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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Have An Announcement

I am excited! I finally learned how to hyperlink things! And text! To links! Through the hyperlinking process!

Do you want to know how I learned to HYPERLINK?

Check this out.....

It was thoroughly explained to me by . . . .


Holy crackers, did you see what just happened there?

In case you really aren't sure..... scroll over his name with the cursor.

There you go :D


(I hyperlinked)

I don't even know if that is a word . . . . . Do you?

Let us hear a round of applause for. . . . . .


I can rest in peace..... As in sleep... not the other thing.... :D

It is true.... that you learn a little everyday.

What have you learned?

P.S. I have another challenge for you super-smarties:

How do you strike through words?

P.P.S. I stretched already, but I think I'll stretch more.


Anonymous said...

Go to the 'Edit HTML' option when you're typing up your blog post, and on either side of the word you want to strike through, put < s > WORD(S) HERE < / s >

Although, of course, you wouldn't put the spaces in.

Elizabeth said...

I get really excited when I remember how to embed a hyperlink into a comment without having to reference a cheat sheet! :) Have a great day!

Amy said...

Yay! You are learning!:)
I have to get my sixteen year old to show me how to do everything; I call him my "tech support.";)

You can google "scratch out html code," to find out how to do that.

Also, go crazy and google "music note html code," and you can put music notes in your posts that talk about songs or music.:)

I get so excited every time I learn something new, that I make all of my family come to the computer so I can show them.

God Bless,