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Monday, August 6, 2007

Nail Cutting Disaster

Spikey got himself caught up, again. So, we decided it was serious. We went to the pet store and we got him a nail cutter. Easy to use, right? It's almost like scissors, but then, not really. We took Spikey into the private room and held him in our arms. But he got loose and started flapping EVERYWHERE. He was landing on my head, my arms, he even started trying to perch on my glasses. We finally got him calmed down, when of course, Mister had to come in. We managed to cut one of his feet, until we hit a vein and it started bleeding. We had to use powder to stop it. We settled him down, after putting Mister in another room. Once again, though, he came flapping in on landed right on Spikey's head! I screamed, causing everything to go all the more hectic. I then trapped Mister in my hands and locked him in my room. I left the television and the light on, for sure. But still, we were so close! He went and ruined everything! We tried trimming his nails in the living room. I had him bundled up in my hands, while my mom cut away. He pulled to fast, and he started to bleed, again! He was bleeding so much!!!!!!!!! All over my hands. I found it utterly disgusting, but I was also hoping that he wasn't in any pain. I have read that this happens often, and not to worry to much, but I bathed his foot in powder. Once we finally, finally, got him into the cage after we finished, I screamed and yelled as I washed the gross bird blood off of me. Sorry about the graphic details of this video. I'm still trying to calm down myself. I'm sure he's going to hate me forever now. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for listening to my nail-cutting disaster.


Knittin 'n Stitchin said...

Hi Ellie,
Thanks for your kind words! Hope Spikey and Mister have recovered from their manicures!

Anonymous said...

I've made a couple of different types of animals bleed...let's see... two dogs, many rabbits..and a cow. Cornstarch stops it, and it hurts for them about like a short nail hurts for us. More awkward than actually painful.