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Friday, July 11, 2008

Quirky Quirks

I got the idea to post about my personal quirks from Denise(check her out under my blog list). I hope she doesn't think I am copying her!

Anyway, here are a few things that are part of who I am.

- When people crack their knuckles in that way where they have to pull their fingers away from their hand. I used to crack my own knuckles, but in the way that you bend you finger and push down. I have sort of outgrown that habit, though.

-When nails scratch against a flat surface. Especially a chalk board! I get these shivers that pulse their way through me. I additionally hate it against a wall, cardboard, or Styrofoam. Probably other things, too, but I cannot think of anything else.

-When I am swimming, at the beach, in the shower, or doing any other activity that involves my face getting all wet, I sometimes rub my face all over for some reason. It looks a bit like a hamster rubbing its face. I used to do it all the time, but not as often anymore.

-When putting any chapstick/lipgloss on my lips, I start with the lower lip(left to right), then the left half of the upper lip, then the right half.

-When I am sleeping at night, I like to have one hand underneath the bottom of my pillow. I don't normally rest my head all the way in the pillow, either. Just at the base.

-I cannot stand putting my hair in one large braid. I cannot stand looking at anyone else putting their hair in one long braid.

-When girls wear bright eye shadow or eye liner that extends way past their eye, it appears to be most ridiculous. It makes them look quite like a raccoon!

-I do not like falling asleep directly facing either the window, the door, or the t.v.

-No matter how hot the weather it, I cannot fall asleep without covers basically covering my whole body. I just feel safe, I guess. I cannot really explain why.

-When people chew ice. Gosh! I HATE that. Please, if you are an ice chewer, don't do it in front of me!! Ditto on popsicles. And lollipops.

These were some little factoids about me that you might or might not have known about me before!


Denise said...

Hey Ellie. I'm glad you did a quirk blog too. It's so fun to find out funny stuff about people you are just getting to know. Your quirks are funny!

Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

I also have to have my body covered when I sleep....It dates back to me being afraid of "the monster under my bed." :) I guess I always thought (and apparently still do) that the covers could protect me from him.:)

God Bless,

87291472-Sharky said...

Hi ! It'smeee:> Thank you commenting on my flowers. I enjoyed taking the photographs after such a long absence from my camera. I hope you're doing well. Your website still rocks. I like I like :) Take care. Me

p.s. as long as my feet are covered, I can sleep anywhere.