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Monday, June 28, 2010

Closet Cleaning

Morning and jolly start to the week, folks. I'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed because of how clean my room is! After all, a clean room is a happy room. Special thanks to myself for staying up late last night for some heavy duty closet cleaning. Let's review that..

Oh and yes, this is what I did with my art posters from Chinatown. Just throwing that in there.
Initial pile. Result of dumping out every article of clothing from my closet onto my bedroom floor.
Well, there's my empty closet. Empty of clothes, that is.
First pile on my bed after sorting my pants and bottoms.
Piles are growing.
The floor pile is getting smaller, believe it or not :P
Well, I found my old pop pop from when I took cheerleading as a little girl.
And the pile gets bigger as I add more skirts.
And there is the pile of sweaters, not sorted whatsoever...yet.
And check out that lovely sorting. I got lazy when I hit the shirts, so I just threw them on the right side of the bed.
And that's my closet shelf after putting all pants and bottoms.
The hangers before sorting them. Special appearance: cute leopard print bag given to my by Alexandra for my 14th birthday.
Top closet shelf after putting in all my sweaters according to hood, no hood, zipper, button, and all that jazz.

Yes, I sorted my hangers. Plastic vs. metal. Colors. Size.
My dressies!
Heavier jackets, and my only vest.

Of course, dear Henry loves making my work more difficult. And here is the final product! :D

So yes. I can't believe I spent so much time on a blog post that probably no one will read and/or comment. What a shame :/

And sidenote: There were tons more pictures, but uploading is a pain, so I cut down the majority of it.

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thehickbride said...

My goodness organized much!? Come organize away for me! Lol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Also for getting Journey stuck in my head! ;)