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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Proven Facts About My Dislike of Healthyness

Lately I haven't been eating the right things. About the healthiest thing I have had during my past week would be a few baby carrots, and a mini apple(note the sizes given to food). That was last Friday. This morning I was supposed to pack a few healthy snacks along for my lunch(noodles steamed that morning). What do I pick? Three pieces of licorice(Twizzlers), and a tiny packet of peanut m&ms. My doctor says I am fine. Well, at least the last time I went there he said that.

Other evidence I have good to the sweet side:

-I love tea, but I dump about a gallon of honey into it(exaggeration of course).
-I have pretzels for breakfast, accompanied with powder sugar(I am not normally someone who likes things that are very sweet. For example..I don't like cake or pie very much. So this is kind of weird for me).
-I am eating a Twizzler as a type this.

Is there any type of food that is healthy, and it can be tasty, too?

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Tal said...

Good question....
Hmm, well, grapes are nice and they're sweet. That is all I got...