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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yay! Strike! Strike! Strike!

Wow. I cannot believe this is my THIRD post today! It is impossible hard to believe. WOAH! DID YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID? (Sorry, Amy, I kind of just ripped off your striking technique off)

WOWZERS!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Did you see what major catastrophic event just took place my blog?!?!?!

I used both striking and hyperlinking in the SAME sentence!!!!!!

Woah. Seriously. I know so much now I could teach a class.

And who do I have to thank for this lovely knowledge of striking?

None other than......


Wow..... I am awesome.

And let us not forget Dave for teaching me how to hyperlink.

I feel the power!

One more challenge for super smarties and geniuses!

Does this striking thing and hyperlinking thing work for comments and other sites, too? Or is it just blogger? And, is there any other cool mabobs you know that you wouldn't mind sharing with me?


Everyone here ROCKS!


Kellan said...

My 1 year blogging anniversary is coming up on 8/23 and I still don't know how to strike *whimper*. Good for you! I need to learn me some stuff before people start talking 'bout how dumb I am.

Nice to meet you Ellie! I love your site. See you soon - Kellan

Annie Bright said...

You are sooooooo clever, Ellie!!

Amy said...

I'm flattered that you would want to rip me off.;)
Woo Hoo! There is no stopping you now!
Hyperlinks, scratch outs.....the possibilities are endless!

Keep the power.

The Boyds Family said...

Okay, this is apparently my first time stumbling upon your blog and I have read several of your posts (already commented on one) but thought I would let you know that you are so cute!!! I love your humor. Good Job!!