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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today Rachael and I saw the movie Stardust at the theater. It was very good, but surprisingly long. Like, over two hours long. It's a huge fairy tale fantasy type that includes pirates, witches, princes, and a unicorn! There is much more to see, though. It is rated PG-13. Not bad. It is an interesting way to put a romantic theme. You could also read the book, but just know that the movie has many different parts. For example, a different ending. But, here is the movie summary.
They all live in a place called Wall. It is surrounded by the long wall that protects them from the magical kingdom outside of it. Triston wants only to win the heart of his beloved girl, Veronica. It is Veronica, right? I'm pretty sure. You might want to look it up anyway. They live in two different ways, though. You have ever-popular Veronica, already being worked on by another man, Humphrey. Triston and Veronica are together, when they see a falling star landed outside in the other world, beyond the wall, which nobody has ever crossed. Triston has only one week after that to compete for the fallen star, who actually appears to be a woman, before youth-wannabe witches, and king-wannabe princes, who are all after the same star. Triston must bring this star back to Veronica before she says yes to Humphrey's proposal, which should take place on her birthday. On Triston's long, duelling journey, things take quite a twist when he finds the fallen star alive, and in the form of a beautiful woman. I would recommend it to teens, and definitely adults, ready to be blasted into another dimension of whirling creativity on the director's part. This movie should haunt you after the last seen. I can guarantee it.

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