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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July!!!

Yay!! Go Independence Day! Hoorah for freedom!! I love America!!

I was totally American today:

Braids with red and white star hair clips with matching pig-tails, red, white; red, white and blue droop earrings; red star tank top under a white flag tank top; plaid mini skirt of all colors; and brown sandals on my feet. I also has blue eyeshadow on(not too bright, just a tint to avoid that whole raccoon look) and a blue American Brand jacket for during the fireworks when it got all chilly.

I so enjoyed today! I love the fourth of July! I hope you just as awesome of a day as I had!!

I love fireworks! This day is just so jolly to me! Those minutes of fireworks went by way too fast. And there was a fire on the hill that it was on! We were all cheering when the firetruck got to the top. It was amazing being around so many people celebrating the day of our freedom. We went to this big structure thing where people can come and sit and relax and watch the fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July!


As you can tell, I really like this day. I am so hyper I will never fall asleep!!


Anonymous said...

And Happy 4th back at ya!

Anonymous said...

fireworks get me all hyped up, too. good luck settling back down.