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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cell Phones

I just read an interesting article about the use of cell phones today on the home page. Please note that I am just using the art of "copy and paste" to post the article here. I have nothign to do with the writing on it. If you wish to day so, go to this web page to confirm:

On Call: Mind Your Cell Phone Manners
Kent German, Senior Editor, CNET Reviews
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Have you ever experienced a cell phone user whom you wanted to pack up and ship to Miss Manners? Or have you ever witnessed a person on a cell phone do something so completely rude that you stop in your tracks? I have, and it continues to intrigue me just how polarizing cell phones can be. Sure, almost everyone has one, but they can drive even their most loyal users crazy.
Though I write about cell phones every day, even I think it makes perfect sense that cell phones are continually cited in studies that say good manners have gone out of the window. You don't need a sociology degree to see just how handsets have changed how we relate to each other; and I'm not talking about their positive effects (though indeed there are some). Rather, I'm talking about how you can put a cell phone in an otherwise courteous person's hand and then watch how that person loses all awareness of the people around him. __________________________________________
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Let me emphasize that I'm no luddite. I think cell phones are great and serve a very useful purpose. But just as people hide behind e-mail to avoid face-to-face communication, it's amazing how some cell phone users think a handset makes them so much more important than everyone else. Here's some extreme behavior I've seen and be sure to share your own experiences and advice, as well.
Be nice to the person behind the counterLast week I was waiting in line to order lunch behind a man blabbing away on his phone. When he got to the counter, he handed the cafe employee a piece of paper with his order and said, "I'm on an important call." So is it just me or is that completely rude? Doesn't the person behind the lunch counter deserve just an ounce of respect? I think so. Next time Mr. Important, hang up or at least put your caller on hold.
Take it outsideI'm also in favor of taking your phone outside, or at least away from the table, when you get a call in a restaurant. No one around you, much less your tablemates, cares to hear what you have to say. That is, unless you're guiding someone to your table in a cavernous eatery. And if it's really important, you could always text. But even that has a limit, as well.
Use your inside voiceI'm always fascinated how people's voices (me included) automatically go up a few decibels when they get on a cell phone. I can understand when you're using your phone in a crowd, near a construction site, or next to your local airport runway, but it happens even in quiet rooms. I just don't get it.


Tal said...

Think about 1990 when there weren't cellphones and no one thought there'll be such thing as a cellphone. Think about surviving today without a cellphone. Everyone are buying iPhones and paying $500 for a little box with an antena. So creepy.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable what people will do these days. I have experienced some crazy things like that too. AMAZING!!

-amy <3

Tal said...

Hey Ellie.

There's nothing to think about. Most of my posts are based on someone/somewhere, but are not completely true. This one (A letter I will never send) is the sad truth. This week is the worst week I've ever had in my life, where people found out about him, people I don't think can keep a secret too well, people I do not want to share my secrets with.
You might find it weird, and you might want to think about it. For me, there's nothing to think about.
I only wrote about the one I love. Thank you