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Monday, October 29, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

Today after school I had to rush over across the school and back to Dad's car once the bell rang. I get out ten after three, having a doctor's appointment basically ten minutes later. Impossible to get through the rush of kids....impossible. But I did it because impossible spells out I "M" POSSIBLE. Cheesy, huh? I got it from an e-mail.
I had the normal weighing, measuring, and body function testing. I had to get three shots, though! THREE! They are the ones that hurt when you get them, a little after, but they really kill ya the next day. I'm up to a lot of fun tomorrow. Wish me luck on my arm pains..(did i mention one on my left, two on my right?)


Tal said...

Three shots AT ONCE??? Good luck tomorrow =/
Sorry for DisneyLand, but at least you get to go there sometimes because it's close to you. I live in MD. Nothing's close (well, white house is close, but you need to call 6 months in advance. Like I'll do that. Yeah right)

Love does suck. And the thing is, people think "love is tender". Love hurts. Love doesn't go away just like that. It hurts, it burns from the inside, and all you want to do is burst into cry- but then you remember that you've been doing it for so long, that it doesn't make you feel better anymore :-(.

Tal said...

Oh and by the way,
1. When did you move to Australia? (I know you haven't because you were talking about DisneyLand, but why did you change your location to Australia? CA in your profile is the best thing.)
2. I added what you said about love. It was smart (about magicians.) I really liked it (as much as you can like the sad truth.) If it bothers you, let me know.

Good night.

Tal said...