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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tick Tick Tick Tick Boom

That is exactly was my laptop did. I am now sneaking onto the family computer(which isn't often free) to write this post. Hopefully I will be able to publish everyday until my laptop gets fixed, but don't count on it. I might not be here for a week, maybe longer. I will probably find some time everyday, though.
The laptop's hard drive blew up. Not good. We were on the phone trying to fix it, and some company has to mail us a whole new program. We have to start over. All of my documents, pictures, and everything else is gone!!!!! Even Mahjong! I was really doing good...Oh well. I'm sure I'll catch up. Well, sorry for this, but everything will be back to normal soon.
Yesterday, we had a pool party, but at the moment, I can't report on it. Rachel will probably be mad for this. Sorry. Okay? I promise that everything will be back to normal soon enough, I hope.


Amy said...

sorry to hear about the computer - it sucks! we'll still be here when you return!

Dog Luver said...

is that y i am not getting responces 2 my emails?

Michele said...

Computer problems are never fun. Good luck. Hope it all gets fixed soon.

monkeylover said...

i wouldn't b mad it's kk "ellie"
luv, rachel