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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oh My. So Sorry!

Our computer is screwing up AGAIN, and I hardly every get time in this thing. It must hate me. I'm so sorry that I can't post very often. I wish I could. Nothing happened lately, really.

I've been going to school, like normal.

I volunteered at my old elementary school when they had a Music Festival(I needed the hours).

My Auntie fell down a mini ladder, and she is now in a sling. Pray for her please?

My neighbor is sick next door. Allergies. Pray for her, too?

Nothing real exciting happening. I went to a workshop this evening about speaking up about your opinion, and I never met people who seemed so.....opinionated before. I'll let you know more later. Thanks for reading. Better publish this before they go off on me.

Oh yeah! Does anybody know how to take off a post once it is published? Thanks?


Tal said...

You log in to your account, and then you have your dashboard.
There's this white box says "manage your blog" and in it, in its right it says "manage" with a blue symbul, and it has "posts, setting, layout" on it. You press the posts. Then,it shows you the list of posts you have and in the right side of each post it says "delete" if you want to delete one of them. If you do, you press delete.
Simple, isn't it?


dreamitbeleiveitliveit said...

uhhhhhhh not so much but anyways ellie... good job wit getting on lol

dreamitbeleiveitliveit said...

p.s: O MY?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!