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Saturday, June 26, 2010

China Town

a) I still can't remember what I meant to talk about concerning my dreams(see previous post).

b) here are some photos from China Town.
Also, because of the funky order of the uploading and whatnot, the pictures are in reverse order of when I took them. Just a side note.
Wall scroll. Cute fishies!
Second wall scroll. So pretty :)
Massager. My mother argues for this more than I did.
My Buddhas! They were nicely packaged "safely" in bubble wrap. This is what they should look like. However, in reality...
The hand popped off when I unwrapped them. I just posed it for the picture. Super glue time :/

Oh my goodness, pocky time...YES!! Chocolate and strawberry. Asian markets are the bomb.
proof: China Town.
My one goal was to see these lanterns that I always picture in my head when I hear of China Town.
I really like those lanterns.
More lanterns. Can't get enough of them.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday! <3

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