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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

La Le Li Lo Lu... VOWELS!


I ApOlOgIzE fOr nOt pOstIng thE pAst cOUplE Of dAys..... tImE hAs bEEn A bIt shOrt.

tO mAkE Up fOr EvErythIng.. I Am dEdIcAtIng thIs whOlE pOst tO vOwEls!!!

whErE wOUld wE bE In thIs wOrld Of wOrds And lEttErs wIthOUt


I'll tEll yOU whErE... gIbbErIsh lAnd.
vOwEls rEAlly ArE A pOwErfUl thIng. yOU cAn fInd thEm AnywhErE, yOU spEAk thEm, yOU hEAr thEm, thEy ArE vItAl tO OUr cOmmUnIcAtIOn.

And whAt hAvE yOU bEEn tOld?

thAt cOmmUnIcAtIOn Is kEy.

sO thE nExt tImE thAt yOU tAkE vOwEls fOr grAntEd, jUst rEmEmbEr thAt thEy hAvE fEElIngs, tOO.

AlOhA AlOhA On A TUEsdAy EvEnIng.


p.s. this was sooo hard to type :D

4 comments: said...

true without letters and vowels, we will be back to stoneage chipping away happily =D


Annie Bright said...

Hee Hee ... I promise never to take a vowel for granted again.

Amy said...

I'm impressed that you were able to type it. That looks hard!

hAvE A grEAt dAy!
Amy ;)

Denise said...

A vOwEl Is dEfInItElY A wOndErfUl thIng!

Have a happy day!
Denise :)