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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Self Discipline

Jesus Christ, I really need some. How am I supposed to get anywhere in life if I can't even consistently maintain a blogger page?! I disgust myself. But whatever, moving on.

Today wasn't bad, in retrospect. I saw Toy Story 3 with E today. In 3-D, too. Triple dimensions amuses me to no end. To anyone who has already seen, the three peas in a pod were killer adorable.

Other than that it was a pretty chill day. I have a great idea- how about I make an attempt to find friends on blogger and then get back all my viewers, yes?? Yes! Off I go. Please don't scoff at my patheticism. <--- not a word, I'm almost positive, and yet too lazy to double check. There's that lack of SELF-DISCIPLINE knocking on my door again.

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