers, grandfathers, great aunts and uncles, it is delightful just to open up the mailbox and find a letter from your two year old niece or grandchild saying how they lost a tooth.

Without these little things, who knows how we would look at the world? Hope that these little things will keep on coming bring us to wake up in the morning, and go to sleep at night.

Spread a little hope.


This is very touchy-feely for what I normally talk about, but I thought I would make a difference today!

Stretching is going along nicely.


Amy said...

Nice thoughts, Ellie! (Smiley face on blog post.) :)
I hope you have a great day too!

God Bless,

Annie Bright said...

Lovely post, Ellie. Here's a smile for you! :-))

Pat Posner said...

Smiling back at you, Ellie

Have a happy day!

Pam said...

nice thoughts!

Thanks for the kind words on my blog- sorry I didn't swing by the first time....been pretty busy. Thanks for visiting again!