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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Life Of Exictement

I didn't find a reason to blog yesterday. It was pretty boring. But hey, I went to the store and bought some stuff. Here is what I got:

-eye solution for my contacts
-conditioner(I was completely out)
-new vitamins(these are pill-type things, and they are pretty big....ughh)

Pretty cool, huh? I think I need some excitement to shake up the ages. Oh yeah, we tried going to an open house, also. Nobody was there. We called up the owner about a week before and they assured us that it would be ready for September 1 move-in. If you saw the place, you probably wouldn't agree. The painting is not even nearly done. The backyard and the front yard needs a lot of work, and some Gardener out in the front said that the floor needs repairing. Hopefully they'll be able to fix everything. We would love to have this house. Maybe I shouldn't say anything, though. We haven't even looked inside.

What's going on for me today? Probably shopping. But this shopping! Woohoo! Maybe I'll finish my book.

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Sandy said...

Hey, thanks for your visit to Denim and Lace...

I just saw your post so thought I'd stop by.

Good luck on getting the house.

I'll be back.